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Rider Stories: Race track wheeler Pushkar Patil

@broken.asphalt has an inspiring and interesting story about his wheels to tell Wheelstreet team in “Rider Stories” this week! The more he is concerned about his safety, the better his rides are. Staying away from tours and long trips, but he strikes them all in his race track!

Pushkar Patil is a stunt expert, an off-road enthusiast who has given his best shots in race tracks. He is also a part of Adventure motorcycling who loves to experience the terrain rides and dirt roads to increase the control and stamina over the rides. He consistently practices off roads to get better on tracks every time.

It was a pleasure listening to him and we hope you would also love his interview :))

Q 1. What do you think is the best thing about riding motorcycles?

“The thrill of riding it and the experience you get from the people around in different places.”

Q 2. What kind of destinations do you prefer?

“I’m not much of a touring enthusiast. I limit my motorcycling to the track or restrain to off-road riding where I usually minimize my level of danger that I go through. I am very particular about being safe and especially road riding is not that safe anymore. The roads I choose are where you drive and get into trouble but not let others get into trouble because of your ride.”

Q 3. Why do you ride?

“It’s been a part of my routine for past five to six years. I have not given a thought about why I ride but then it comes naturally. And it is all about the thrill in it.”

Q 4. Other than bikes, what mode of transportation do you prefer?

“I will either ride bikes or be driven around. So I don’t like riding inside the city. When I do, I prefer taking Uber.”

Q 5. Which is the best motorbike you have ridden on?

“My race track bike that I am riding on right now. It is the Yamaha R1 that was introduced in 2017. I chose because it was the best then. And the other motorcycles that I have ridden are just for a time or twice. I always give Yamaha R1 priority because it is the most comfortable and better.”

Q 6. Why do you say Yamaha R1 is the best?

“The foremost important thing for me is the lapse time. There is no point in going to the race track without having a good time lapse in your vehicle. For this, the electronic sophistication provided by the motorcycle and the power delivery together gave me pretty good lapse timing on the race track.”

Q 7. How do you prepare yourself for a motorbike trip?

“We are always prepared for the race track. Driving through the two-day race track is like traveling to Bangalore back to back and it is that hectic. It takes up a lot of fierce stamina and you need to build up your endurance. So we get training for that endurance. The more we ride, the better we will be on track. We will ride consistently even when we are not on the race track. We will ride along the off roads or trail rides like anything that can give you more time on the motorcycle increases your stamina and trains your muscles.”

Q 8. Do you pre-book any hotels before you reach the place?

“Yes, we do.”

Q 9. Have you ever been to Ladakh?

“No, I have not. But I have plans to visit Ladakh soon.”

Q 10. Have you ever organized a trip?

“As I told you earlier, I’m not much of a touring enthusiast. The long travel that I have ridden on roads in 650 km. I have not gone more than that. So, I am not the right person to ask this question because my travel hardly requires planning.”

Q 11. I will say a few words now. Tell me which comes to your mind first.

Ladakh – “Never been there”
Goa – “Go to place for all”
Traffic – “Hate it in a car, but I don’t mind in bikes”
Roads in India – “Broken”
Cars – “Inevitability”

Q 12. Have you ever rented a bike for a road trip and from where?

“I have rented a very basic scooter once. I rented it from Goa, a local rental shop.”

Q 13. Was there any offer or it was a usual renting experience?

“No, it was rented for the usually fixed price.”

Q 14. Have you taken any road trip outside India?

“I have rented a motorcycle once in Dubai and roamed around the desert for a couple of hours. It was an amazing experience out of the world.”

Q 15. Which is your most memorable experience on motorbikes?

“It has to be the race track. Or some trail riding along the off roads.”

Q 16. What are your thoughts on riding motorcycles in future India?

“The situation of riding motorcycles on roads are becoming scanty day by day because of increasing traffics. That is why I told you that I have limited my rides on roads quite a bit and concentrate more on the race track. So the scope of riding in future is reducing, but the bikes are getting better. We don’t have the infrastructure to handle such superbikes.”

Q 17. Are you planning for any trip in future?

“Yes, I have plans to travel to Spiti valley in Ladakh.”

Q 18. Do you prefer solo or group rides?

“I prefer a small group ride which consists of four to five close friends who I know personally so that I can predict their action/riding better. As I previously said, I try to limit the danger on roads as much as possible. But when I have to ride outside, I try to limit my riding with people I know.”

Incredible roads leading to Rajasthan. Pc- @rippster_india #ducati #ducatiindia

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Q 19. What is your advice for upcoming riders?

“Stay safe and wear as much as riding gears as you can. I know riding is expensive but if you can afford an eighty thousand rupees phone, then you can easily afford a good helmet. Your safety must be your priority. Get support from driving schools if you want. Get to the race track, train yourself properly and you will definitely be better on the roads.”

Check into his YouTube channel “Broken Asphalt” and subscribe to watch out thrilling videos on roads. Also, follow @broken.asphalt in Instagram to get updated about the journey of his bikes. Wait until next week and Wheelstreet will amaze you with yet another rider!

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