Perfect Places For A Sunday Outing In Mumbai

‘Sunday Fun day’ is the new social media phrase used by millions of people in India, but having a truly fun Sunday is difficult, if you don’t have a plan that is. Spending your Sunday indoors when you’re in Mumbai should be considered a sin because there’s so much one can do, so many places one can visit and so many beautiful experiences to be had. So without further ado, here are some places in Mumbai that can turn your Sunday into something truly magical.


1. Prithvi Cafe, Juhu Beach

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Once a theatre inaugurated by Shashi Kapoor, Prithvi is now a theatre and a cafe that exudes a serene energy. With musical, stand-up comedy and other social outreach events using the Prithvi theatre to send their message to the world, the crowd in the cafe is always full of interesting people talking about interesting things, which according to some regular customers is the best way to spend their Sunday evenings. A mere 2 kilometers away from the Vile Parle station, reaching the cafe is as easy as it gets in Mumbai. Standing a mere 5 minute walk away from Juhu Beach, Prithvi cafe encapsulates the feeling of Mumbai by giving us all we want in an evening, right next to the ocean. To know more, visit their website here.

2. Pizza By The Bay, Marine Drive

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With a selection of endless toppings and crusts on ‘freshly rolled dough’ pizzas and an impressive list of authentic Italian pastas, Pizza By The Bay has always been a buzz-worthy eatery in South Mumbai. Add to that, the prime location of being right across the street from the famed Marine Drive and you’ve got yourself the perfect place to spend your Sundays. Pizza By The Bay offers an eating experience unlike any other, the big glass windows lets you take in all the glory of the perfect Sunday morning with its new breakfast menu, which lets you chow down on an incredible selection of waffles and pancakes as you look out into the Arabian Sea, starting @ INR200. A 10 minute ride from CST station and a 5 minute walk away from Churchgate station, getting to Pizza By The Bay is the perfect little adventure. To know more, visit their page here.

3. The Bandra Project by Pizza Express, Pali Hill

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Situated in one of the poshest areas in Mumbai, The Bandra Project is the first of an upcoming 18 new restaurants in Mumbai. The creators Pizza Express, are looking to open these restaurants and give them a look, feel and ambiance that encapsulates the locality they’re housed in. The passion of its creators is evident in the food they serve, which includes everything from savory salads to mouth-watering Shakshukas (A middle eastern egg based dish). The decor of the restaurant has glimpses of Portuguese culture, just like Bandra and that, is exactly what makes this place special. Diners will feel like they’re experiencing a slice of Bandra and in doing so, a slice of Mumbai itself. A 3 kilometer ride away from Bandra station, coming to the place will take you on a trip through Bandra that you will never forget. To know more, visit their facebook page here.

4. Mirchi and Mime, Hiranandani Estate, Powai

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Overlooking one of the most peaceful lakes in Mumbai, Mirchi and Mime has it’s place cut out into the food industry and the hearts of its diners by being the place that brings us both, warmth and inspiration. The creators of this eatery wanted to serve good food to its patrons with a twist that would forever change the food industry in the country. They achieved this by training and employing people with hearing and/or speech impairments into their service staff. The service staff communicates with the diners here through sign language (Miming) and that’s where the name comes from. A perfect place for a Sunday outing with people you love at this place will take you a 3 kilometer ride from Kanjur Marg station and it will take you around the Powai lake and give you the right amount of peace before you dive into the delicious food. To know more visit their website here.

And there you have it, a list of places that’ll make your Sunday in one of the biggest metropolises in the world peaceful and the right kind of fun. Now if you’re not in Mumbai and in another one of the world’s biggest metropolises, Bangalore and are in need of a few suggestions to places that’ll make your Sundays perfect, click here.

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