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Rider Stories: This Week with Sanchit Arora

From a 7-year old getting inspired by geared up riders to becoming an inspiration himself, WheelStreet presents this week’s ‘Rider Stories’ with @singhonwheels himself, Mr. Sanchit Singh Arora.

A resident of New Delhi, Sanchit finds peace in riding motorbikes and finds himself on the saddle every time life gets too serious for him. A YouTuber and a lover of roads less traveled, here’s what he had to say to the questions that WheelStreet had for him,

Q. 1 What do you think is the best thing about riding a motorcycle?

“That feeling of freedom and happiness that we get, when we’re on the road.”

Q. 2 What kind of destinations do you prefer?

“I prefer going to a hilly place with a lot of adventures like narrow roads and off-roading.”

Q. 3 Why do you ride?

“Riding is like breathing to me, an escape from the daily life that I have.”

Q. 4 Other than bikes, how else do you prefer to travel?

“I take a flight or travel by car if I have friends coming along.”

Q. 5 How do you prepare for a motorbike trip? (how do you book a hotel and all)

“First of all we decide the place, if it’s an offbeat or undiscovered place, we don’t make hotel bookings, we ride to the place and check in at the hotel. I always check if my ride is well-maintained and make sure that I get it serviced before the journey. If it’s a tourist destination, I make online hotel bookings. Recently I went to Chanchal Pass and booked a room at Rohru, it is not a touristy place so we just went there and booked a room at a hotel which was most convenient.”

Q. 6 Have you ever ridden to Ladakh? If yes, how was your experience?

“Not yet.” [laughs]

Q. 7 Have you ever organized a trip? If yes, how was your experience?

“No, I haven’t organized a trip, but I have planned trips for myself and my friends.” [laughs]

Q. 8 Riding solos or in a group – which do you prefer and why?

“I prefer going solo or sometimes with one or two people max.”

Q. 9 The first word that comes to your mind when we say the following:

Ladakh – “Adventure”
Goa – “Foreign Tourists”
Traffic – “Problem”
Roads in India – “Unsafe”
Cars – “Comfort. I mean I prefer bikes but cars offer air conditioning and comfortable seats and back support.” [laughs]

Q. 10 Have you ever rented a bike for a road trip? If yes, how was your experience?

“Yes, twice. It wasn’t good, I’m going, to be honest, the bikes were not well-maintained. I rented a bike when I took a trip to Rishikesh and Kankhal and once in Manali when rode to Tosh. When I was riding back from Rishikesh the bike broke down twice and it happened once while riding to Manali. I had to drag the bike to the nearest mechanic before continuing the journey, so yeah, my experience with rental bikes has not been good.”

Q. 11 Your most memorable experience on the motorbike.

“Recently I went to Chanchal Pass, it was my best-motorbiking experience till now, the terrain was something entirely different, the roads had big stones in them, some places it was slushy, other places it was muddy. I had to stay focused completely because I had never ridden on a terrain like that. I have a Dominar and a Fazer 150, I took my Fazer with me on this ride, it took us 9 – 10 hours to reach Rohru. In the morning, we rode to Chanchal Pass, it’s 50 km from Rohru, and after 5 – 6 kilometers there are no roads, it was complete off-roading. I went with just one friend and we weren’t in a hurry to reach the destination, we took our time stopping to see the sights and take good photographs, then I V-Blogged and started riding again, it took us 6 hours to reach Chanchal Pass. It was a good journey but it was difficult because we were riding on a 150cc bike but the bike performed pretty well. While coming back, it started raining cats and dogs, it was all black and the terrain got tougher, so the struggle became double [laughs] but we managed to get back to Rohru safely.”

Q. 12 What are your thoughts on the future of Riding Motorcycles in India?

“More and more people are becoming passionate about riding motorcycles and going to distant places, I see that people are becoming more and more aware of the importance of riding gear and I think that this will create a safe environment for motorcycle riding in the future.”

Q. 13 Where is your upcoming trip and how do you plan on completing it?

“I returned from a ride yesterday itself, We rode to Champawat, 2nd day we explored Abbott mount, Lohaghat, then we came down to Bhimtal, It was a relaxing day, the 3rd day, where we explored Bhimtal, Naukuchiatal among other places. Yesterday was the 4th day when we rode back from Naukuchiatal to Delhi.”

Q. 14 What is your advice to upcoming riders in India?

“Buy a good helmet, DOT certified and comfortable, always go for good riding gear, good gloves, ride safe and sane, always.”

And that’s it, folks! Some really interesting and insightful answers from this week’s rider Sanchit. If you want to learn more about him and his crazy biking escapades, follow him on Instagram @singhonwheels and subscribe to his YouTube channel – Singh on Wheels

For more ‘Rider Stories’ with WheelStreet, check out this space next week and get your weekly dose of awesome insights on riding and more, straight from the pros.

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