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Rider Stories: Daunting cruiser Sarath M Nair

This week, WheelStreet is proud to present Sarath M Nair, a bike fanatic who loves to explore different places. The daunting rider says that every single ride he takes gives him some kind of experiences and lessons. He started riding from a very young age and he is quite excited about every road he takes on. We hope you would love listening to him.

“When I was a child I had been to Nagaland. Whenever I saw any new place, I always dreamt of riding to that place on two wheels. I felt that bike rides were completely different from using any other modes of transport as the rides always gave me a sense of freedom.” claims Sarath.  

About his rides, he says, “ We get to learn a lot from all the bike trips. We learn our mistakes as well as gain a lot of experiences for future trips.” Sarath recalls an incident from his trip where they had had to pull two bikes because the motorbikes were not working. “Six of us had to literally drag the bikes manually and it was indeed a memorable incident that happened to us. This kind of incidents also show how friends can be helpful during an emergency”, says Sarath.  

Recently, Sarath had been to Dhanushkodi which was one of his dream places to visit. He also stated that Dhanushkodi and  Rameshwaram had been devastated in the cyclone in 1964 and the situation had been quite bad. “Thankfully, we did not have to witness the poor condition which the people went through but we could easily imagine their plight.” added this bike fanatic. Sarath came back from Dhanushkodi and Rameshwaram with a bag full of memories.   

Sarath swears by the two wheels and he has left his wheel prints in different parts of the country. He has explored Wayanad and many other destinations as well. This rider has also been to Assam and Lansdowne. Before venturing out to foreign lands, Sarath wants to explore India. He feels that there is a lot to explore in India before one can set out to explore foreign countries. Sarath plans to ride to Leh Ladakh soon as it is one of the most coveted rides for a rider.  He also wants to go back to Nagaland where he had spent his childhood. This bike freak also shared his idea of exploring to the entire north-eastern region of the country as he feels that there is a lot to explore in those regions.

Even though Sarath is a dauntless rider, he always swears by safety. He feels that while riding, safety should be given utmost priority. Every rider should wear the helmet while riding. If possible the rider should also put on all the riding gears. Even though the riding gears are quite expensive and might be out of budget for many riders, Sarath advises that one needs to save up in order to purchase the riding gears. Riding without gears is not wise because the gears protect the rider from all kinds of injuries.  

Young yet inspiring, yes? Stay updated with WheelStreet to know about more riders like him in our upcoming Rider Stories. Follow @bullet_machanz to know about his journey on wheels! Let us keep the spirit going.

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