6 Insane bikes that belong in the next Transformers movie

The Transformers series has always been a juvenile affair, filled with cool robots, hot girls, endless explosions and the sexiest cars. One thing they have been lacking in is motorbikes. They have a couple of them in some movies, but not nearly as many as the cars, trucks and even fighter jets. Take a look at some of the bikes the Autobots and Decepticons should be transforming into if they want to look properly cool.

#1 Dodge Tomahawk

Dodge Tomahawk V10
source: motorcycleusa.com

A bike fitted with the V10 engine from a car and 4 wheels (can it even be called a bike?) has to be the perfect smaller option for Optimus Prime, who’s usually rolling around as a truck, and with a claimed top speed of 480 kmph it’s much faster too.

#2 Kawasaki H2R

Kawasaki Ninja H2R
source: bestnewmotorcycles.com

One of the best looking motorcycles in the world also happens to be the fastest. A supercharged bike seems like a lunatic’s idea but Kawasaki have made it a reality with the H2R. It’s the ideal choice for a transformers movie as it essentially looks like a fighter jet on 2 wheels.

Kawasaki Ninja H2R
source: kawasaki.com

#3 Magpul Ronin 47

Magpul Ronin 47
source: aolcdn.com

The Magpul redesign of the Buell 1125, the Ronin 47 is one of the most unique bikes ever created. Very powerful and extremely striking, the Ronin 47 looks like exactly like a Decepticon in disguise.

#4 The Batpod

The BatPod
source: duccutters.com

Yes, the Batpod isn’t really a bike in production and surely there will be some consequences if someone decided to plagarise Batman’s ride. But it definitely has to be considered in the list as it ticks all the boxes required for a Michael Bay film – it looks cool and it can blow things up.

#5 Moto-Terminators

Moto-Terminators from Terminator Salvation
source: awn.com

Another fictitious bike, the 2-wheeled terminators used in Terminator Salvation were designed by ILM- the same company that worked on Transformers. These weaponized bikes that are modeled around Ducati Monsters would fit in seamlessly in the Transformers series and would provide more than enough firepower and explosions.

#6 Yamaha YZF-R1

Yamaha YZF-R1 60th Timeless Yellow-Black Livery
source: motorcycleusa.com

The R1 finds its way onto almost every bike list and this one is no exception. The most famous bike made by Yamaha is the ultimate blend of power, looks and handling and is always one of the best superbikes each year. In the yellow-black colour scheme, it looks like it was made for Bumblebee if he ever gets bored of turning into a Camaro.

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