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Rider Stories: This Week with Rakshit Makkar

“Rider Stories” from Wheelstreet is all about the adventurous journeys of “@themilemuncher” this week. Our solo rider and his love for mountain serenity has a lot to tell us and have in mind before we take the bikes!

Rakshit Makkar has been riding a long way in his motorbikes that started before 5 years and he loves the freedom in it. Check out more about him and his explorations.

Q 1. What do you think is the best thing about riding motorcycles?

“I started riding 5 years back. And the best part that I realized about riding a motorcycle is freedom and it’s totally different. You will not get that freedom when you travel in a car or bus. I hardly use any other mode of transport since I started riding on two wheels when it comes to traveling.”

“To say the best thing, you will be in a different world when you ride motorcycles. You can move into any twist and turn, remote places etc where your four wheelers cannot move in.”

Q 2. Which destinations do you prefer?

“I usually prefer riding in the Himalayas and some locations around it. So my foremost preference is mountains and I give less preference to cities.”

॥ बड़ी लंबी गुफ़्तगू करनी है, तुम आना कभी पूरी ज़िंदगी ले कर ॥ – – Happened to be one of my favourite sunsets till date. Clicked at Paragliding point in Billing (H.P), I remember how I made a quick plan for paragliding when @stag_wolf rode my motorcycle back to Bir and I took a flight. I was hesitant in the beginning because I was wearing my riding boots and to run before taking off is a difficult task with such shoes – – And it happened! I fell off exactly near the cliff, my one hand was swinging in the air with my eyes closed and the instructor shouting behind. Luckily we safe except broken case of GoPro and yes my riding pants saved my knees – – #solotravel #storiesofindia #themilemuncher #motorcycle #storytime #lonelyplanetindia #motorcycleadventure #motorcycleart #motorcycleride #meandmymotorcycle #storiesofmotorcycle #roadtrip #motorcycletales #meandmymotorcycle #tripotocommunity #roadtrippin #motorcyclediaries #incredibleindia #whyweride #inspiredtraveller #biker #motorcyclemafia #bikersofinstagram #instahimachal #nomad #hippieinhills #blogger #bloggersofinstagram #himalayangeographic

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Q 3. Why do you ride?

“I got my first motorbike in 2010 when I was doing my college first year and that bike was Pulsar 180. I learned to ride a motorcycle in my class 5. But then I started traveling to places when I was doing my third year of college. We can travel to any place irrespective of roads and their conditions when on a motorcycle. It is a special feel on roads that cannot be expressed through words [smiles].”

Birthdays will never be same again! • • 2015 in Chitkul 2016 Prashar Lake 2017 Sach Pass and beyond till कश्मीर via Kishtwar • • It’s not about being anti-social but doing something that excites you the most, बीइंग with someone you admire the most (motorcycles in my case). Birthdays for most of us are limited to receiving phone calls, accepting gifts, throwing parties! I remember back in 2014 when it was my first job with a limited salary, few of my friends asked for a party and I had to spend 8000₹ to feed them who won’t even remember it the next day • • That particular day I decided, not to socialise on birthdays and rather spend money on roadtrips to experience new places every year (YES, I LOVE SKIPPING BIRTHDAY PARTIES?). This year, as usual I had plans for a solo roadtrip but @manpreet_photos randomly called me up and asked I had any roadtrip lined up in future. We had two options: Jalori Pass or Sach Pass. Jalori can be easily done in 2 days hence we planned for a 3-4 days roadtrip in order to cover Dalhousie and Kashmir also my my phone was in a no network zone on my birthday which means no disturbance just you and your motorcycle! • • ? Few kilometres before the Sach Pass • • #_soi #indianphotography #passionpassport #thephotosociety #indiapictures #incredibleindia #p #everydayindia #mypixeldiary #lonelyplanetindia #fff #instahimachal #insta_himachal #desi_diaries #igers #indiaclicks #indiagram #hippieinhills #yourshot_india #indiagram #_hoi #i_hobbygraphy #indiatravel #themilemuncher #_woi #thevisualyatra #inspiredtraveller #lehladakh #storiesofmotorcycle #meandmymotorcycle

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Q 4. Other than bikes, which mode of transport do you prefer?

“I travel by car when I go out with family and not when I go alone. I prefer only bikes when I travel alone.”

