Honda NAVI review: Is the moto-scooter worth all the hype?

Honda created quite a furore when they unveiled the NAVI at the 2016 Auto Expo in Delhi. The usually traditional and conventional company had just gone and invented a brand new segment in the Indian bike market with this cross between a scooter and a bike. The Honda NAVI quickly gained popularity for its quirky and interesting looks and after a long wait, we finally get to see if the hype was all worth it.


Honda NAVI review

The first thing you would notice about the Honda NAVI is undoubtedly its design. At the first glance it looks like a life-size model of a toy and that’s where its appeal lies. The vibrantly painted fuel tank which extends seamlessly into the seat along with the raised handlebars and storage space give the NAVI a very adorable look. The silver plastic-encased headlight is in stark focus and reminds people of the fact that it still is part-bike. The only thing not to like design wise is the ugly tail-light borrowed from the Honda Stunner.

The Honda NAVI is released in 3 custom variants – NAVI Street, NAVI Adventure and NAVI off-road. All the variants are available in 5 colours: Patriot Red, Hooper Green, Shasta White, Sparky Orange and Black. Honda also offers customers the option of individual customisation which makes personalising your NAVI very easy.

Engine and Performance Honda NAVI review

Honda NAVI review

The Honda NAVI borrows its powertrain from the ever popular Honda Activa. The same 110 cc engine has been tweaked to deliver slightly more power and the ultra-light 101 kg of the NAVI makes it much quicker than the Activa which weighs a good 7 kgs more. Just as with the Activa, the Honda NAVI also comes with an automatic transmission which makes riding in the city far easier. While the NAVI is quick, it’s not particularly fast. It can reach 60 kmph in a hurry but maxes out around 90kmph. But the instant and linear acceleration is perfect for getting overtaking and sneaking through traffic.

Ride and Handling

Honda NAVI review

Honda NAVI is surprisingly fun to ride. The upright riding position, centred foot-pegs and raised handlebars keep the rider comfortable and the small bike can accommodate taller riders as well. Due to the NAVI’s light weight and narrow frame it is extremely manoeuvrable and makes zipping through traffic an altogether easy task. While it does have good ergonomics and nimble handling, the NAVI isn’t too much fun to ride if it’s carrying two passengers. The rear foot pegs are set a bit ahead and the added weight throws-off the handling by a bit. But the NAVI is still one of the best options if the majority of your rides are limited to within the city and you don’t plan on taking any long road trips. Honda NAVI review


Honda NAVI review

The Honda NAVI returns a mileage of close to 50 kmpl in city riding conditions. However, the fuel tank on the NAVI is a rather small 3.8 litre one which limits its range to around 200 km on a full tank and will require frequent trips to the petrol pump.


Honda NAVI review

The Honda NAVI is a unique two-wheeler. It offers the practicality and riding ease of a scooter while still managing to look as unconventional as possible. The quirky design is certainly going to attract a lot of attention, that is usually reserved for premium bikes, wherever you go. For anyone who likes speed and road trips though, the NAVI is anything but ideal. However, with a low price tag, decent mileage, and superb comfort and handling, the Honda NAVI may just be the best choice for commuters who are looking for a cost-effective and easy way to get around the city each day. The moto-scooter has already piqued the masses’ interest and going by that, the Honda NAVI could have a major impact on the Indian bike market.

img source: ZigWheels

What do you think about the Honda NAVI? Do you think it’s the ideal alternative to scooters and commuter bikes? Let us know in the comments below.

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