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Rider Stories: Inspiring Drag Racer Samantha D’Souza

Wheelstreet has yet another inspiring female this week for the “Rider Stories.” An off-road rider and one of the leading drag racer, @samanthadsouza28 was here with her journeys on two wheels.

Clocking 13 seconds in the drag race and standing among the top 40 men in India is not quite easy, right? Samantha D’Souza is not going to place a break to her records anytime sooner because she is already heading to the next championship race! Team Wheelstreet takes immense pleasure in blogging her story and wishes her the best for future!

Q 1. What do you think is the best thing about riding a motorcycle?

“The best thing about riding a motorcycle is about the speed and thrill that gives a different kind of happiness while riding. Just like how people love playing football to chill with their friends, you can also experience it on riding motorcycles without any exceptions. They basically listen to you to whatever you say. For me, whenever I feel low or happy, I talk to my bike as I wish and I know that my bike will reply to me. So that is the best thing about riding a motorcycle [smiles].”

Q 2. What kind of destinations do you prefer?

“I am more of a drag racer than a cruiser. People love to take up long rides but I don’t. Some of my favorite locations are Nagarjuna, Pambar and Khandala. But as a drag racer, I travel to places like Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai etc.”

Q 3. So why do you ride?

“I ride because it gives me eternal happiness. There is nothing that can be compared to that happiness. It will not even be filled with a score of 90 percent in my exams or by doing the best job in my office. That’s not compared with the happiness in riding a motorcycle.”

Q 4. Other than bikes, which mode of transport do you prefer?

“If it is not the bike, then I would not like to drive at all. I would prefer to go by Rickshaw or I would go with my friends who drive the vehicle [laughs].”

Q 5. Which motorcycle do you have right now?

“Currently, I own a Honda Dio, Pulsar 220 and a drag race Pulsar 220.”

Q 6. Which is the best motorcycle you have ridden?

“Good question [laughs]. I love all the bikes that I ride on. But if you ask me to say particularly, my favorite bike that would give me happiness is my Dio because that was my first bike. I also like KTM 390 that you would have seen on my account page. Today, I stand among 40 guys in India. I top the time lapse before all the men in India i.e not many riders have clocked 13 seconds in a quarter mile. Except the tuner of my team who has clocked lesser than my time. Other than that nobody has clocked the time. That has given me the frame.”

Q 7. Why do you say Honda Dio is the best?

“It is the first bike and I got it in 2012. Her name is Cubana and she has never failed whether it is about the petrol or clutch. I have never pushed her on roads even when the clutch belt is broken a lot of times. That has always happened either in the office or when I’m home. She has never let me down. Even KTM 390 has given me fame to stand among 40 men on the track as a lady is one of my biggest achievements in life. That moment gave me all the fame and publicity that I required. And that bike name is Flash.”

Q 8. When did that event happen?

“This event happened on 8, December 2017 in Bangalore. For me, it was the first time that I went from Mumbai to Bangalore. Basically, I am very homesick so I don’t prefer traveling long away from home. But this event was for five days and I was not even sure that I would win this. I clocked the time and ranked two among all the 40 entries that came up for the event.”

Q 9. How do you prepare yourself for a motorbike trip?

“I will be restless without sleep the before night. That excitement will always be there about where we are going, which bike I am going to take, places etc.”

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Q 10. Do you pre-book any hotels before going to the place?

“Generally no. We always refer to Google Maps when we ride bikes and be sure where to stop and stay. We don’t properly schedule any hotels but then it depends. If we feel like riding more, we will proceed and won’t stop.”

Q 11. Have you ever been to Ladakh?

“No. Ladakh is the one location that I want to complete at least before this year ends.”

Q 12. Have you ever organised a trip?

“No, not really because I am a very bad organizer. But I have got a couple of friends with whom I travel whenever events regarding safety, wearing helmet comes up, I will attend for sure.”

Q 13. What do you prefer, a solo trip or group trip?

