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Rider Stories: This Week with Vishnupriya Varma

Wheelstreet is rolling its wheels with “@misses.motorious” this week in the “Rider Stories.” Join us and see how her bike journeys have been from being Miss to Mistress now. Boosting up herself with energy with bike rides, here’s a piece of her mind about the bikes and roads.

Being a strong woman, Vishnupriya Varma is a bike enthusiast who has broke down stereotypes and has been racing roads for years. Read more about this interesting human and set a mark for all the girls out there!

Q 1. What do you think is the best thing about riding motorbikes?

“Motorbikes are the serum that boosts up my energy and it is like a meditation for me.”

Q 2. What destinations do you prefer?

“I always prefer the open highways and the windy countries. I’m not much of an off roader but I love going to hill stations, taking open highways and country roads, riding to villages and exploring new places.”

Q 3. Why do you ride?

“I ride bikes to keep my mind in place and intact. I don’t like to lose my mind every now and then. So, I ride to keep myself on track.”

Q 4. Other than bikes, how else do you prefer to travel?

“Other than bikes, I love cars only when I am in control of the vehicle [laughs]. I always prefer self driving or otherwise I would take up a flight to travel.”

Q 5. Which is the best motorbike you have ridden till now and why do you call it as the best?

“As of now, I have taken my fiance’s Aprilia RSV4 which was an amazing experience. I would regard it as the best because riding that bike was quite challenging but it wasn’t that difficult to ride. Although I have ridden many bikes so far with a great speed, I found a little complication in pushing this bike to my limit and that was quite challenging. That is why I would say that the motorcycle has perfect balance.”

So, I’ve been thinking of this whole “being happy” thing, and I feel people get lost when they think of happiness as a Destination… …we’re always thinking that ‘some day’ we will be Happy; we’ll get that car or that job or that person in our lives who’ll fix everything! . But you know what? Happiness is a mood, and it’s a condition. –Not a Destination– It’s like being hungry or tired, it’s not permanent! It comes and goes. …and that’s Okay. . And I feel like if people thought of it that way, they’d find Happiness more often ? . ——- ?Credits: @gamer.nfs ♥ ——- . . . #MissMotorious #aprilia #rsv4 #apriliaracing #racespec #bearacer #shoei #shoeix14 #marquez #replica #bikercouple #RSWe4 #bikerchick #girlswhoride #motorcycles #bikergirl #ladyriders #india #superbikes #superbikers #bikersofinstagram #bikerchicksofinstagram #bikercouplesofinstagram #livetoride #ridehard #ridesafe #atgatt

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Q 6. Which motorbike do you have now?

“I have a Pulsar RS200 with me.”

Q 7. How do you prepare for a motorbike trip usually?

“Usually, my preparation starts with the bike. I always focus on getting the bike in place first. I will make sure that the engine oil is fine, the chain is well cleaned and lubricated. These are the first two things I ensure before taking up the bike. Rest of the things can even be figured out during the trip. And of course, I will chart out the plan for travelling, make myself ready with my leather suits and all that.”

Q 8. Do you book hotels well in advance before you take up a trip?

“I don’t take up overnight trips mostly because I travel alone many of the times. But other than that, when I ride with my friends, we book hotels in advance through online and make sure that we have charted out well. That’s how it is.”

Q 9. Have you ever been to Ladakh? Also, will you take up any in future?

“No, I have not been there. I don’t think I will ride to Ladakh really. I have heard from some of my friends that the trip wasn’t that good and had a lot of struggles throughout when they rode on. But I would prefer riding to the Spiti valley and Bhutan once.”

Q 10. Have you ever organised trips?

“Yes, but it is not much like organising. It was one time with my friend where we planned to tour around South India in three days. We covered the entire part like a triangle of South India in three days. I have some part in planning with regards to that. Other than that, I always love to ride by myself where I will be in control of everything like how the trip goes, what I do, where I stop and all.”

Q 11. So, Do you prefer combining 10 to 11 people for the travel?

“Like I said before, riding is like a meditation for me. That is the reason why I always love to travel alone. I just want to concentrate in my riding throughout the trip. So, I always take up solo rides as I get peace from it.”

Q 12. What comes to your mind when I say the following words?

Ladakh – “Overrated.”
Goa – “Can’t describe in one word.”
Traffic – “Challenging.”
Roads in India – “Needs a lot of improvement.”
Cars – “Too much hard work.”

Q 13. Have you rented a bike for road trip?

“Yes. I have rented bikes for a trip to Yelagiri hills once. This place is near Bangalore but nearest to Tamil Nadu. And the other time, we rented once to Kolli hills. So I have hired motorbikes twice as of now. Even we have planned for Nandi hills with rental bikes.”

