If Game of Thrones Houses were Motorcycle companies

The latest Game of Thrones season is nearly out and just like everyone else we are giddy with anticipation. And since we’re finding it hard to think about anything else, we thought we would somehow relate motorcycles to the Houses of Westeros! So here’s what our GoT and motorcycle crazed minds came up with: Which motorcycle companies are similar to the Houses from Game of Thrones.

House Stark – Royal Enfield


The very symbols of loyalty, both the Starks and RE have a massive fan base that sticks with them through thick and thin. We just hope that Royal Enfield doesn’t suffer the same fate as most of the Stark family members.

House Lannister – Ducati


Both of them place immense importance on ‘Family’ (but the Lannisters take it to a new level entirely with the whole Jaime and Cersei thing). And it’s just an added bonus that both of them have red as their main colour.

House Targaryen – Indian Motorcycle


Once the greatest in the world but now trying to resurrect their old grandeur, the Targaryens and Indian Motorcycle have a lot in common. It also helps that the gigantic Indian motorcycles are as close to fire-breathing monsters that you can get in the real world.

House Baratheon – Suzuki, Yamaha and Honda


3 bigwigs from the same nation who fight among themselves to be crowned the king of the land. The Japanese trio of Suzuki, Yamaha and Honda certainly remind us a lot of Robert, Stannis and Renly.

House Tyrell – Kawasaki


Appeared out of nowhere, made some smart alliances and then started to gain power with the help of their financial and technical prowess. The trademark ‘Kawasaki Green’ is quite similar to the Tyrell’s colours, and the motto ‘Growing Strong’ fits pretty well too.

House Martell – KTM


Smart diplomats and fierce fighters, the Martells and KTM don’t care much for absolute power. They make smart alliances and continue to do what they do best. Hopefully KTM won’t suffer due to a single person’s anger over a decades old feud (thanks a lot Oberyn!).

Sparrows – Hero Motorcycles


Appeal for the masses is what both of them have in common. The Sparrows and Hero Motorcycles cater to those with limited financial capabilities and due to this they have a bigger following than anyone else.

Can you relate any of the houses we missed to other motorcycle manufacturers? Let us know in the comments below and we’ll add them to this article.

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