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Rider Stories: Shashank Nawani with his magic spell on Lens and Bikes

The mountain lover has shared some pages of his journey with Team Wheelstreet in this week “Rider Stories.” Hope @the_himalayan, an avid and passionate rider will inspire you as well with his adventures on roads.

Shashank Nawani is a passionate biker who loves traveling around mountains and explores the unexplored places for a new experience. Read more about the roads he has taken and his love for bikes.

Q 1. What do you think is the best thing about riding a motorcycle?

“It is like the wind. You will feel the place when you ride there on your bike. Recently I went to Himachal Pradesh by bike and it’s like you are in the moment, you will be able to feel the place where you are. That’s the best part about biking.”

10th Aug'17 Khardung La type of day! . After loading the saddle bags and other luggage I got my bike off the main stand, Only to find out my bike has a flat ? Dragged it for the next 2-3 kms, I found a mechanic who replaced the tyre tube. I was furious at first because it was getting late for our ride to Khardung La, but later just kept my calm by thinking that may be this is how it was supposed to be. What if I had a flat while riding to Khardung La? Right now I'm wondering, do things happen for good? ? Tell me what you think! That day after spending a good time at the touristy Khardung La we moved on to Nubra, boi that's hell of a place. I mean my favorite in Ladakh. The diversity, clouds and the vast open valley had me. It was a tiring but a good day. ❤️ . – @Thw_Himalayan #TheHimalayanLife . #ShotOnOnePlus @oneplus_india @oneplus

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Q 2. What kind of destinations do you prefer?

“Foremost preference is the mountainous region, The Himalayas and I travel to places that are generally overlooked in the Himalayas. I wanted to travel to places that are not available in the maps and the places about which people will have no idea. That is how I started with the Himalayas. Usually, people prefer traveling to places that have information on the internet and they would love to explore that.”

Fuck being average, Step out of your comfort zone, Do what you gotta do and do it passionately, No excuses. You have this life, You can't just ignore your calling, Do you want to look back and feel like you never actually stood up for something in your life? No, right? One more thing, You'll hurt some people on your journey, But if you try and make things right, These wounds will heal, And you'll be on your way. You say people don't support you, I ask why should they? Give them a reason, Make them understand why you are doing this. And if even then they can't feel you, Or it may seem they're ignorant, Stop caring about what they say, For you are on your way now, And you've got places to go and make your dreams come true, Your success will be the answer to their questions. . – @The_Himalayan #TheHimalayanLife #Realtalk? #Noshit

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Q 3. Why do you ride?

“Because I can [laughs]. That’s the simple answer I can give. I was in college when I got my bike. Usually, it was an evening ride, to reach the best place to see the sunset in Tehri Garhwal. I used to live in Tehri Garhwal then and I started liking the sunset rides. It all started like that with sunset rides and then it shifted to sunrise rides and it went on and on.”

Q 4. Other than bikes, what mode of transport do you prefer to travel?

“I like traveling by trains. And also, I travel in any mode of transport according to the situation. I prefer the train when I go to business meets and I prefer the car when I travel with my family. Sometimes I take the bus also depending on the situation.”

Behind The Sins! . – @The_Himalayan #TheHimalayanLife

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Q 5. Which is the best motorcycle you have ridden till now?

“The one I own, Royal Enfield Thunderbird. I have ridden quite a few but it is about the one to which I am connected to. That’s why I feel that the bike I own is the best. And I can’t say any other Thunderbird as best. I will only take mine as best [smiles].”

Q 6. How do you prepare for a motorbike trip?

“I don’t plan much. I will decide tonight where I want to be tomorrow and take my ride. I have a checklist which I take with me every time when I ride. The things are my puncture kit, tire tubes, fluid or chain oil and I will check for local mechanics. These are some of the things I do before riding somewhere.”