In those clubs I can’t breathe, how would I party? . All I need is an open sky to ride ❤ • • Kinnaur district is one of the मोस्ट beautiful part of Himachal Pradesh, it’s the gateway to Lahaul-Spiti valley. This picture was clicked on first day of solo Spiti expedition, where I covered 650kms after traveling for 18 hours (दिल्ली-Chandigarh-नरकंडा-Rampur-Kalpa) • • I had plans to visit the last Indian village on Tibet border ie. Chitkul, but had to cancel it because of some landslides on the route and decided to move ahead to कल्पा on same day • • Rented a room @600/night. Make sure if you’re planning for Kalpa in future, you reach there before sunset and enjoy the view over there in the lap of Kinner कैलाश which itself is a mind boggling experience • • #_soi #himachalpradesh #himachal #traveldiaries #travel #indiapictures #indiashutterbugs #indiaphotoproject #greenery #natgeotravel #natgeo #canon_official #canon #photosfromindia #thelonelyplanet #lonelyplanetindia #greenproject #just_india #instahimachal #reckongpeo #earth #incredibleindia #kinnaur #kalpa #kailash #instagram #vsco #india #motorcycletales #meandmymotorcycle

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Q 5. What is the best motorcycle that you have ridden as of now?

“It is a Ducati 899. I was doing the second year of college at that time and a friend of mine took me to the Ducati showroom and we chose this. Precisely, this is one of the most powerful motorcycles I have ridden on.”

बहादुरी ख़्वाब देखने में ही है.. वरना सूखी रह जाती ये ज़मीन ! • • IDK how this caption is realted to this picture but this is so good! 😀 • • While coming from my नरकंडा snow ride, encountered a small mishap near कुफ़री, rear टाइर of my Duke slipped एंड I was lying in the मिडल of रोड • • Was lucky इनफ़ that there was नो vehicle coming from बिहाइंड • • Further, we took a break at Kandaghat where मोहित decided to leave फ़ोर अंबाला. I had a कप of कॉफ़ी at Mittal’s place asusual 😀 • • Followed by a mandatory stop at माडर्न ढाबा, धर्मपुर. Had my favourite तंदूरी आलू प्रोंठा एंड reached home by 9 • • #mymotorcycle #intothewild #naturelove #themilemuncher #photoblogging #mytravelstory #intothehimalayas #instahimachal #travelasia #nomadiclife #duke #KTM390 #soletraveler #solotraveler #bachelorlife #wanderer #hippieinhills #KTMaustria #KTMindia #orange #motorcycletales #landscape #sololife #solotravel #snowcovered

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Q 6. Why do you think Ducati is the best bike?

“I won’t say it is the best but one of the best. Italian manufacturer Ducati is very well known for the engines they manufacture. There are one of the oldest manufacturers in the world and came up with the V4 engine too. Recently they completed 118 years in the motorcycle manufacturing.”

Had a बन omelette, clicked some pictures and decided to leave for Larot at 6pm. Almost 500mts ahead took another break to click few pictures and had सम chit chat with a guy who had स्मॉल cafe there • • 2kms ahead I witnessed one of the craziest sunset ever इन माई लाइफ़, stopped there for a while टू क्लिक some pictures and played my favourite song which I do on my every roadtrip (दुआ by Sanam Puri). It was already 6:30pm and I realised I was too late, so I decided to ride a bit faster and 15kms before Larot it went all dark • • I was traveling alone in जंगल in the night and then a half cut tree thatscared me like anything and I emptied a bottle full of wanter in few seconds just टू रिलैक्स myself. NEXT ?? • • Almost 1 kms ahead there was tree lying down inside slush and I banged my motorcycle right into that tree. I was lying on the road in the slush with my luggage scattered around me. Took out the gorillapod from bag and attached my phone with it’s flashlight ON. Took me half n hour to get बैक on my motorcycle and रोड further, reached Larot at 8 • • Another प्रॉब्लम was waiting for me, I had no idea about pre-booking of the रूम from forest office in Rohru and the guy refused to give me room. Somehow after a lot of requests I bought the रूम at just 500₹ for a night, I already knew that food was not available in guest house • • Rushed back to dhaba at 8:30, I was all alone in the jungle, when I reached ढाबा after traveling another 2kms I found the dhaba was closed! FML, came बैक thinking that I can buy myself a packet of चिप्स and cold drink for shop nearby my room. Oh wait! The shop was closed aswell, had to sleep without food but luckily I had a pack of tiger biscuits my bag 🙂 • • #indiagram #exploreindia #_soi #incredibleindia #indiapictures #discovernh #indiaphotosociety #bbcearth #indianphotography #lonelyplanet #dslrofficial #natgeoadventure #himalayangeographic #hippieinhills #insta_himachal #lonelyplanetindia #incredible #india_gram #nikon #nikonphotography #nikon_photography #himalayas #follow #traveldiaries #travel #wanderer #wanderlust #worldbestgram #instagramhub #landscape

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Q 7. How do you prepare for a motorbike trip usually?

