If You Live In The City Of Nawab’s Then You Must Read This!

Hyderabad has always been synonymous with pearls, apparels and not to forget – the yummy biryani. If you are residing in Hyderabad or planning a weekend getaway, do not forget to visit these interesting places located around the city.


Photo Credits: Indianmirror
Photo credit: Indianmirror

Bidar has located 147 km from Hyderabad and boasts of forts and several ruins, and hence the name – The City of Whispering Monuments. To reach Bidar, take the NH9 which goes from Hyderabad to Pune and further towards Mumbai. Drive further 85km and then take a diversion to reach SH4. You will be greeted by a lone biker or you can stop for a drink in any of the small roadside eateries.

Hum along a tune, feel the dry wind in your hair as you drive 26 km further. Wondering whom to turn to for a bike rental? Wheelstreet Bike rentals in Hyderabad are relatively affordable and plus they provide value for money. Rent a bike today, and make your first stop at Bidar.

Just after entering the city, you can see an old fort gate. Continue driving till you come across the clock tower. Located a few meters away from the entrance is the iconic Bidar fort. The journey is pretty smooth, except for a road bump or two.

Make a quick stop to enjoy a cup of tea, and put on your helmets to start off on your journey. The next stop is the Badrid Shahi tombs. Take a walk around or make your last stop at the Gurudwara. If you are interested, collect some Bidriware that is a specialty of this city.
Head back towards Hyderabad or stay overnight if you enjoy driving early morning.


Photo credit: TripAdvisor
Photo credit: TripAdvisor

This well-known city is located 1409 km away from Hyderabad. You can plan a weekend getaway or a road trip with your friends. You can take NH163 and ride straight ahead until you reach a toll road. Since it is a highway, you can see a wide expansive stretch in front of you. It is advised that you carry light snacks, in case you want a quick freshening up.

Enjoy the ride, and you might come across another biker on the way, heading towards Warangal.
While you are in town, stop by Bhadrakali temple, Thousand Pillar Temple, Warangal Fort and Ramappa Temple. Each of these attractions has interesting stories surrounding them and is worth stopping by. The drive to these places makes you nostalgic as you reminiscence about its history.

Spend the evening in Pakhal Lake, watching migratory birds or explore the Kakatiya Musical Garden. Musical fountain with lights is one of the major attractions here and begins at 7 pm every day. You can also find an artificial lake for leisurely activities such as boating.
If shopping is on your itinerary, there are Khadi items, Lepakshi handicrafts, scroll paintings and rugs created by local artisans.


Photo credit: YouTube
Photo credit: YouTube

Hampi is at a distance of 373 km from Hyderabad, and you can find affordable bikes on rent in the city. Take NH65 and drive for a few kilometers until you come across a partial toll road. Since this one’s a long drive, plug your ears with your earphone, and hum along with the way. There are no stops except for a road hump or if you wish to take a small break.

While the drive itself is memorable, you might like to visit this UNESCO world heritage site known for its rich history. It is mainly famous for historic temples, ruins of palaces, ancient market streets and several other buildings. Plan your trip accordingly so you do not miss the Durga Temple and famous Tenali Rama Pavilion.

Other monuments of interest include Bukka’s Aqueduct, Two Storied Getaway, Palace of Krishna Devaraya and Monkey Temple. Drive further ahead to reach Tungabhadra River or enjoy the viewpoint from Matanga Hill. You can park your two-wheeler at the foot of the mountain, and take the trail that leads upwards.


Photo credit: Grabhouse
Photo credit: Grabhouse

The driving distance from Hyderabad to Dandeli is 564 km and takes a total of 11 hours to arrive at your destination. Take NH65, and continue driving until you reach a fuel station. You can refuel your bike since the road changes from an urban setting to an almost-empty road.

It is a good idea to keep a local map with you, in case you miss out on your directions. GPS can be a distraction when you’re driving a bike.

Once you reach Dandeli, you will notice how different it seems from your otherwise monotonous drive. It is an ideal destination for nature lovers and offers activities like white water rafting, night camps, nature walks and bird watching. Book any of the resorts to stay overnight.

Weather in Dandeli is usually pleasant and warm. Carry a good pair of shoes, in case you decide to go trekking.

Take the jungle safari in an open jeep to spot exotic birds and an occasional shy deer. Since you might have to walk around a bit, carry sportswear and comfortable clothing (one pair is recommended). Remember, the more weight you carry, it would be difficult to concentrate on your driving.


Photo credit: HolidayIQ
Photo credit: HolidayIQ

This city is located in Krishna district of Andhra Pradesh and is at a distance of 346 km from Hyderabad. The city is well-known for its Kalahasti decorations and Kalamkari fabrics. It is the historical temples and serene beaches that will make you extend your trip. The salt-laden breeze from the beaches tells you that your destination has arrived. The roads are the blend of straight drive and intermittent stops.

Start off by visiting Machillipatnam Fort which comprises of an armory, roofless jail and a bell. Make yourself free to visit the Old Lighthouse and Manginapudi Beach (also a good reason to continue on your bike expedition).

This small fishing village is accessible by road and is only 11 km from the city. Celebrate festivals with the local people, or take a dip in the seawater to perform rituals. End your trip after visiting Temples of Lord Shiva situated at Chebrolu, Bhimavaram, Draksharama, Amravati and Samalkot.

Enjoy delicious Bandar laddoo or carry back some handicrafts.

So hurry up, don’t let this weekend go waste. Take your bike and roam around, if you don’t have one then let us help you. Take a bike on rent from Wheelstreet and Enjoy this weekend.

Happy biking!!

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