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Rider Stories: Listen to our Mountain guy Alan Saji George

@trav3l_guru is here today, sharing his riding stories with the Wheelstreet team. He is someone who loves the freedom he can feel around mountains and forests as he races the crisp breeze on his favorite bikes.

Alan Saji George is an engineer by profession, traveler by passion. He has covered more than 60250 plus km and traveled to almost all the south Indian states. It was truly joyful listening to Alan Saji to describe his love for riding bikes, and we hope you enjoy it as well. Read on to learn more!

Q 1. What do you think is the best part about riding a motorcycle?

“For me, the best part about riding a motorcycle is the freedom it gives us. The freedom to go anywhere, to explore, wander. Live your life, a happy life!”

Q 2. What kind of destinations do you prefer?

“I’m a mountain guy! I like to go to the mountains and explore, even in the forests. Places that are lush green and pretty roads and fresh nature. That keeps me happy, being in places such as these. Coming from Kerala, I had everything like this.”

Q 3. Why do you ride?

“It makes me happy, makes my soul happy. I had a job in Dubai and left the work to start motorcycling and for me, making money is not important but my happiness is. It unleashes a happiness of my soul and riding makes me very happy, that’s why I ride.”

Q 4. Other than bikes, what mode of transport do you prefer?

“Other than bikes, I prefer the bus! KSRTC and local buses, because I get to see all that is happening outside the windows. I also get time to think and plan things. So, yes. I prefer the bus.”

Q 5. Which is the best motorcycle you have ridden and why?

“The best motorcycle I’ve ridden is the one I own. I had a Duke 200 three years ago, now I have a Duke 390. I have ridden all the sub-300CC segment bikes and Duke390 is undoubtedly the best. It has everything that a 300CC bike can offer. Everyone says it’s not a comfort bike but I say it’s good for long-distance. The longest I’ve ridden is 4500 km in a single stretch and for me, I felt like it is comfortable and it has the best power in this segment and it’s a beast for highway cruising.”

Q 6. So, you like more naked bikes than others?

“I like naked bikes and cruise bikes but the best one for me is KTM. Because of the power delivery and the comfort- Royal Enfield offers much more comfortable but it has lesser power. Overall, comparing all the aspects, KTM is good.”

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Q 7. How do you prepare for motorbike trips?

“I don’t have a specific plan, I have a rough sketch of the number of kilometers I want to cover in a day and the number of days I want to ride for, with some destinations I’d like to visit. When the ride starts, plans change accordingly. If I feel like staying at one place for more days, then I do that.”

Q 8. Do you pre-book hotels before traveling?

“I don’t usually pre-book hotels. I mostly have my camping gear with me because I like to camp more. Like I said, I like mountains and forests and while it’s risky, I like that. I do book Zostel. There’s a startup called Zostel, and it’s there in some of the destinations like Kodaikanal or Ooty. I always book hotels like that or prefer some tents.”

Q 9. Have you been to Ladakh?

“No, Ladakh is still a dream for me! But I have plans. Not just Ladakh, but an all-India ride, to every state of India and someday soon, I know I’ll conquer this dream!”

Q 10. Have you ever organized a trip?

“I’m part of a riding club called “Club Blacklisted”. I’ve been a member with them for more than four years, and I’ve been the secretary for the club for the past three years. Every three months, we have a long distance trip and I organize and conduct it. We have 200 to 300 members. I’ve done many events like that. I’m also the official organizer for KTM and I organize tours and rides for them.”


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Q 11. How was your experience?

“Every rider has a story to tell and sharing these stories near a campfire with a beer in hand is a heavenly experience and I can’t describe that feeling. Being on the road is something out of the world.”

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Q 12. Do you prefer solo trip or group trip?

“I actually prefer to ride in a squad, but not just any squad! One that has the same mindset as mine. The first priority is safety, and if something happens to one of us, having a squad is very helpful. But you have to have the same mindset!”

Q 13. I’ll say a few words, and you have to say the first thing that comes to your mind!

Ladakh – “Mountains”
Goa – “Beaches”
Traffic – “Cities”
Roads in India – “Versatile”
Cars – “Sleepy”

Q 14. Have you ever rented a bike for a trip?

“Yes, I have done twice, once in Goa and once in Delhi. I have good experience with that because the bike rider/renting community is growing fast in India! I support that because there are many people who have the dreams of riding a bike but don’t have the budget to buy one.”

Q 15. Which bike did you rent in Goa?

“At Goa, I rented an Avenger 220, and a Royal Enfield Bullet 350 in Delhi.”

Q 16. Was there any offer for renting bikes there?

“No, there wasn’t any offer because these are tourist destinations. They provide bikes at fixed prices for these places.”

Nthalle ee mazhakaalam.. ? ?

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Q 17. Do you remember which company you rented these bikes from?

“No, this was three years ago so I don’t remember, sorry.”

Q 18. How was your experience renting a bike?

“It was good because the bikes were in good condition and the company was friendly and in general everything was good, breezy.”

Q 19. Have you ever taken a road trip outside India?

“No, no road trip outside India.”

Q 20. What is your favorite memory on a motorbike?

“We were a group of fourteen bikers in Goa and we were wandering all over Goa at around 2 am. Near to the beach, we were just passing by in search of a nice beachside place and we saw a guy, a taxi guy. He was stuck in something. Till today, I don’t know what he was stuck in, and his car wasn’t moving. He was struggling a lot and couldn’t take his car out. We were a group of fourteen bikers and a total of twenty-five or twenty-six people! We helped him out. We lifted one side of the Innova car and helped him pull the car out.”

Q 21. What are your thoughts on riding a motorcycle in future India?

“The market is growing rapidly and there is the issue with people saying that KTM bike heats up but I want them to know that it’s not the machine but the people who are using it incorrectly. I want to promote safe riding, and at our club, we conduct safety rides. Every rider must wear safety gear and be careful.”

Q 22. What are your upcoming trips?

“I’ve got a short trip coming up soon, just four or five days to Kodaikanal and I’m planning to travel north-east India in the next three or four months, too.”

Q 23. How are you planning for that?

“I’ve already planned for this, it will be 12000 km to travel and we will focus mainly on areas of Assam and Meghalaya and if we have the budget, hopefully, Bhutan as well!”

Q 24. What is advice for upcoming riders in India?

“Like I’ve already said, every rider should wear the proper riding gear. The jacket and of course, the helmet is a MUST. NEVER ride a bike without a helmet! Safety first, that should be the priority.”

Follow @trav3l_guru to know about his amazing trips all across India! And don’t forget to tune back into Wheelstreet next week to see which new adventurous rider we’re trailing!

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