“I don’t prepare at all for a motorbike trip. Recently, we went for a 21 day trip on bikes and that was my very first, well-planned trip as of now just because I was not sure about the place. So, I took help from my friend to make the itinerary plan, locations etc.”

That stance bro! • • Early morning on Day 4 I left Kaza for Hikkim village, Hikkim is known for the highest पोस्ट ऑफ़िस in the world. Reached back to my homestay in Kaza around 10am and packed my bags to ride further till Chandertal Lake. Weather was too गुड with कोल्ड breeze हिटिंग my face and suddenly few kilometres before लोस्सर the whole sky was full of dark clouds • • Took a लंच break at Lossar, had a plate pf राज्मा-chawal at local ढाबा there (a very sweet couple runs the dhabha, do visit) and left for Chandertal. As soon as I crossed Lossar check post it started raining and I was left with no option but to take halt. Somehow the rain stopped in 30 minutes and I continued further. Managed to reach Kunzum-La around 4 and the speed of विंड was so high that my motorcycle had a fall there • • Left the pass around 5:30 and it was already getting dark with almost 17 kms more to cover on treacherous roads towards the lake. Reached the lake, bought a camp there and left for the sight seeing towards the lake. By the time I was there it got dark dark and I had to रिटर्न back to the कैम्प! Some unknown people, bonefire and लाइट music; the night was totally lit. The rain gods decided to spoil the beautiful night, it started raining and temperature dipped to -3. The ड्रीम to get captured with my motorcycle and टेंट in one frame under the billions of stars got shattered • • Next morning I woke up early at 5 and did a स्मॉल trek to the “moon shaped lake” and what a beautiful view it was! As if I was स्टैंडिंग on a different planet, clouds floating around the lake, melodious साउंड of water along with music of high speed winds what a better start to the 5th day of my Spiti expedition it was • • ?Kunzum Pass #kunzumpass #chandertallake #spiti #prayerflags #instahimachal #menandmymotorcyle #storyteller #storiesofmotorcycle #hippieinhills #thevisualyatra #himachalvibes #lonelyplanetindia #indiapictures #incredibleindiaofficial #indiaphotos #himgeo #natgeotravel #natgeotravelpic #tripotocommunity #themilemuncher #ig_india #_soi #_coi #himachalgram

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Q 8. Do you book any hotels to stay in advance?

“No, I don’t book a hotel. “Plus, if you are a biker, you will wish to spend only a very minimum amount on accommodations. Also, you will be more interested in exploring the place and have the least time to stay in rooms.”

Q 9. Do you check on bikes before you start your ride?

“The spares are always with me when I travel on bikes. If it is a long trip with thousands of kilometers, I will service the bike well in advance and then I will always have a toolkit that has puncture kits, air pump etc which will always be available in my bag.”

~LECTURE ALERT~ #IRideRight #HighNotePerformance #HNPCrew #motorcycletales . . Dress up for the ride, not for the social media” • • So recently in a very tragic incident one of the Instagram’s famous biker chick @monika9422 passed away while she was performing stunts on her BMW S1000RR. She was wearing a helmet and no riding gears at all, for which she was criticised earlier aswell • • For me #IRideRight means: motorcycle gears have been the most important thing since the beginning, whenever you buy a motorcycle, this becomes a necessity to spend some amount of money on good riding gears. I’ve seen people riding motorcycles worth lacs and a helmet worth ₹1000 which is of no use literally. It might not be practically possible to wear “all riding gears” on your every day commute (except a helmet, gloves and jacket) but atleast wear them when you’re going for a ride • • Initially, not everyone can afford a good brand like Alpinestars, SIDI, SHOEI etc but start it from the basic range atleast. In 2014 before my Ladakh roadtrip, I got myself a pair of good riding gloves and a riding jacket • • Here in the picture, I’m wearing the basic range of riding gears- >> Jacket: Cramster Breezer II (₹6500) • >> Riding boots: Royal Enfield (₹6500) • >> Riding pants: RJays (₹6500) • >> Gloves: Cramster TRG2 (₹3200) • >>Helmet: AGV K3-sv (₹23000) which I added recently to my collection • You can consider other brands like Rynox, RE, Spartan for these and for helmets HJC, MT etc • Make sure you buy a DOT certified helmet • ALSO, THIS IS TOTALLY A NON-PROMOTIONAL BUT AN AWARENESS POST, I’VE BEEN USING THESE GEARS SINCE 3-4 YEARS! • • #themilemuncher #motorcycle #motorcycleadventure #motorcycleart #motorcycleride #meandmymotorcycle #storiesofmotorcycle #touring #touringbike #motorcycletouring #motorcyclediaries #whyweride #bikersofinstagram #bikeriding #blogger #bloggersofinstagram #motovlogger #motovlog #safety #agv #safetyfirst #bikeride #motorcyclegear

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Q 10. Have you ever been to Ladakh? If yes, how was the experience?

