Our Royal Enfield is “WORSHIPPED” here!

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Royal Enfield is worshipped here!

India is a spiritual and religious land. A country, with innumerable deities who are worshipped with great devotion. But what commands our respect is not the number of Gods and Goddesses we have, but the strength of people’s faith! One spiritual guru was heard saying something like – God needs devotees as much as devotees need God because without the faith of devotee God would not be God. The amount of devotion and sincerity that people show is enough to make any God powerful. Be that as it may, there are also many legends and stories, folktales related to every place of worship and they are really interesting! One such legend lives on in Rajasthan. Near the city of Jodhpur is a district called Pali about 50 km away from Jodhpur. On the Pali- Jodhpur highway is a village called Chotila, in this village is a temple devoted to ……………….brace yourself for the surprise ……….to a Royal Enfield Bullet 350.

Source: Team bhp
Source: Team bhp

The story goes thus – There was a proud owner of a Royal Enfield Bullet 350cc called Om Singh Rathor. In 1998, he was travelling on his bike from Bangdi near Sanderao in Pali to Chotila. Somehow during this ride, his motorcycle got imbalanced and hit a tree. Om Singh Rathor expired on the spot and his bike fell into a nearby ditch. The Police came to know about the horrible accident and came to the scene, they retrieved the body and confiscated the bike, took it to the police station.

The next morning, however, they found the bike absent from the police station. A search was made and much to the surprise of all involved, the bike had mysteriously found its way back to the spot where its owner had died. It was taken back to the police station again. It was obviously assumed that someone had played a prank and taken the bike in the night time. So the policemen emptied the petrol tank and locked the bike to make sure no one took it back to the spot again. But to their enormous shock, the bike was gone again and found at the same spot. However many times was the bike taken away, it always found it’s way back to the scene of the accident.

Source: Travel Genes
Source: Travel Genes

Thus, it was assumed that the bike was being possessed by the deceased owner and he took the bike to the spot where he breathed his last. So it happened that the local people and the people of the nearby villages, who heard the tale, came with great reverence for the bike and the spirit of its late owner and built a temple in his memory. Om Singh Rathor came to be known as Bullet Baba or Om Banna since then.

Real riders worship Royal Enfield

Source: imgkid
Source: imgkid

All the people travelling on that route pay homage to the bike and Om Banna and it is said that if a biker does not stop to pay respect at this unique place of worship, he is in for a rough journey.

I am planning to hire a Bullet 350 from and visit the legendary temple. How about you?

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