I’m not someone who can be controlled. I want someone who will watch me do my thing and be like ” That’s my Girl!? ” . Introducing my pillar of strength, my anchor.. My mommy! ??‍♀️ The incredible woman that she is, for having stood by my side in whatever I’ve wanted to do (biking or anything else) and will support me in what lies in the future… There ain’t no love like Mumma’s love ? P.S: After 15 months of owning BumbleV, I finally got the chance to get a click with her on one of my recent road trips from Goa to Bangalore. . . #RoadtrippingWithMom #BumbleV #MissMotorious #pillarofstrength #Mumma #incredible #bikergirlsmum #loveher #bikerchick #pulsarchick #pulsarrs200 #rs200 #bikers #bikes #bikelife #girlswhoride #bikergirl #bikerbabe #goa #NH4 #highwaysofindia #bangalore #india #livetoride #atgatt

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Q 14. How was your experience in renting bikes?

“It wasn’t really good because I tried various motorcycles when we rented. The experience was not that good because the chains were not maintained well. There were oil leaks in the motorbikes. And I felt it is not really worth taking.”

Q 15. How would you compare the performance of your own bike and the one you rented?

“We will always find difficulty in pushing the rental bikes to our limits. When you use your own motorcycle, you will have full control of the brakes and moves. You will not have any fear of damage since it will be your own vehicle and nobody can question you. One time the continentality was completely disappointing and I cannot say that is all about renting bikes. Second time when we rented for the Himalayan trip, the bike had some oil leaks but then the company cooperated well and made the situation right. But according to me when I spend some amount of money for renting bikes, I will always expect the condition of the bike to be good.”

Yes, I am a Girl.✅ Yes, I can Ride..✅ No! You cannot have my number!? . •We’re not the biker girls some perverts imagine in their heads! •We’re not here to satisfy your male egos! •Neither are we here to prove a point! •We ride bcz that’s what we love!! . . So don’t, even for a second, think that you can use your lame pick-up lines on us!! Cz we know what to do if you cross your limits. . . . . PC: @pankaj.jathar . . . . . . . #MissMotorious #bikerchick #pulsarchick #BumbleV #pulsarrs200 #rs200 #Furcifer #scorpionhelmets #india #girlswhoride #motorcycles #bikergirl #ladyrider #bikes #bikers #bikersofinstagram #bikergirlsofinstagram #MinistryOfTorque #livetoride #ridehard #ridesafe #atgatt

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Q 16. Have you ever taken road trips outside India?

“No I have not taken as of yet.”

Q 17. Are you planning for any trips like that?

“Not now. But I can take up one next year may be.”

Q 18. What is your most memorable experience in bike?

“I have plenty. But to name one, I would say that the first time was when I rode alone from Bangalore to Pune at one stretch and this was in April 2016. The temperature was around 44-46 degrees that time and that was the first time I went alone for a bike trip. So that was amazing and I got to know a lot of things about my own bike in that trip.”

Q 19. What is important according to you, taking pictures or enjoying the nature and why?

“According to me, I will choose to enjoy the nature because as I told you, riding bike is like a meditation for me. So, I want to have a peaceful mind in riding bikes without any disturbances. Of course, I take a couple of pictures but then I don’t blog them and all.”

Q 20. What are your thoughts on riding motorcycles in future India?

“As of now, there are a lot of people who can afford to buy motorcycles that costs more. But people needs time to understand what motorcycles are. They need to explore all the little things about their machines. There are so many bike accidents happening on road in the last 2 years. People always have two things put up in mind when they ride bikes – cool and trend. This is one extreme and when you see the other one, there are seasonal drivers. They are people who can help community in safe rides and if possible, they should tie up with cops. As far as I have seen, cops are very worse towards bike riders. That must really be controlled.”

Q 21. What are your plans for your upcoming trip?

“I am travelling to my husband’s place on bike since I’m getting married next month. And the trip after that will be somewhere covering up in the North.”

Q 22. How are you planning for that trip then?

“I have not started planning as of now because my wedding plans are up as of now. So, me and my fiance, we want to take a road trip to some place in the north and that is there in the cart right now because my fiance is also an avid rider.”

Q 23. What is your advice to the upcoming riders?

“My only advice is look for safety first. I will always suggest my followers to ride hard and ride safe.”

And that’s the end of her story! Looking forward for many girls to get inspired from her and stay strong! Want to know more about her? Check out her instagram profile @misses.motorious and follow her for updates. Stay tuned with Wheelstreet until next week guys!

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