“I have been there thrice. It was in the years 2014, 2015 and 2018 as well. The experience was too good. I am planning to visit Ladakh again if I get a chance around September month. Although it is very crowded since it has become a popular tourist destination, but September is one of the months when you will find very less amount of crowd. That’s the reason why I prefer traveling to Ladakh in September.”

Two different destinations, one question; LADAKH or SPITI ? • • This is most common question these days, and the answer is: “choice is yours” (not really) • • Leh should be your choice if you’re a fan of landscapes and open skies wherever if you love doing adventure Spiti is your answer. Back in 2014, it was the first time I did Leh and decided to visit it again and again whenever possible. In 2016, I did the Spiti valley circuit starting from Chandigarh and took an exit from Manali and Spiti became my favourite place to do a roadtrip • • And now this year in 2017, I was lucky enough to travel both Ladakh & Spiti together. You won’t get to see good landscapes compared to what you see enroute Leh but the roads which take you to Spiti are tagged as “World’s most treacherous roads” which means you preferred adventure rather than landscapes. Although while going towards Leh, you cross multiple highest passes in the world, a straight stretch called More Plains then highest motorable road in the world ahead of Leh and Spiti offers you places like highest post office in the world located in Hikkim village, highest village in the world connected to a motorable road ie. Komic and various monasteries that may bring you closer to Tibetan culture • • I still can’t answer the question above and hence the only advice is visit both 🙂 • • Starting from top left is Chhatru-Batal road in Spiti, then it’s Kibber village, Surajtal lake enroute Leh and last picture was clicked few kilometres before Leh • • #solotravel #storiesofindia #themilemuncher #motorcycle #storytime #lonelyplanet #motorcycleadventure #motorcycleart #motorcycleride #meandmymotorcycle #storiesofmotorcycle #touring #touringbike #motorcycletouring #roadtrip #roadtrippin #motorcyclediaries #incredibleindia #whyweride #inspiredtraveller #biker #bikeride #bikersofinstagram #bikeriding #nomad #wanderer #blogger #bloggersofinstagram #lonelyplanetindia #instahimachal

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Q 11. How was the experience when you took your own bike to Ladakh?

“When in Ladakh you feel like you’re on some other planet, it’s totally different. Riding on my motorcycle to Ladakh first time in 2014 changed has my life since then. I’ve learned so much and it will never stop.”

A picture from my 15th ride to नरकंडा back in March this year • • My first ever overnight roadtrip was to Narkanda in 2012 when I had to convince my parents for the same. It was सेकंड year of my college and my Pulsar was few months ओल्ड. We were a group of 4 people, started at 4 in the morning from चंडीगढ़. It was pretty cold in December and our first halt was at Barog for the breakfast where another rider was already waiting for us • • On reaching Narkanda, we kept our luggage at the HP government guest house which was already booked. Later on we rode till Hatu Peak (a 7kms steep ascend from Narkanda). Black ice was all around the road, being my first ride I faced difficulties to ride but somehow managed to ride till the top • • #solotravel #storiesofindia #themilemuncher #motorcycle #storytime #lonelyplanet #motorcycleadventure #motorcycleart #motorcycleride #meandmymotorcycle #storiesofmotorcycle #touring #touringbike #motorcycletouring #roadtrip #roadtrippin #motorcyclediaries #incredibleindia #whyweride #inspiredtraveller #biker #bikeride #bikersofinstagram #bikeriding #nomad #wanderer #blogger #bloggersofinstagram #instahimachal #lonelyplanetindia

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Q 12. Have you ever organized a trip?

“I usually prefer traveling alone. However, I went to Ladakh last year with some people. I was the group leader basically. I went through Deyor Camps and I took my own motorcycle for that trip.”

