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Rider Stories: This Week with Raghavendra Bhandarkar

Wheelstreet takes a ride with “@bigbangbiker “ this week to all the adventures his wheels has taken up. Let’s check in about this amazing down to earth person who inspired us through his wheels and words with “Rider Stories.”

Raghavendra Bhandarkar is an IT worker by profession and an avid biker by passion. Work hard all the days and get set for a thrilling trot at the end is what he does. Read more to know about this humble human and learn from the best himself!

Q 1. Why do you think motorcycle is the best thing to ride on?

“Basically, when you are on your two-wheeler for any ride to a village or a small town, it is obvious for people to think that we are riding on uncomfortable bikes. But according to me, it is the best thing to ride on. You can stop anywhere you want, adjust anywhere you want and ride to any place that we desire which is not possible with a car. Even if we have to go to a remote place, we would need an expensive car, but not an expensive bike! Chalking down, I would say motorcycles make things simple and easy.”

Look at me smiling like a happy baby ?? Damn I never knew that I would be sooo happy to go on rides if u asked me 2 or 3 years back !! My YouTube channel and #bbbsquad made me realize that I am actually a BIKER and love it sooo much ??? Wanna ride again !! And something special is coming your way !! This photo was the start to BANGALORE COORG BANGALORE ride, watch out for something big next ???? hope everything goes according to plan and you will see it ??? *I KNOW M TOO BIG FOR THIS MOTORCYCLE* ? #ktm #ktmduke #ktmduke390 #ktmracing #sportbikegallery#instamotorcycle#riderich #bikersofinstagram#bikelife #petrolhead #throttlesociety #motogentlemens #bikersofinstagram #instamotogallery #motolove #motolife #bikerboysofinstagram #ridersbook #motorcyclemafia #bikelove #sportbikeaddicts#motorcyclemafia#ktm#ktm ❤️#ktm690 #ktmduke390 #ktmrc390 #ktmrc8 #ktmrc200 #ktmduke390 #travelindia

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Q 2. What kind of destinations do you prefer?

“I’d always say a big YES to the one with mountains in the first place. Secondly, there must be any scenic landscape, a lake with view or a campfire where I would enjoy with my friends. The third thing would be about the destination itself like Dhanushkodi, Rameswaram or Kanyakumari. You might not enjoy sightseeing places like this all the time. But riding to these destinations would be much fun.”

Q 3. Why do you ride?

“That would be the most exciting thing for me any day. I take my bike everyday to my office. I have ditched these metro, government buses, Ola, Uber, autos and even my cheapest cab services. Still, I prefer taking my motorcycles just for fun. I can enjoy the weather of Bangalore every day after sitting in the AC whole day put up in office.”

Q 4. Yes, I’ve always seen you mentioning how beautiful Bangalore is. What is your take about this?

“Taking a cab with your colleagues at 7 am or whatever, you will find sleepy faces around you which will bring you down in the morning itself [laughs]. But when you are in a motorcycle, you will fight everyone around you on the road, watch stupid things happening on the sides and laugh about it, and that’s how you boost up your energy for the work. So, riding bikes is like refreshing anytime.”

Working on the video of the adventure that I had over the last week with @indiatriumph and @greattrailadventure. Thanks to @vimalsumbly for giving me this opportunity ? Before heading on an adventure, I thought I'll get in touch with the beast and understand, before I open the throttle in the school and learn more things and this is what Happened ?? More such photo shoots and videos shoots will be coming your way ? and if other photographers and videographers are interested in joining @pranav.udupa and me, we will keep you all posted ?? #advlife #tigerxrx #triumph #triumphtiger #school #tiger800 #westernghats #naturelovers #nature_perfection #naturehippys #travel #beautiful #view #instagood #wanderlust #adventure #trip #explore #amazing #outdoors #picoftheday #instatravel #karnataka #karnatakatourism #kannada #travelindia

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Q 5. Other than bikes, which mode of transport do you prefer?

“I would prefer Air travel because it’s the safest mode to travel.”

