Our Tribute To India’s Fearless Biking Hero Surbhit Dixit

Who would have thought, a Delhi boy’s casual conversation with his brother, over late evening drinks, would turn into a life-changing decision? Life changing not just for the people having the conversation, but for a whole section of the society. Surbhit Kant Dixit’s passion for riding reflects in his life choices.


A Hotel Management student, interning at the J W Marriott in Goa in 2007, little did he know he was about to go on a ride that would change his life forever. He agreed to take a foreign friend around the place on his bike, after being asked. They covered more than 25 beaches on two wheels. For a young boy of his age, all he knew was, riding gave him the kind of joy next to none. Although he was too young to realize he could make a career out of it, he for sure knew this is what life would mean to him. Ever since that incident, he embarked on many journeys on his bike, during college. He covered places like Rajasthan, Punjab, Ladakh, Uttar Pradesh and Himachal Pradesh. With every ride, he took his love for riding increased little more.


He along with his brother started the Hindustan Motorcycling Company in 2010 after a late night conversation over drinks and the face of bikers in India has not been the same ever since. The company organizes guided tours to Ladakh every year. They take in 6-7 batches in a year between the months of June and September, each batch consisting of roughly 30 riders.


It has never been about profit, for the company. They have always looked to provide a lifetime experience to the riders. Mr. Surbhit has been someone who has worshiped Ladakh and looked at it as a home rather than just a tourist destination. In an interview, a few years ago, he had expressed his concern about how the place is being abused by its tourists and commercialization. The company has strict rules for its riders about cleanliness and against littering. They are instructed to follow certain policies, and the company does not refrain from letting people go if they do not adhere to the rules.


Surbhit has touched the lives of thousands of people who have ridden alongside him and has been an inspirational figure. And it comes as a great shock that the man is no more today. It is with a heavy heart that we are bidding adieu to a man of such kindness and fame. It is ironic though, that he had to go in a bike accident on his favorite stretch between Patnitop to Jammu, and not to forget, on the date of his birth. This legend of a man had very recently celebrated his 50th ride to Ladakh. He believed his life was the road and the road his life. He had once said and I quote – “MERA JO BHI HONA HAI WOH ROAD PE HI HOGA. DARNE KI KOI BAAT NAI HAI ISME”. Call it fate or mere coincidence, the universe had its way.

A pure soul and a gem of a person, we hope your next destination is full of adventure and joy, as you have always wanted. You were always loved and will never be forgotten. Rest in Peace.

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