On the very first day of it’s launch, KTM Duke 390 gave an orgasm to each and every motorcycle enthusiast and the same happened to me! 😀 • • Somehow, I had no plans to upgrade my Pulsar 180 but every time I saw/rode a 390 the lust to own one increased day by day. The very first 390 I rode in my life (in the picture) belongs to @harvarindersingh / @ladakhphotos. I started saving for this 44bhp ?, since the first year of my job • • Although I bought this of my own, but it becomes difficult to make your “typical Indian family” understand that a motorcycle worth 2 lacs is not a waste, it offers much more fun than a four wheeler. Took me like 5 months to convince them and on 20.11.2015 I bought mine • • The odometer has is nearing to 30,000kms and with each day passed the this motorcycle never fails to surprise you. Probably the best investment I’ve done till date! ❤ • • #solotravel #storiesofindia #themilemuncher #motorcycle #storytime #lonelyplanet #motorcycleadventure #motorcycleart #motorcycleride #meandmymotorcycle #storiesofmotorcycle #touring #touringbike #motorcycletouring #roadtrip #roadtrippin #motorcyclediaries #incredibleindia #whyweride #inspiredtraveller #biker #bikeride #bikersofinstagram #bikeriding #nomad #wanderer #blogger #bloggersofinstagram #motovlogger #motovlog

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Q 13. How was it to lead a group of people for the trip?

“That was a good experience. You will get to know how to manage a group and a lot about the people with whom you travel with.”

I jumped out of joy, when I read: HIGHEST MOTORABLE ROAD IN THE WORLD! • • The road towards Khardung-La is pure off-road. First few kilometres from Leh is full of tarmac and beyond the check post, the real game starts. It’s your luck if, the weather is good but just in case the it’s snowing there on Khardung-La you’re almost FUCKED! There’s a simple reason behind the same ie. roads become slushy, you motorcycle slips at every other curve and at time if there’s heavy snow Indian Army won’t allow you to go till the pass because it’s a risk to your life • • While riding towards the pass, I kept on taking updates from the riders coming back and it was snowing heavily there around 2:30 in the afternoon. I almost dropped the plans of reaching Nubra Valley but to my luck, snowfall stopped before I reached the pass • • It was extreme cold up there with temperature around -2 degrees, I had a cup of hot tea with a plate of momos from Army canteen and left the pass around 4. On covering almost 1 km, there was a truck stuck in between the road which blocked the traffic but motorcycles were passing by from one of the corner but it was extreme risk as the sides were covered with slush and black ice. Somehow managed to cross that particular stretch and later on reached Hunder village in Nubra around 8 in the night • • #solotravel #storiesofindia #themilemuncher #motorcycle #storytime #lonelyplanet #motorcycleadventure #motorcycleart #motorcycleride #meandmymotorcycle #storiesofmotorcycle #touring #touringbike #motorcycletouring #roadtrip #roadtrippin #motorcyclediaries #incredibleindia #whyweride #inspiredtraveller #biker #bikeride #bikersofinstagram #bikeriding #nomad #wanderer #blogger #bloggersofinstagram #instahimachal #lonelyplanetindia

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Q 14. Do you prefer solo rides or group rides and why?

“I always take up solo trips. From the beginning of my bike rides, I have been doing it alone only. I have taken a couple of trips with friends as well for a one or two days trip. But then I prefer traveling alone only.”

“The main reason to travel alone is about freedom. You don’t have to wait for anyone else. Even if you have a plan to extend the number of days, you can do it. You don’t have to keep an eye on anybody else while traveling and take breaks whenever you want.”

“YOU’RE PASSING THROUGH SECOND HIGHEST PASS OF THE WORLD” Alitude: 17582 ft . . There’s an all along different feeling when you come across such boards while going towards Leh. Tanglang-La is the second pass on Leh road after Rohtang, the road ahead of More Plains will take you to the same place which has a bit steep ascent, also this is the most beautiful pass I’ve come across . . Highest motorable road is at Khardung-La located at a height of 18382 ft because of which most of the people visit Ladakh. But let me inform you one important thing that Khardung-La is no more the world’s highest motorable road, yes you read that right . . Recently a friend of mine did the Ladakh circuit, who rode till the highest motorable road ie. UMING-LA which is located ahead of Hanle village at an approximate height of 19200 ft. So this gives me another reason to visit Ladakh, probably in 2018 . . PS This is a very basic thing I wanted to share with you people that please don’t litter anywhere, there are bloody dustbins installed everywhere specially in cities. We don’t even think twice before doing the same at a place like Ladakh, at every dhaba I stopped enroute, I saw numerous wrappers lying around as if we are illiterate enough to do so. Guys, at such places you don’t have municipal corporation vans running around to collect your garbage, you’re not an animal who has no idea what to do with the waste, dump it everytime. You don’t find a dustbin? So what, keep the empty bottle/wrappers with you and throw it whenever you find a suitable place . . #solotravel #storiesofindia #themilemuncher #motorcycle #storytime #lonelyplanet #motorcycleadventure #motorcycleart #motorcycleride #meandmymotorcycle #storiesofmotorcycle #touring #touringbike #motorcycletouring #roadtrip #roadtrippin #motorcyclediaries #incredibleindia #whyweride #inspiredtraveller #biker #bikeride #bikersofinstagram #bikeriding #nomad #wanderer #blogger #bloggersofinstagram #motovlogger #motovlog

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Q 15. I will tell you a list of things. Let me know what word comes to your mind first when you hear this.

