RIP Veenu Paliwal. A tribute to a great woman and an avid biker

It is with sorrow we inform you that Veenu Paliwal, an avid Harley rider who travelled over 20,000 kms across India, has passed away following a bike accident near Vidisha. This morning’s post mortem report of Veenu Paliwal, declares the cause of death as liver rupture and internal bleeding and not due to doctor’s negligence as it was earlier believed. She was riding at a moderate speed and the impact from the fall caused internal injuries as the bike’s ‘hollywood’ handlebars dug into her stomach. She was truly an inspiration for women and bikers everywhere and we offer our deepest condolences to her family.

Veenu Paliwal passes away. A salute to a great woman

Veenu Paliwal an avid biker, was famous for riding a Harley-Davidson (the first woman to do so in Jaipur). She was affectionately nicknamed H.O.G Rani (Harley Owners Group), a name she wore with pride. What is so inspiring about her is how she managed to indulge her riding passion despite being an extremely busy person. She was also a mother and an entrepreneur; She opened Cha Bar – a lounge and Victorian tea room in Jaipur.

Veenu Paliwal passes away. A salute to a great woman

Riding really was a passion close to her heart. She started biking seriously in college and it stuck. Veenu Paliwal frequently undertook road trips with various groups and has the credit of having completed a 20 thousand kilometres journey, across India, on a bike. She was also a regular participant in biking events like the India Bike Week and Women’s Car Rally by Rotary and even a multitude of social events for greater causes. Apart from all this she ran a NGO for heart patients. She underscored woman empowerment, but not by proclaiming it or talking about it, but merely by following her passions and helping as many people as she could.

Veenu Paliwal passes away. A salute to a great woman

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