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Go on a Gastronomic Journey in Amritsar

The Food Capital of the country, Amritsar is well-known for a number of extraordinary culinary experiments. In Amritsar, you will come across dishes which are overloaded with ghee and butter. Punjabi food is quite popular throughout India and Amritsar is the place where you can gorge on some delectable Punjabi dishes. The city revolves around mouth-watering food and hence you know that you will have a memorable gastronomical journey when you are in Amritsar. Read more to explore Amritsar by mouth.

Langar ka Prasad

Amritsar also houses the famous Golden Temple. You can offer your prayers here and check out the Langar. You will be served a simple meal of dhal, sabzi roti, and kheer. These items are prepared by the volunteers in the kitchen and are served to thousands of devotees each day. If you are unable to consume the Langar, you should not miss out on the ghee-laden Kara Prasad.

Amritsari Kulcha

Kulchas and Amritsar are synonymous and hence when you are in the city, you should not miss out eating kulchas at least once in a day. You can try out the potato or cauliflower stuffed, butter-drenched kulchas. Kulchas are served with a side of channa masalas, tamarind chutney, and sliced onions. You should also not miss out on keema kulchas.


Kebabs are quite popular in Amritsar and the unique style of preparing kebabs will make it melt in your mouth. You should not miss out on Mutton tikka or Shammi kebab. The tikkas are prepared on the grill and then sautéed along with ghee in order to get that special flavour and taste. You can also try out the fish tikkas if you want to.

Khao Ka Shorba

You can come across some delectable paya and shorba when you are in Amritsar. The dish is served with garam masala and lentil leaves. You should consume this dish with soft keema parathas.


The creamy phirni will definitely satiate your taste buds. The phirni is served in earthen pots and is a popular dessert among the people.


Lassi and Amritsar are synonymous and you should not leave the city without having a glass of creamy lassi. The lassi is so thick that you will need a spoon to scoop out the lassi.

Fruit Cream and Kulfi

Fruit cream can be described as shaved ice and it is a mixture containing dry fruits, cream, and fruits. This is basically the Amritsar version of the dish and it is topped with falooda. It is quite difficult for a single person to complete the entire dish.

Aam Papad

After all the heavy food, you will need some aam papad. You can also try out some digestives after your meal.


If you are looking for offbeat and fresh pickles, then Amritsar is the place to be. You can visit Mishri Bazaar in order to come across some great pickles.


Jalebis are a must-have when in Amritsar. You should not miss out on the beautiful orange-colored jalebis and it is a treat to have the jalebis during winter.

The gastronomical journey in Amritsar will linger in your taste buds for long. Are you ready to get a taste of the delectable Punjabi dishes? Head to Amritsar at the earliest and treat your tongue with tasty dishes.

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