Ladakh – “Different Planet.”
Goa – “Not my kind.”
Traffic – “India.”
Roads in India – “Pathetic.”
Cars – “Suffocating.”

Because one day your motorcycle won’t wake up and say “I don’t love you anymore” • • Clicked at Gue village on my first ever road trip to Spiti, this picture remains one of my favourite as it covers the mummy temple located in village and also Gue is one of my favourite village in the valley. This time in 2017 while coming back from Kaza I had plans to visit the place again but because of constant speed I somehow forgot the same • • Somewhere 10kms ahead of Sumdo I realised the same also there was no point going back for 20 odd kilometres because I’ve already reserved 2018 September for autumn Spiti ride and I’ve plans to Pin valley next time • • #solotravel #storiesofindia #themilemuncher #motorcycle #storytime #lonelyplanetindia #motorcycleadventure #motorcycleart #motorcycleride #meandmymotorcycle #storiesofmotorcycle #xbhp #motorcycletales #meandmymotorcycle #tripotocommunity #roadtrippin #motorcyclediaries #incredibleindia #whyweride #inspiredtraveller #biker #bikeride #bikersofinstagram #bikeriding #nomad #wanderer #blogger #bloggersofinstagram #motovlogger #motovlog

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Q 16. Have you ever rented bikes to take your road trips?

“No, I have not rented a bike yet. I have two motorcycles with me. So, I take either of them for the ride and I have not got a chance to rent a motorcycle as of now.”

~Been there done that~ • • Sach Pass is a 4500m high mountain pass in Chamba District, Himachal Pradesh, India on the Pir Panjal Range of the Himalayas. It connects Chamba valley to Pangi valley of H.P. The pass is open from June or early July to mid October • • Pathankot-Manali-Leh is 800kms where if you take the alternate route from Pathankot to Leh via Sach Pass the distance reduces down to 670kms. There are 3 options to reach Sach Pass >> Pathankot-Dalhousie road >> Manali-Udaipur road >>Anantnag/Udhampur-Kishtwar road • • Stay options: >>Stay is available at Bairagarh which is around 50kms before the pass from Pathankot side >>Not sure but stay might be available at Satrundi check post dhaba >> Post Sach Pass at the Bogtu naala there’s a stay available at the dhaba and then further in Killar, Ishtyari, Sansari, Gulabgarh, Kishtwar and so on.. • • #solotravel #storiesofindia #themilemuncher #motorcycle #xbhp #lonelyplanetindia #motorcycleadventure #theglobewanderer #motorcycleride #meandmymotorcycle #storiesofmotorcycle #touring #touringbike #motorcycletouring #roadtrip #motulindia #motorcyclediaries #incredibleindia #whyweride #inspiredtraveller #castrolbiking #tripotocommunity #bikersofinstagram #keepexploring #nomad #himachalpictures #blogger #bloggersofinstagram #motovlogger #motovlog

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Q 17. Have you ever taken a road trip outside India?

“Yes, I have been to Bhutan recently in the month of May. And then back in 2014, I went to Nepal and I went for the same in 2015 as well. Although I did not ride through Nepal completely, I started with Nepal border and proceeded with legal formalities with ID proofs and we spent 2 days in Nepal.”

क्यूँ डरें ज़िन्दगी में क्या होगा, कुछ ना हुआ तो तज़ुर्बा होगा • • The picture was clicked at mighty Chang-La while going towards Pangong from Nubra valley. Chang-La receives heavy snowfall even during the peak season hence it is suggested to leave Leh early in the morning in order to reach lake by time. Also for people who have less number of days do Leh-Pangong-Leh in one day covering around 300kms which is easily doable aswell • • #solotravel #storiesofindia #themilemuncher #motorcycle #storytime #lonelyplanetindia #motorcycleadventure #motorcycleart #motorcycleride #meandmymotorcycle #storiesofmotorcycle #touring #touringbike #motorcycletouring #roadtrip #tripotocommunity #motorcyclediaries #incredibleindia #whyweride #inspiredtraveller #biker #bikeride #bikersofinstagram #bikeriding #nomad #wanderer #blogger #bloggersofinstagram #motovlogger #motovlog

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Q 18. How was your road trip outside India?

“That was a good experience overall. However, I could not have a full experience with Nepal culture but I spent 4 good days in Bhutan recently. And I am planning to visit it again.”

