How to make the most out of an internship in Bangalore

Every year, thousands of students from all over India come to large metros like Delhi and Bangalore to do their internships. But the mistake a lot of them make is that they never take the time out to really see the city that they’ve travelled to.

An internship in a new city is much more than just a chance to improve your career, it’s a chance to travel to new places, to meet new people and to experience a different culture. And since you’re probably in your early 20s which is the prime of your life, you should avoid wasting time as much as you can.

Bangalore traffic
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Travelling around a city like Bangalore is a huge waste of time thanks to endless traffic jams and poor public transport. It can also be very expensive if you use cabs and autos on a daily basis. This is why using two-wheelers for travelling is the best option.


Having your own two-wheeler affords you the freedom to travel as and when you want. You can use them for daily commute to the office, a shopping/eating trip on the weekends or even a road trip or two if you find the time. And the best part is if you rent a bike or scooter from Wheelstreet, you can do all this without burning a hole in your pocket.

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Wheelstreet offers two-wheelers on rent starting at just Rs 10 per hour and you can avail discounts if you make a booking for extended periods like a week or two or even a month. So if you are currently in Bangalore or Delhi and are looking for an easier way to get around, rent a bike from Wheelstreet and discover the smartest way to travel. Happy riding!

This article is brought to you by Wheelstreet – India’s first bike rental platform.

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