“Definitely a group trip because it’s always fun to travel with friends. Solo trips are a bit risky for women to travel alone. This is what I feel. So I always travel with a group for the trips.”

Q 14. So why do you think group rides are the best?

“They are funny and we can enjoy. My group is like that. They go on fighting, playing over again. Also, we get a chance to race. Whenever we get an empty road, we will see how much power the bike has and we will go for it.”

Q 15. Tell me which word comes to your mind first when I say the following.

Goa – “Beaches”
Traffic – “My bike is the best”
Roads in India – “They suck”
Cars – “Not my type”

Q 16. Have you ever rented a bike for a road trip?

“I have not. But I have seen one of my friends who was sporting and I wanted to rent a Triumph Triple last time because it has always been my fantasy bike. I like it a lot and at the same time, there is a 1000 rr which is also my favorite. I might rent someday but I haven’t done as of now.”

Q 17. Have you ever taken a road trip outside India?

“No. I want to do it definitely but. We are planning to complete Ladakh first and then we will plan outside India.”

Q 18. Can you tell me your most memorable experience on a motorbike?

“I had this very bad accident that I cannot forget. That happened when I had a trial for my racing. It was the most memorable one because I didn’t even know what was happening. I crashed and it was blank. The hospital was 15 km far from that place and I was hurt badly. It was a horrible experience. That is the one trip I will never ever forget.”

“Better than that would be when I rode in the stadium for my race. I never realized that I completed 400 m and there was somebody who informed me about the seconds I have clocked. That moment I didn’t even know how to react if I have to laugh or cry. It was a mixed feeling altogether and the best feeling ever. I ran and hugged my bike with so much of happiness.”

Q 19. What are your thoughts on riding a motorcycle in future India?

“It has to be a little more good I guess. Take my Dio for instance, the body line is made up of fiber that breaks often. So bikes must be made stronger for a racer to ride without the fear of making it up again once broken. As we all know that the petrol rates are very high and expensive, so we cannot afford other things about the bike just like that. The bike must be rough and tough so that it would suit people who handle them roughly because that shows me how much power my bike has. I don’t prefer a bike that must be giving a rash ride or something. But, it must be without any repair for at least one year. That’s how I want to build the future motorcycles in India.”


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Q 20. Which are your upcoming trips?

“I am planning to attend the championship event in Chennai as of now. It is happening back to back for three months. That would be in July, August and September. After that, it would be Bangalore. Once done with the racing events, I am planning to travel to Ladakh or any place in North.”

Q 21. How are you planning for your Championship event in Chennai or Ladakh trip?

“Right now, I am deciding on what bike I should ride. Because Ladakh touring is something that has to be given a thought about the things I carry, about the bike I take on those steep roads. For the championship event in Chennai, I have to go and test with the bike, my control over the bike, etc. And my weight will be different from the weight of the other person with me. So we must check if it will work out well with both of us together. A double check must be done with the condition of the bike and tires of the bike because I will be running on the bike. So it is the foremost important thing that has to be done before I gear up for the event.”

Q 22. What do you want to advise the upcoming bike riders?

“I am concerned about their safety. I request everybody not to rush on the streets because I have seen many boys doing that. Whenever the roads are crowded, it is advisable not to race your wheels. Take spares with you, take tools with you and try creative somewhere else but not on streets and crowded places. Wear your helmet and gear always because they are very important. If you wear a proper gear, it won’t harm you much even when you get hurt.”

“And I know few people who gave up riding because their families did not want them to. They were very concerned about their safety. For those people, I would love to say that never give up on your dreams. And riding a bike is not that bad, you must definitely go for it.”

Hope you guys enjoyed this week’s “Rider Stories” with us! Wait a week and stay updated with Wheelstreet for wheeling through Wednesday next week. Also, follow @samanthadsouza28 to explore more about the inspiring female! We believer her advice and journey would help you become a good rider!

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