पहाड़ों वाली chai • • This picture was clicked on 18-10-2015, after riding to hills straight from the showroom on Day 1 both and I decided to ride again on the Himalayan Expressway just for a cup of tea and obviously for some mesmerising views • • This spot still remains my favourite from last 6 years, located few meters ahead of Timber Trail Resorts near Parwanoo red lights this the top favourite spot for bikers. Kashyap tea stall located at this corner offers roof top sitting surrounded by Himalayas and you can enjoy food with view • • #solotravel #storiesofindia #themilemuncher #motorcycle #storytime #lonelyplanet #motorcycleadventure #motorcycleart #motorcycleride #meandmymotorcycle #storiesofmotorcycle #touring #touringbike #motorcycletouring #roadtrip #roadtrippin #motorcyclediaries #incredibleindia #whyweride #inspiredtraveller #biker #bikeride #bikersofinstagram #bikeriding #nomad #wanderer #blogger #bloggersofinstagram #motovlogger #motovlog

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Q 19. What is your most memorable trip on the roads?

“Back then, I did a solo trip to Spiti in 2016 and that was a random plan while I was returning back from office. I had 6 days in my hand. I asked my friend to prepare an itinerary since it was my first time and planned my travel bag as well. This happened in a time span of two hours. I went to my home place in Chandigarh and traveled for the next 6 days. It was unplanned, and the best trip.”

THE STARRY AFFAIR • • “And then the earth, the world, the planet, the galaxy, and the entire solar system went crazy.” • • I reached around 15:00 hours on Day 11 of my Ladakh-Spiti expedition, further after taking some rode till Komic and came back to Zostel where I had rented a dormitory. Not promoting Zostel here but they offer a very good concept where you get to meet people from different places, you make connections for lifetime (yes I made friend there, she was from Kochi) • • Also, when you travel to such places never forget to try local food, I had a plate of authentic momos along with Thukpa at a very small shop which owned by a Spitian woman whose husband was a farmer and had a small boy who was studying in class 7th • • I roamed for around 6 hours in Kaza, met different people, got to listen different life stories (imagine walking at 11 in the night with some unknown guy and listening to his stories). Somehow, later I felt that I should’ve opted for an homestay instead of zostel simply because that would’ve been a better experience overall. Nevertheless, let’s correct the mistake in 2018 now ? • • #solotravel #storiesofindia #themilemuncher #motorcycle #storytime #lonelyplanet #motorcycleadventure #motorcycleart #motorcycleride #meandmymotorcycle #storiesofmotorcycle #touring #touringbike #motorcycletouring #roadtrip #tripotocommunity #motorcyclediaries #incredibleindia #whyweride #inspiredtraveller #biker #Quechua #bikersofinstagram #bikeriding #nomad #wanderer #blogger #bloggersofinstagram #motovlogger #lonelyplanetindia

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Q 20. What are your thoughts on the future about riding motorcycles in India?

“The motorcycle scenes in India are on a boom. More and more people are coming into this but the main thing is passion and it can not be done forcefully. Big brands like BMW have entered into 300cc segment and this is going to interesting in coming times.”

JULLEY . . This sign board has a lot of emotions attached to it. The moment I saw it, I parked my motorcycle and jumped out of joy. Ladakh has so much to offer, from barren land to mystical landscapes you just can’t get enough . . Julley actually means Hello/Hi in Ladakhi/Spitian language. People from Ladakh are so friendly that you don’t feel like you’re travelling in some other state. This is the reason homestays are famous in these areas also you get to know more about their culture, their day-to-day life and much more. To explore whole Ladakh in depth one needs a period of two months or more on an average, it’s just that there are few public attractions including Pangong Lake, Khardung-La and Nubra valley . . #solotravel #storiesofindia #themilemuncher #motorcycle #storytime #lonelyplanet #motorcycleadventure #motorcycleart #motorcycleride #meandmymotorcycle #storiesofmotorcycle #touring #touringbike #motorcycletouring #roadtrip #roadtrippin #motorcyclediaries #incredibleindia #whyweride #inspiredtraveller #biker #bikeride #bikersofinstagram #bikeriding #nomad #wanderer #blogger #bloggersofinstagram #motovlogger #motovlog

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Q 21. Which are your upcoming trips?

“I have no plans yet. But let’s see. If I get a couple of days, I will move to Spiti valley of Ladakh.”