Q 6. Which is the best motorcycle you have taken around?

“I have ridden three best motorcycles – One is the Ninja H2 which you will have to mention because of which I became famous in India. And the second bike is the Hayabusa which I keep riding often. And the third one would be BMW S1000rr.”

∆ How was this surprise #BBBSQUAD ? ∆ After doing this drone shot in LADAKH, i was addicted to it, but I was always thinking, if and when I reach 100K, I'll definitely buy it and start improving my quality even more to keep you all happy, and you #BBBSQUAD made sure that we reach 100K ??? ∆ *Expect more creativity from now on* ∆ And this was the first time I flew a DRONE, and I was super nervous, but it's all worth it when I spend time and money to make quality videos for you lovely people ? ∆ Also it was the right time where @indiatriumph decided to include me on a @greattrailadventure and help me enjoy reaching this milestone ? hence I decided to TIGER XRX in my 100K special video !! @vimalsumbly thanks. #triumphindia #triumph #tigerxrx #drone #dronephotography #youtube @youtube @youtubeindiaa

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Q 7. Why do you think those are the best motorbikes?

“See, these bikes can take up 0 to 100 in a matter of 2 to 3 seconds and take up 200 in a matter of 6 seconds. I have experienced it and every time it pushes me even more. There is no other bikes like these, let’s say you take up Tiger or Duke and ride on. You won’t really get that thrill of speed which you experience in these 3 bikes. The three bikes that I listed are really comfortable in cruising. But, whenever you get on these bikes, you will feel like a kid who wants to enjoy, laugh out and take the trot again without the fear of danger. That is why I regard them as the best [smiles].”

That's @candidalouis !!! She is an Avid Bikerini in India and respected by some of the most real riders in the country and had seen her in quite a few xBhp posts and thought wow, it's great to see women/girls in our country are getting such support and they are rocking it bigtime. But then in a casual conversation with @anirudh_kalkotwar, he told me, dude follow her and check out her Bali ride. I immidiately ran to her profile and boy o boy, I was in for a surprise. She leads rides in Bali and South Africa ?? and a really awesome rider in all the terrains and so I decided, I have to take some inspiration from her and started following her. This happened 6months back and have never stopped. @candidalouis and I started talking on Instagram and even thought we should meet a couple of times at @6kiom ! But because of our busy schedules, could never meet. Until, @greattrailadventure and @indiatriumph gave me an opportunity to go to Chikmagalur! We both were in for a shock to meet so unexpectedly and had a good time sharing the same riding experience for once and having fun. Hope to join @candidalouis in one of her international rides and vlog for u guys one day ! #india #indiaonamotorcycle #greattrailadventure #indiatriumph #triumph #triumphindia #baliindonesia #bali #southafrica #chikmagalur #westernghats #naturelovers #nature_perfection #naturehippys #travel #beautiful #view #instagood #wanderlust #adventure #trip #explore #amazing #outdoors #picoftheday #instatravel #karnataka #karnatakatourism #kannada #travelindia

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Q 8. How do you prepare for a motorcycle trip?

“That’s a good question! I have collaborated with multiple companies already. So what I expect from them is to offer me well maintained motorcycles with at least 3000 km on their dash for me to ride. Let’s say a motorcycle is serviced just now so that I can ride for 4000 km without any worry of issues with the oil or engines. This will be my first condition for every trip I take. Second condition will be about the tyres and the brakes. They must always be in good condition to ride in good speed throughout the trip. If they are not okay, you will be gone. So, these are the two foremost things I check every time before I take a motorcycle from the company. I do the same with my engine, oil, tyres and brakes for my motorcycle as well if I am taking it for a ride.”

