Rider Stories: Praveshika Raj Katiyar, Rides for Women Empowerment

This week WheelStreet brings to you the enticing tale of Praveshika Raj Katiyar, a passionate rider who rides her Harley Davidson to make the society a better place to live in. This young lady feels that the inspiration exists within every individual and one just need to summon it for the right reasons. Praveshika believes that the passion for riding was embedded in her soul since childhood and today biking serves as her medium to express herself.

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Delhi – Kanpur It was the day when started for my home town, Kanpur. I could feel the smile and the happiness within to meet my mom and grandmom(Noni) on the way of my travel journey..Not sure who was more excited, me or Noni..and there I was ripping on Agra Yamuna Expressway(one of the best highway to ride on). My heart sank as I couldn’t take snaps on my phone.. Pixel2 giving me problems. Photos which I have posted here has been received from co-riders and HDI. One thing which I observed and want to change in UP is how people drive /ride especially wrong side -with full speed and reckless , unfortunately they don't realise that they are not only putting their life on risk but many others.. Continuing my journey , I reached Kanpur that night and saw Kanpur was sunk in darkness.( ? Hahaha No Electricity). The press conference was arranged that night and I was been quoted as "Kanpur Ki Beti" in the local newspaper . As per my personal request , Hindi Edition was also published, so that my Noni could read and feel the happiness and pride. I met my school friend Komal @kavitakotwanikapoor after press conference with her family as she took time out from her busy schedule and helped me in all possible ways. It was such a delight to meet her and Kanpur Ki shaan- AnuAwasthi @annuawasthikanpur I finally met my mom and Noni in darkness and dozed off for few hours. Well, finally the time came to say bye to Kanpur and the next day we started our journey to Bodhgaya(Bihar) #liveyourlegend #gqride #loh #goldenquadrilateral #kanpur #harleydavidsonindia #harleydavidson #harleydavidsonaddicts #harleylife #harleydavidsondaily #street750 #pdarmy #picoftheday#moto#bikelife #instamotogallery #motolife#biker #motorcycles #braap#love#ride#bikersofinstagram#follow#instamoto #oldpost #kanpurkibeti

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She learned how to handle a bike during her teens using her cousin’s bike and laid her hands on many other bikes as well. Two years ago, on her birthday, this daring lady thought of gifting herself with a Harley Davidson and she exhausted all the savings which she had made in the last seven years in order to make her dreams come true. During the conversation, Praveshika excitedly exclaimed that “I usually visualize stuff and I visualized myself riding a Harley Davidson to my office.”    

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Bangalore – Pune We 10 riders started our journey from Bangalore early morning by 4.30 to reach Pune before evening. But there was more for us to experience. 2 riders survived the fall. We waited at the Kolhapur dealership for them while it started pouring by evening along with hailstorm. We started our ride after 18.30 for Pune at a little slower pace than usual as the roads were wet. We were another 100 kms away when another bike had issues. We finally reached Pune by 1.30 hoping to get sleep for sometime before we hit the roads again. Pre cursor to ride had super adventurous beginning. Real LOH GQ ride begins tomorrow. We would need support and blessings of you all as we will traverse through length and breath of the nation. God bless. #GQ #ride #harleydavidsonindia

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As a woman who was never afraid to break barriers, Praveshika embarked on her journey on two wheels. “Women have always been appreciated and looked in a shocked manner while we ride! This is what motivates us to ride and keep going.” This passionate rider has been a  part of the Golden Quadrilateral Ride as part of ‘Ladies of Harley’ group which covered around 7000 kilometers. The 7 women conquered the length and breadth of the country in order to promote road safety and to spread the message that India is a safe country to ride for women.

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Udaipur – Delhi As I said good bye to Udaipur with heavy heart, we started our journey to the capital city of India via NH48. The journey was 650kms+ and heat has started taking a toll on me. It was indeed refreshing and much required lunch break at Jaipur. Their warm welcome boosted us to keep moving forward. Can't go without the mention of tasty oily food, ? North Indian food is what I crave for. Thank you Jaipur brothers ..I'll come back soon to explore more. ? We reached Delhi by midnight and I already was getting the good vibes. This city celebrates everything- literally. ? I also felt nostalgic riding over the roads of Delhi and Noida, the same place where I spent my glorious unforgettable college days.. I also realised one more thing that human interaction feels so good after days of ride and I utilized it to core, kept talking to riders, friedns, strangers, cafe guys, media people – exchanging the lively energies. It was very thoughtful gesture by Red fort chapter to arrange free bike checkup and servicing. They also felicitated us at the bike night event, where everyone was dancing at the Punjabi numbers. I was looking forward for the next day , next destination when I slept.?? #loh #gqride #indiapictures#desi_diaries#storiesofindia #vscoindia#ig_india #goldenquadrilateralride #indiaclicks #lonelyplanetindia #streetphotographyindia #thehatke #trelltalebangalore #delhi #rideordie #rideordiechick #girlsbiker#mostamazingbikes#motoloot #shift_life #bikewars #eatsleepshiftrepeat #bikers_around_the_globe#vsco

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Praveshika was also a part of a ride which was organized by Amul in order to celebrate the birth anniversary of Amul’s Founder Dr. Kurien. She adds, “We should be aware of the contributions of Dr. Kurien in the Milk Revolution.” This young lady feels privileged because she gets to meet many people belonging to different culture and biking groups during her rides. She loves to learn more about their culture, food, and stories. Harley Davidson had been Praveshika’s first choice because of the brotherhood that can be associated with the bike. “When you see the riders riding along with you on the road, you have a telepathic conversation that they are there to have your back.”

When asked about her upcoming trips, this energetic lady claimed, ”I have a lot of plans but I am running low on funds at the moment. No one sponsored me (laughs) and so I will have to save money before I start again.” During 2019, she plans to ride in order to promote the adoption of the elderly. “This motive is quite personal to me and I want to ride across the country to spread the message that we can adopt an elder just like we adopt a child.” She feels that the elderly need a lot of support and she also wants to do something for society. Praveshika is shifting to Lucknow so that she can be close to her family and also because she feels that she should practice what she preaches.

Praveshika also got in touch with a biking group which had lost a member in a road accident. They have started a safety awareness program where they promote and preach road safety.  She wants to spread the awareness all over Lucknow and Uttar Pradesh.

Her upcoming plans include a cow campaign in which she plans to reduce the number of animals roaming about on the roads. “After Yogiji’s government, the number of animals roaming about on the streets has increased because the slaughterhouses have been banned. There is a lot of bike accidents because the visibility is poor at night and the cows are in groups. The cows need to be sheltered and the road is definitely not an option.” adds this lady with a vibrant personality.  

She feels that if there are no slaughterhouses, then there should be some cowsheds where the animals can get some accommodation and they do not roam around on the street. Praveshika claims, “The presence of animals on the streets is threatening the safety of both the riders and the animals. I am planning to start an awareness campaign which would help in building some cow sheds so that the animals can stay off the streets and remain safe.”

When we asked Praveshika about what keeps her going she adds, ”Many women ask me for my mantra. I always tell them it is all in the mind. There is no mantra because it is not rocket science. If you set up your mind, you will be able to accomplish it. It is only in the mindset, once it is gone, nothing is going to stop you!” Praveshika is a safety freak and feels that the riders should wear all the safety gears even while they going for a short ride.

Hope you guys enjoyed listening to this incredible human. She is breaking stereotypes, tops among the inspiring females and we are really proud in featuring her this week. She can be reached on her Instagram:  @wanderwoman46Stay updated with WheelStreet until next week for more inspiring people like her!

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