लेह जाओ वज़न घटाओ ? • • The background in this picture full of sand, clicked at nubra वैली. After leaving from Khardung-La around 16:00 hours my next stop was for the day was Hunder village which is situated in Nubra, I was running late very late actually. I had plans to reach Nubra around 18:00 hours and enjoy the mesmerising views of sand dunes but couldn’t make it on time. Somehow after riding hard, managed to reach Hunder at 20:00 hours. It was all dark by the time I reached my campsite • • Next morning I decided to leave for Turtuk village at 4:00 hours so that I can reach back campsite अराउंड 9:00 hours. As per the plan I left early morning and the distance to be covered was 80kms, after कवरिंग approximately 35kms the roads were blocked because of a landslide and sadly I had to return back. Nevertheless, this gives me another reason to visit Ladakh in 2018 to cover Turtuk, Hanle and Uming-La next year • • PS Every time you’re on a road trip, try to leave as early as possible so that you reach before the sunset. Also I lost 6kgs during my Ladakh-Spiti expedition because you don’t get proper diet and continuous riding brings fatigue resulting in weight loss • • #solotravel #storiesofindia #themilemuncher #motorcycle #storytime #lonelyplanet #motorcycleadventure #motorcycleart #motorcycleride #meandmymotorcycle #storiesofmotorcycle #touring #touringbike #motorcycletouring #roadtrip #roadtrippin #motorcyclediaries #incredibleindia #whyweride #inspiredtraveller #biker #bikeride #bikersofinstagram #bikeriding #nomad #wanderer #blogger #bloggersofinstagram #motovlogger #motovlog

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Q 22. What is your advice to the upcoming riders?

“Ride safe or go home! The minimum cost of the good helmet is around 6000 but people buy a very normal helmet for 1500₹ which doesn’t assure safety. If you think about full safety, then you need gloves, boots, pants, and jacket which would cost around 35000 altogether which is the minimum amount you should invest in riding gears.”

~RANT POST ALERT~ . From past couple of days I was thinking to write about how motovloggers/content creators/Youtubers these days fell off from their motorcycles, upload the particular clip on YouTube and gain sympathy along with hunger of some views on their channel. It’s fine that you can crash while riding specifically on an off-road terrain • • How on earth can someone not pick up their motorcycle as soon as they crash, instead of picking it up ASAP you make some comments while the camera is ON, take lots of pictures and so on. I believe someone who loves their motorcycle the most would check the motorcycle first even before checking themselves if the vehicle is okay or not. Also, this post might trigger some of them and their fans might get hurt but this thought of mine was supposed to be shared since long . PS this picture was captured by a fellow rider, on his GoPro, while I crashed on the road full of snow • • PPS share your views on the same #solotravel #storiesofindia #themilemuncher #motorcycle #storytime #lonelyplanetindia #motorcycleadventure #motorcycleart #motorcycleride #meandmymotorcycle #storiesofmotorcycle #xbhp #motorcycletales #meandmymotorcycle #tripotocommunity #roadtrippin #motorcyclediaries #incredibleindia #whyweride #inspiredtraveller #biker #bikeride #bikersofinstagram #instahimachal #nomad #hippieinhills #blogger #bloggersofinstagram #himgeo

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Q 23. According to you which is important, enjoying nature or clicking pictures? And why?

“Both. You can enjoy your ride on bikes and pictures are important for relieving those memories as well.”

There’re a couple of waterfalls en-route Sach Pass and this is one of them. When rear tyre started tearing off in the middle of road trip, we decided to increase the air pressure a bit in order to avoid punctures. Just when we thought we’re good to go, few kilometres ahead the clutch plates started burning and we were forced to take another break. As soon as we crossed Satrundi check post, I noticed to coolant overflowing from the top and we were stuck in the middle of nowhere • • Once the Duke cooled down, we went further and reached the pass. Over there we realised that Pulsar 180 needs some tuning with carburettor and we did so. We went further and crossed the so called “World’s most dangerous road” near Ishtyari village which is just another hype. We were running 7 hours late as per what we decided on the end of Day 1, nevertheless we had ample days to cover the stretch and hence we rode further with ease • • PS Keep your motorcycle in good condition because motorcycle boots are not meant for walking • • PPS This was edited using “Plotagraph + Phpto animator” app for iOS by @thehungrywayfarers • • #solotravel #storiesofindia #themilemuncher #motorcycle #storytime #lonelyplanetindia #motorcycleadventure #motorcycleart #motorcycleride #meandmymotorcycle #storiesofmotorcycle #touring #touringbike #motorcycletouring #roadtrip #tripotocommunity #motorcyclediaries #incredibleindia #whyweride #inspiredtraveller #biker #cnntravel #bikersofinstagram #bikeriding #nomad #wanderer #blogger #bloggersofinstagram #motovlogger #motovlog

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Break, yes! That’s the story about his wheels. To know more about him, check his Instagram profile @themilemuncher and learn from the best! Keep lifting your spirits with Wheelstreet and wait until next week!

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