I've been waiting for this moment all my life, and then… 9th August 2017 Started riding from Pang at 6:30 AM. Riding on Moore Plains, I've been waiting for this moment all my life, the views man you just can't keep your eyes on the road, and that's why I fucked up. Met with a small accident because of my carelessness. But learned a valuable lesson for life. (Swipe to see the location where it happened) Continued my ride towards Tanglang La, my favorite mountain pass, I don't know why, may be just because of something I can't explain in words. The pain was unbearable, so was the cold. As I rode to the top, the pain eventually faded, the reason may be cold or the vibes. But this place really has some energy that I felt that day. In this shot I'm with @baliritesh and a fellow traveler from France who we met quite a fee times between Manali and Leh so we ended up taking a shot together ?. The story of our ride together will be on my page some other day. Amazing how we meet people from around the world while traveling, sharing stories, creating memories. ❤️ . What a day it was. I still think about that day, about that incident, about that ride, about that place. Will be remembered forever! ? . – @The_Himalayan #TheHimalayanLife . #TanglangLa #jammuandkashmir #Ladakh #LadakhDiaries #RoadGods . . . . . #colors_of_day #ig_shotz_le #moodygrams #theglobewanderer #ourplanetdaily #uttarakhand #himalayas #himalayan #manali #theimaged #indianstories #indiaclicks #indiapictures #lonelyplanetindia #wanderxwonder #neverstopexploring #vzcomood #soft_vision #bestvacations #Ladakh #peoplescreative #adventurethatislife #adventurelife #eclectic_shotz #forgeyourownpath

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Q 7. Do you book pre hotels before reaching the destination?

“Never. I will reach the place first and decide about the stay.”

The Himalayan Life ? When somebody asks me how The Himalayan started I don't have any answer for that, everything happened eventually. After 2 years and 50000+ kms of riding around the Himalayas, chasing sunsets with my tank full of dreams, all I can say is I did it because it made me feel good. I've been shooting time lapses all this while, finally putting them to good use. Location as seen in video: – Buddha Madhyamaheshwar – Tanglang La – Harsil – Gangotri – Tehri Music: A Shepherd's Song – @pandavaascreations © Video shot on different smartphones and GoPro. Peace.Love.Serenity ?? . – @the_himalayan #the_himalayan . #uttarakhand #himachalpradesh #jammukashmir #pandavaas @kunalpandavaas @salildobhalphotography @oneplus_india @oppo_mobile @goproin

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Q 8. I know you have been to Ladakh. So can you share your experience?

“Yes. I have been there only once. The experience is good as a part of my heart is still there. Ladakh is a place where you get lost. I traveled on my own bike. We, me and my bike, were traveling together to Ladakh and I was showing all the places on my bike. The bond between me and my bike grew stronger. There were some breakdowns and minor accidents in between. These things happened and that’s how the connection goes on. That was quite a good experience.”

Q 9. Do you organize any trips?

“Not professionally and I don’t charge for any. But I do plan trips for my friends. If they approach me for any, I will plan their itinerary and other information that they require. I will help them if they reach out to me. When they ask me for places, I suggest them regions that are unexplored and new. So, I get excited when they come back and say good reviews about their travel.”

Q 10. Do you prefer solo trip or group trip?

“That depends. But most of my trips have been solo. It is very difficult to ask your friends if they are free on weekends. Whenever you plan for such trips, it will get canceled 90 percent because of some inconvenience. That’s the reason I started traveling solo.”

THINGS HAPPEN! . Many of you asked for it, And now I'm going to upload my first video on YouTube Channel(link in bio and stories) . I got my Thunderbird in 2013 and since then I've been facing an issue continuously, the rear brake pressure drops without any reason/fault. I've got it checked and repaired multiple times but even the experienced mechanics at OFFICIAL ROYAL ENFIELD WORKSHOP don't know what's up. But on this trip it went from bad to worse, the brake never came back, DEAD, and the roads were….well you see in the video. As the road was under construction, the gravel and dirt made it difficult to control my ride with front brakes. This time I had my GoPro and captured a few kms of 150+ kms without brake ride. Yeah it was risky, but I had no other option, the sun was going down, and you may know about the availability of resources in mountains in the night. Well Well Well, you'll see it all in the video. It's raw, I thought I should show you what really happened. Stay tuned for more. For now head to the link and subscribe to my YouTube channel, Video will be live at 2:30PM! . CHEERS. . – @the_himalayan . #the_himalayan . #thingshappen #royalenfield #gangotri #uttarakhand #uttarkashi #brakefailurele #himalayan #motorcyclelifestyle #motorcyclegear #motorcycletravel #motorcycledreams #shithappens #bikersoul #staycalm #rideon #ridesafe #bubblevisor #noroads #goproindia #goprobikes

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Q 11. Which is your best solo ride experience till now?

