Go sightseeing in Bangalore for just Rs 250

The Garden City of India, Bangalore also has countless malls, restaurants and iconic monuments scattered all over the city. With so many places to visit, which are located far apart from each other, most of your time will be spent commuting through the traffic-filled roads which Bangalore is so famous for.

Bangalore Palace
img source: iasindia

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Travelling by the always-crowded buses which have poor connectivity will leave you too drained and tired to enjoy sightseeing and taking auto rickshaws or cabs will leave you with an empty wallet. Travelling by your own car poses another major problem besides the traffic – a complete lack of parking space. Eliminate all these modes of transportation and you’re left with one choice – travelling by two wheelers.

Traffic in Bangalore
img source: thehindu

Bikes and scooters are not only much more economical, they are also easier to manoeuvre through traffic and can be parked easily in the smallest of spaces. If you don’t happen to own a two wheeler, you can rent one conveniently from Wheelstreet at extremely affordable prices. The rent for scooters is merely Rs.250 per day and bikes are available for rent starting at just Rs.600 per day.

By renting a scooter or bike from Wheelstreet, you can travel around Bangalore and take in all the sights the city has to offer for as little as Rs.250 a day. Isn’t that much more convenient and economical than any other options? Whether you want to visit the ISKCON Temple, Bangalore Palace or go shopping to Commercial Street or Chickpet, you’ll never have to worry about parking or about how much money you are spending just to reach these places.

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So, whether you are a tourist or a resident in Bangalore and you are looking for a means to travel around the city for a day or two, you can rent a bike of your choice easily from Wheelstreet at the lowest rates available.

This article is brought to you by Wheelstreet – India’s first bike rental platform.

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