Finally I rode my most favorite motorcylce in the world : BMW S1000RR PRO ?? I was in tears when I was on this beauty for realizing this dream of riding it ??? This is is my 100K SUBSCRIBERs special on my YouTube channel, my 100K Blockbuster ?? @bmwmotorrad_in have this motorcylce as their masterpiece and you all need to experience it at least once to know how EPIC this beautiful motorcycle it ? Do check out the video on my channel now !!! Thanks @indian_beamerboy for this fantastic opportunity ?? #bmw #bmws1000rr #s1000rrpro #bmwmotorrad #kawasaki #honda #cbr #cbr1000rr #s1000rr #motorcycle #motorbike #sportbike #sportbikelife #superbike #instamotorcycle #bikersofinstagram #bikelife #bikelifemafia #rider #s1000rr #zx10r #gsxr1000 #r1 #ducati

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Q 9. Do you book any accommodations before you take the trip or go there and check into any?

“Yes, I have actually done both. Let’s say I am going to a remote place and I would prefer booking hotel in advance because I will get stuck in between the forest. So, in those conditions I will book a nice place at least 5 to 6 days in advance. Otherwise if I take a trip, say for example it is Mangalore, Goa, Mumbai or Tamil Nadu, I don’t book in advance. We just take the trip with friends, go there and decide on spot where to check in. I won’t be travelling alone most of the time so I will always share the room with my friends and have fun as well.”

Q 10. Can you share your experience when you went for a Ladakh trip?

“To say it in a monosyllable, it is the BEST. One must definitely visit the Ladakh mountains once because trust me; I have seen those mountains in different colours and sizes. I have been flabbergasted with its beauty and ended up crying while returning to Bangalore. I felt really contented staying up in 15000 ft being breathless and scared to death. But that was the best feeling ever. And when you come back to Bangalore and stay here at 3000 ft, you will feel really horrible; at least for some days [Chuckles]. You will have traffics and accidents here every now and then. But in Ladakh, I was all alone on road for about 80 kms. I’m never a solo rider or alone kind of guy. I always prefer staying in groups. But then I felt to be alone and relish only when I was there in Ladakh. I also met many army people there and heard their stories.
Most importantly, if you take a trip to Ladakh, then you will take amazing control over your ride and you will become the best rider.”

Q 11. According to you what is important, taking pictures or enjoying the nature?

“Both of them are equally important. Let’s say that you’re not an influencer or a motor blogger, and then the first thing you have to do is enjoy the place. Some might get skin burns when in the snow. Get that but don’t stay away from the snow. Get burns and also take a photo to make that count. So I’d say experience every little thing first, and then take a photo of it. That’s the reason I came into Youtube first of all. I would have taken my trips for around 53000 km in the last two years and I have all of them recorded through photos and videos. So whenever you are down with your professional or emotional reasons, you must definitely have a look at these memories. And once you do, you must certainly get the feel of doing things like that again. To get that spirit and motivation, you will definitely need photos and videos.”

Q 12. How was your experience in organizing trips?

“There were times where I’ve been super scared because horrible things have happened when I organized some trips. Other times, the love that I get from the subscribers who ride with me has made me feel so high. So, I have got experienced with both of them. I love to organize trips but now I do only with my close friends around 10 to 15 people. Otherwise, if I plan somewhere near like the Nandi hills, 30 to 40 people will join me. I am very strict with my subscribers during the ride to make sure they are always safe. Now, it’s mature and they follow my rules well. But before they wanted to be in camera and a lot of people went through accidents.”

Q 13. Do you prefer solo trip or group trips, and why?

“I prefer groups all the time. Also, I prefer bikes that have a great speed. So, I get into a mental state where if I get bored, I will start riding really fast and I don’t have control over it. I understood this and got the feeling of matured fear that I will get out of control if I am alone. But if I am in a group, I will have control and also we can stop by in anyplace if we have a look on something unusual, something good or something horrible as well [laughs]. So I feel safer when I ride with a group.
Again, a group must have 3 to 5 for total fun. If there is more than that, you will not have fun. I have also done solo trips that have turned out to be major hits in my channel.”

Q 14. What comes to your mind when I say the following?

