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Rider Stories: Meet the Adventurous Traveler Ehraz Ahmed

“Roads are diverged in a wood, he took the one less traveled by”, and that has made all the difference now! @ehraz99 is living his life in Jungle. There are travelers and then there are adventure lovers where our rider falls in. He loves to ride and rides to explore and push up his adrenaline gush every time. Team Wheelstreet features Mr.Ehraz Ahmed in this week’s “Rider Stories.” We hope you will also fall into his thrilling life inside the forest and get to know more about him.

A travel lover since childhood, Ehraz Ahmed had been encouraged by his father to go for adventures and travel around. A resident of the jungle, Ehraz gets the opportunity to explore and indulge in a rustic and outdoor life. Ehraz states that he enjoys living in the forest and there is nothing monotonous in his life. For him every day and every experience is different.

He lives in the Mudumalai Tiger Reserve and as a resident, he feels it is his duty to help the forest department to prevent illegal poaching and felling of bamboo trees. He goes out on rounds on foot in order to check for any kind of illegal activities in the forest. On asking about a memorable incident, he shares a captivating story. “It was around 7 p.m. in the evening and it was getting dark. I was returning home when I came across a tiger, standing only 50 meters away from me!  I have heard the tiger roar pretty close to my place but this is the first time that I got to see him that too from such a close distance.” Even though the tiger was not a man-eater, yet tigers do not like human interaction and seeing such a big beast near his house was a thrilling yet scary experience for him. This daring individual adds, ” As soon as I spotted the tiger, I took out my phone and started making a video. I knew at the back of my mind that I might not make it back home but it was worth taking the risk.”

Ehraz had a memorable experience when he visited Ladakh and traveled solo in order to witness the “actual condition” of the place. Not owning a bike did not stop him from exploring the rugged terrains of Ladakh. Conquering the barren mountains of Ladakh in a rented bike was a thrilling and adventurous experience for him. This daring soul had visited Ladakh in April when the area sleeps under a blanket of snow and the roads are closed. The thick ice and freezing temperatures could not stop him from completing his trip. Ehraz adds, ” It is something else when the cold wind is hitting on your face and your skin is tearing apart yet you are moving on.”

Bitten by the travel bug, Ehraz plans to visit Africa in November, He plans to go on safaris and camp in the Masai Mara plains which are frequented by lions. Adventure runs in his blood and he has a never-give-up attitude. Ehraz adds, “ I had almost drowned while trying to do scuba diving but I never gave up on exploring.”

The safety mantra of this adventurous individual is to be prepared for any kind of change and doing proper research before setting out. He advises other travelers to be flexible with the plans, avoid overstressing and enjoy every moment of the trip. Ehraz feels that it is better to go slow as it is not a race.  This travel lover adds, “ Travel as much as you want. Fill your life with experiences and not things because everything else will fade but your experiences will stay forever.”

Travel adventurer, explorer and an inspiration who moved away from the hustle-bustle of the city life just to witness how living is beyond civilizations. Such an amazing read, yes? Follow @ehraz99 on Instagram to get updates from him and wait with Wheelstreet until next week with yet another inspiring rider!

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