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Rider Stories: All Rounder Salim Khan

Growing and excelling in almost every field like Filmmaking, Acting, Traveling, Blogging etc, we cannot leave any domain where Mr. Salim Khan hasn’t imprinted his work. It was a pleasure interviewing such an amazingly talented @itsmsalimkhan about his journey on bikes. Scroll down to go through his story and Team Wheelstreet hope you will have a happy read!

A bike fanatic since his childhood, Salim feels that traveling by bikes provides the opportunity to know everything very closely. While traveling, one can easily stop the bike and explore the place. He recalls an incident where he captured some pictures of women carrying water in containers. Salim feels that bike rides provide respite from the hectic daily life and feels that riding helps him to discover himself. He finds riding unique because one can explore, experience bike culture and witness feelings of brotherhood among riders. If a rider falls or gets injured, everyone comes to help, even if they do not know him personally.

When Salim visited Ladakh in 2013, he was completely unprepared. He had got mountain sickness and was kept in the army camp for seven days. In 2017, he went to Ladakh with his friends and had a fantastic time. The people of Ladakh were very helpful, warm, friendly and they treated the tourists very nicely.

The Ladakh trip was Salim’s most memorable trip with his bike even though he dreams of visiting Nepal some day. He claims that July is the best time to visit Ladakh because, in June, the roads are covered with snow making it difficult to ride. The low temperatures in June increase the chances of getting mountain sickness. When asked about his preferred destination, he claimed that he liked places which are uncommercialized, sparsely populated and less frequented by tourists.

Exploring different places is his hobby and he takes up other modes of transport if he is not riding his favorite Royal Enfield Himalayan. Usually, he visits places in the north-east or Ladakh which has off roads and bad roads. Himalayan is the perfect bike because ground clearance facilitates the ride. Salim feels that before starting a trip one needs to get hold of riding gear, book accommodation, conduct online research, consult friends who have been there and prepare a detailed itinerary.

Apart from being a rider, he is also a blogger and with pictures, he shares his experiences with others. If the moments remain uncaptured then the experience gets limited to him and he fails to share it with others. Salim believes in living in the moment and feels that the journey is more important than the destination. For him, a destination is only for clicking pictures.

Even though Salim hasn’t organized any trips for others, he always suggests or advices them because he believes in exchanging information. Given a choice, he prefers traveling with his friends. He has also done solo trips to Bangalore but he is always worried as he has no one to help him in case of an emergency. He shares his experience in Tosh with his friends during which one of his friends faced an issue with the bike. In spite of the given situation, they did not feel tensed and enjoyed the moment. Salim feels that if he faced such a situation all by himself, he would be quite tensed.

The first word that comes to his mind when he hears Ladakh is bikes. He associates Goa with friends and traffic with Mumbai. Salim’s bike renting experience during his Manali trip was good. He makes sure that the rented bike is thoroughly checked and he rides it before starting his trip. With his own bike, he can figure out the problems easily because he is accustomed to it.

Salim opines that the riding culture in India is developing quickly because bikes are being manufactured and sold extensively. With the introduction of adventure bikes, people are developing an interest to ride. Earlier people were scared to travel long distances in a bike, but at present, the scenario is changing.

He feels that riders should use proper riding gears like a jacket, shoes, helmets while riding because accidents cannot be predicted. Salim had been saved from being injured because he was wearing his gears. He feels that everyone should ride responsibly, maintain speed limit and make sure that no one is harmed. The rider should also carry spare parts so that repairs can be done if necessary.

Team Wheelstreet loved listening to him and we know you loved it too. Let’s be careful on the roads as he wanted and make every ride exciting. Follow @itsmsalimkhan to stay updated about his rides and new ventures he is taking up! We will bring you new stories next week with yet another inspiring person! Until that, stay tuned 🙂

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