Ladakh – “The most beautiful mountains in the world.”
Goa – “The best solo trip I’ve had till date.”
Traffic – “I love Bangalore.”
Roads in India – “Average.”
Cars – “I’m not really a fan of it.”

Q 15. Have you ever rented a bike for road trips?

“Yes, I have this contract with quick bike rentals. And they have been my supporter for last one year. Whatever bikes they have, they would always offer them to me saying that they are mine [smiles].”

Q 16. Did you have any bad experience while renting bikes?

“As of now, it’s a NO. It is because, as I have told you before, I do check before I rent the bike. Even if a small thing doesn’t satisfy me, then I won’t take the bike.”

Q 17. Did you take your own bike or a rented one to Ladakh? And how was it?

“I rented a bike from Mahindra. I did not want to take my own bike since I will be conscious of scratches and damages that happen all the way throughout the trip. I will obviously worry about the suspension, wheels, and brakes of my bike. But if I rent a bike by paying charges only for the trip and not for the damages that may happen, you will definitely find peace of mind in riding the trip. So that was clear to me about renting a bike and enjoying the trip. I have taken trips to Mangalore, Goa, and Mumbai by renting bikes and I have also done reviews with the rental companies.”

Q 18. Have you ever taken a road trip outside India?

“I have taken but never documented it so far. I cannot document since I don’t have an International license.”

Q 19. Can you tell us about your most memorable experience in a motorcycle?

“I met a farmer in Ladakh who does farming for the first 6 months in a year depending on the weather and for the next 6 months, he takes his 100cc bike to ride across India. I thought that is life and also had a strong view on anything is possible if you put little pains on yourself. He asked me about myself and I told him about my engineering and riding life. He complimented and insisted me to continue rides or I will lose happiness in life.”

Q 20. What are your thoughts on riding motorcycles in future India?

“It will be crazy. The numbers of motorcycles that come into India are more and the number of teenagers who wants to ride is more. Right now, I feel that Bangalore is the place that has the highest number of bikes on the road every day. This will become the norm for every other big city in India soon because everybody gets to know about the motor bloggers, their rides, and experiences. And people have already started following them to take bikes on long drives instead of cars. The helmets or other bike companies that we never thought we would get in India are now at our doorstep. So, I would say that motorcycles in India will live much longer than ever.”

I want to ride more superbikes like this and make awesome videos ????

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Q 21. What is your upcoming trip plans and the bucket list?

“I have Spiti valley in my bucket list as of now and possibly Nepal, which I am not sure. It depends on my work because I have to earn, save and then take the trip. Then, Goa is definitely happening again and I am going to Hyderabad. And there is a friend of mine who does an international bike tour. So, I might get to go any of his trips probably and get a license there.”

Q 22. How are you planning yourself for trips?

“I make sure I don’t take leaves during my work. And then when the time is right, like the one I had before for Ladakh, I would get even 3 weeks of leave at a stretch from my head and take up the trip. He would also happily approve since I won’t take off before or after the trip. He knows that I’m an avid biker with plenty of subscribers on Youtube.”

The NINJA H2 blockbuster just hit 300K views, thanks a lot guys ??

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Q 23. What do you want to say to the upcoming riders in India?

“Wear helmet. This is the only thing I want to insist to all of my fellow mates because not all of them are coming from a high-class family. Most of them are from the middle class. So for them, it is a big step to go rent a bike in the first place because they have the fear of facing accidents in bike rides. So when your parents show so much dedication in getting you a bike that cost around 1 lakh, you have to look after your safety. Go for a proper helmet that will cost around 4000-5000 and stay with it. And the next year, get a jacket worth 6000 and make sure you ride safely. Slowly over a period of time, try getting a pair of gloves, shoes and that’s how you see yourself as a biker. And if you are privileged to get everything at once, buy them right away.”

And that is all about! Keep learning his values and gear up your bikes for the ride! If you want to learn more Raghavendra and follow his thrilling adventures, check out his youtube channel and follow him on Instagram @bigbangbiker as well. Follow wheelstreet to get updated with more bikers in the upcoming weeks.

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