“In October. I traveled to Madmaheshwar in Uttarakhand. It was around 600 km ride and 35 km of trekking. I did that solo and also did camping. It was an amazing experience. There were not many people around and I usually go to nearby villages for my food.”

Q 12. I will say the following. Let me know the first word that comes to your mind.

Ladakh – “Surreal“
Goa – “Never been to”
Traffic – “Tra-fucked “
Roads in India – “They test you.”
Cars – “Okay”

Q 13. Have you ever rented a bike?

“I have never rented one. But I know the procedure and prices.”

Q 14. Have you ever taken any trip outside India?

“No, I have not. I want to ride to Bhutan sometime.”

Q 15. Which is your most memorable experience on the motorbike?

“That incident in Ladakh is the most memorable one. I lost complete balance on my bike in a straight road highway that leads to infinity. The landscape was breathtaking and had an amazing view. I was totally distracted by that feeling and lost control over the bike. I was about to fall down and it was just a miss away.”

Q 16. What is more important to you, taking pictures or admiring nature?

“First of all, when I go to some place, I will figure out where I can sit and have some relaxed time. So I start with photographs first so that I can enjoy the place next. Taking photographs is also a part of my job and it is important to take care of that. I prefer 90 percent importance for enjoying the moment and the other 10 percent for clicking pictures.”

Q 17. What are your thoughts on riding motorcycles in future India?

“I want to do a PAN India and I have a lot of plans as well. The bike I am owning right now has good features but it is not the performer kind of bike. So I am planning to buy a bike in 2019 which is performance-based with all top notch features. It will be based on touring.”

Beautiful morning ☺

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Q 18. Which is your upcoming trip?

“I will be doing a circle. I will be visiting Tirthan Valley, Jalori Pass, Shimla. I love the mountains when it rains during the monsoon.”

Q 19. What is your advice to upcoming riders?

“Wear proper riding gear because we are seeing people who lose lives to post some challenges. The community today is biased. So what I am saying is do something for your own self and not for others. All the challenges are risky and it won’t help you in any way.”

Ride on! #royalenfield #himalayas #uttarakhand #shayze

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Q 20. Do you want to share any riding experience with us?

“Actually, there was this incident in Ladakh. I was prepared to take a ride to Khardung La, the highest motorable road pass in the world. I was all set and I started my bike. The tire got punctured. I had to remove all my luggage and drag my bike to 3.5 – 4 km. Then I found a shop to repair my bike and my trip got delayed by 3 hours already. I was frustrated which was explicit. The mechanic told me to relax and not worry about the 1 – 2 percent of negativity that the bike has offered. Instead, think about all the nicest memories you have ridden with it. That was my moment of realization. So you should always live every moment and never feel bad for a few minutes of bad happenings.”

#ThisDayLastYear We started our ride from Manali to Keylong, we had plans for Jispa but the beauty all around, man we just had to stop and take a look around. It was cloudy, rained a bit, so I decided to ride up the top wearing Crocs ? Yeah it's silly but I had no option, can't just get the shoes dirty and wet on the second day of 10 day ride, right? Anyway though. The descent from Rohtang was quite an experience, it was tough for me because The Royal Enfield have equipped Thunderbird with such an amazing set of disc brakes that rear brakes fail when it gets hot, also the other side was all off road and slushy. It took us a while to reach the valley, where we then had some snacks. It was Raksha Bandhan, and we we're lucky enough to celebrate it with a cute lil sister in Koksar ? . A day to remember ❤️ . – @The_Himalayan #TheHimalayanLife

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Q 21. Which is your longest trip on the bike?

“Recently I went to Dantewada, Chhattisgarh from Tirthan Valley and that ride was around 4300 km for 10 days.”

Q 22. How many days were your Ladakh trip and where did you start it from?

“The trip was around 10-12 days and I started from Haridwar.”

@royalenfield #shayze

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Wheelstreet had immense pleasure in sharing this story with all of you. We hope you had a happy reading all the way! Follow @the_himalayan on Instagram and subscribe his YouTube channel for more videos and updates.

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