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Move Over Regular Bikes, These 8 Bikes With Unique Features Are Available In Indian Market.

Source : Motorbike Writer

The design, build and manufacture of motorbikes have been steadily evolving ever since the birth of the first motorcycle. And now, the evolution has reached such a stage that features that one would normally expect in cars or other features that one would never expect to see in a motorbike are slowly being incorporated into motorbikes. Let’s dive in then, here’s a list of bikes on sale in the In dian market that have unique features.

1. Honda Goldwing GL1800 – Airbag

Source : Motorbike Writer

Honda’s flagship model, The Goldwing GL1800 offers the power and stability that is synonymous with the company. What sets the model apart is the added safety that it offers by way of incorporating a passive safety equipment which one would never expect to see in a motorbike and that is the airbag.

2. Harley CVO limited – Tyre pressure monitor (TPM)

Harley’s CVO limited is upto it’s neck in bells and whistles but the feature that makes the CVO unique is the TPM. The TPM helps riders keep a check on their tyre pressure which in turn, will help prevent riders from ever getting stuck with a flat tire.

3. Honda Africa Twin – Dual clutch transmission.

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The Africa Twin is powered by a 998cc engine that puts out 86bhp and 92Nm, the unique selling proposition of this bike though is the dual clutch gearbox (6-gear) and it also has a switchable rear ABS, which allows for the ABS on the rear wheel to be switched off.

4. Indian Roadmaster – Bluetooth

This bike is manufactured with a view of creating a bike that is ideal for long-distance road trips and to take this mission to the next level and make it easier for their customers to achieve this, the manufacturers added a bluetooth feature and a touchscreen system on which turn by turn navigation can be enabled.

5. BMW K1600 GTL – Reverse gear

Source : Visordown

With a 1.7 liter engine that makes 158 Bhp and 175 Nm, BMW’s K1600 GTL is justifiably heavy. Thankfully, the manufacturers included a unique feature on it by way of incorporating a reverse gear. The K1600 GTL’s unique reverse gear is what makes it more agile and nimble than other bikes in its weight-class.

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6. Indian Chieftain – Keyless Ignition

Source : Thunder Press

The unique feature in the Chieftain is its keyless ignition, meaning that you can start/stop the engine just by pressing a start/stop button. In case the key fob is lost, a password can also be fed into the Chieftain.

7. Mahindra Centuro – Immobilizer

Source : CarAndBike

The immobilizer feature in the Mahindra Centuro prevents the vehicle from getting started by any other key other than the original. In case of a potential attempt of theft, the bike will not start if the key does not match.

8. Harley Roadglide – Stereo with speakers, ipod, iphone connectivity, navigation

This innovative motorbike manufatured by Harley Davidson comes equipped with a proper stereo system with iphone/ipod connectivity. The display screen has touch screen and navigation can also be hooked up to the speaker.

There you have it, a list of bikes with unique features that are on sale in the Indian market.

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