Motorcycle ride from Delhi to Rajasthan!

Decided that you have had enough of cozy, cool breezes and drizzles and smooth riding? The tough biker in you has lately been driving you to try a group motorcycle ride through dry, parched desert? Then you must visit Rajasthan and get your bikes in Delhi from, a cheap bike rental portal with minimum deposit.

So how do you go about the task? Here we bring to you a suggestive route and some tips which may come in handy when going for the scorching Thar Desert motorcycle tour:

Delhi to Mandawa – Mandawa to Bikaner – Bikaner to Jaisalmer – Jaisalmer to Jodhpur – Jodhpur to Bullet temple – Ghanerao to Udaipur – Udaipur to Chittorgarh – Chittorgarh to Bassi – Bassi to Pushkar – Pushkar to Jaipur – Jaipur to Ranthambhor – Ranthambhor to Agra and Agra to Delhi.

Since, this is no usual ride, you will need some items to be safe, sound and unforgettable ride:

  • Mobile phone chargers
  • Hats/Fedora/Caps/Scarves etc.1385757943224il_570xN.519099759_5dpw
  • Camera
  • Pack of medicines
  • All weather clothing
  • A pair of rugged khakhis/Jeans
  • Riding boots/shoes
  • Protection against bugs
  • Small utility waist bag
  • Sun protection cream with UV Protection
  • Insulated Container for holding water and other beverages
  • Rider’s and pillion’s helmet
  • Sunglasses or goggles with cool shade
  • Riding gloves for better grip and protection.
  • Dust protector helmet attachment and/or mask
  • All weather backpack

Watch out for these before the Tour:

  • Check the motorcycle properly for any probable shortcomings: Test brakes, suspension, lighting, fuel system, throttle response, air pressure in tires, horn, seating, foot rests, mirrors, and instrumentation.
  • Keep all the necessary stuff like money and medicine in your waist bag. Details of emergency contact person should be handy.120911023541-hea-09-pro1
  • Advance route planning is advised to avoid last minute confusions. Make way for relaxation and food during destinations.
  • Plan for contingencies like a bike breakdown, person becoming ill, etc.

During the desert journey:

  • Take small breaks every 100 kms to keep you fresh and focused.
  • Try sticking to your group and avoid racing too fast or going too slow.Group Ride
  • Share your experience with us at

So with these points in mind, you can conquer the desert and make some great riding memories with friends .Happy and safe riding from, pioneers in minimum deposit bike rentals in Delhi.


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