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Rider Stories: Meet our Foodie Adventurer Nikhil Mohan Joshi

@doomzday_official is here with Wheelstreet “Rider Stories” for this week. This Benelli boy rides to escape from reality and explore the new roads. He loves travelling for the fun, to forget the life stress and burn fuel, of course.

Nikhil Mohan Joshi prefers places with beaches and mountains. It was a pleasure listening to him and we hope you will enjoy it as well. Scroll down to read the journey of his wheels!

Q 1. What do you think is the best thing about riding the motorcycle?

“Riding motorcycle for me is like creating memories and enjoying the rides. It is all about having fun and exploring new places.”

Q 2. What kind of destinations do you prefer?

“I prefer any place that has a beach or mountains.”

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Q 3. Why do you ride?

“I ride so that I can get peace of mind, meet new people, explore new places and burn fuel [laughs].”

Q 4. Other than bikes, how do you prefer to travel?

“Other than motorbikes, I would like to go on a road trip in my car. Traveling is the bus or train is fine sometimes because you cannot stop or wait anywhere when you travel by train. If it is a bike or car, you can stop by, take pictures and have a good meal wherever you want.”

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Q 5. Which is the best motorcycle you have ridden on?

“I have ridden BMW S1000rr and that is the best because it has got a good machine, speed, cc etc. It has also got good engineering, great looks and too many electronics to get control over your riding.”

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Q 6. Do you prepare for your motorbike trip?

“Usually when I take up solo rides, I drive to places where I have accommodating places like my relatives. I don’t usually carry ample clothes. But if I am planning a good trip for 15-20 days, then I will courier my clothes to relative’s place and ride without any luggage on my back or the vehicle.”

“In case, if I am traveling in a group, we do take a backup vehicle that can carry our bags and luggage. All of my trips are spontaneous so I won’t find time to think about anything twice.”

Q 7. Do you book any hotel in advance before you reach the place?

“Yes. If we are going to any place in a group, we will have to book for certain places.”

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Q 8. Have you been to Ladakh?

“No. I haven’t been there till now.”

Q 9. Have you organized any trip?

“The recent trip that I organized was to IBW, Goa. I went along 30 – 35 people for that event. So, we started off with headcount and we booked the venues. After that, we got money from everyone for paying advance to the hotel where we stay. Finally, we booked a ticket for IBW and started the ride.”

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Q 10. How was your experience organizing the trip?

“That was good enough. There were some cons on the hotel side. But then, the rest of the trip was too good.”

Q 11. Do you prefer solo rides or group rides?

“Actually it depends on my mood. If I want to ride solo, I will ride alone without informing anybody. But I prefer both. If I am going to an event, then it will be a group ride because going alone for the event won’t be fine. If I ride alone, I will plan for a nice destination and go.”

Q 12. How was your experience in solo and group ride?

“Solo rides are different. My experiences are always wild and fantastic when I ride alone. I can stop anywhere I want to, ride to any destination that I wish irrespective of mapping roads, pre-booking hotels, etc. You don’t have to match your speed with anyone else and ride along with your own speed. That is the good part about riding solo. But if you are in a group, you have an added safety in your ride and learn many good things from the fellow rider. People who travel with you will have a very different mindset and you have to adjust with that as well. So, I prefer both the options.”

Q 13. Tell me which word comes to your mind first when I say the following.

Ladakh – “Mountains”
Goa – “Beaches and Beer”
Traffic – “Oh fuck”
Roads in India – “Are there any?”
Cars – “Substitute”

Q 14. Have you ever rented a bike for any trip?

“No, I have not.”

Q 15. What is the bike you have right now?

“I have a Benelli 600.”

Q 16. Which is your most memorable experience on the motorbike?

“Every ride. If I have to say one, it was my ride to Goa IBW in 2017. We went in a group and the bike event was amazing. So it is the most memorable trip as of now.”

Q 17. What are your thoughts on riding motorbikes in future India?

“It will have a good market altogether for everyone who rides a bike on a daily basis, shopping or long drives. It will be more fun for avid bikers like us. The market may come up with new and powerful bikes as well. So, it will be a bright future for bikes in the market.”

Q 18. Which is your upcoming trip?

“It is Monsoon now. So I have packed my bike and kept aside. But then I may plan one as soon as the monsoon sets apart.”

Q 19. What is your advice for upcoming riders?

“Stay safe. Always wear a helmet when you ride on bikes. Don’t ride fast and end up in danger. Keep it slow and steady for a happy ride.”

Q 20. Where have you gone with your bike until now?

“I have been to Bangalore, Kerala, Delhi and Rajasthan once.”

Q 21. Which was the longest ride and how was it?

“Kerala is the longest one I guess. I was riding there with my brother. I went to Belgaum first and then to Bangalore. From there, we went to Kerala – Munnar, Alleppey and Thekkady and stayed there for 15 to 20 days.”

Q 22. Which is the best thing according to you, taking photos or enjoying nature?

“It depends on the roads I travel. If it is straight and has nothing to see around, I will concentrate on my speed. If not, I will stop and take pictures to relish.”

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To get more inspired from him, follow his Instagram @doomzday_official and know him better. Every end has a new beginning, right? Stay updated with Wheelstreet until next week and keep waiting to know who’s next with us!

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