Meet Sagar Podilapu – The man behind the tech at Wheelstreet

In 2015, Wheelstreet was ready to mark its mark in the bike rental business of India. For this to be possible, the co-founders were looking for someone who could single-handedly create and manage the entire technology stack that was needed. After searching for a while, the co-founders chanced upon Sagar Podilapu through mutual contacts and offered him the chance to head their technology which proved to be too good an opportunity for Sagar to pass upon.

founders and sagar

Sagar Podilapu joined Wheelstreet in May 2015 as the Head of Technology. He was the first employee hired by the three co-founders and since then he has overlooked the entire startup technology stack and built everything up from scratch without any help.

Aside from being a highly skilled and adept developer who is responsible for making the entire web app of Wheelstreet including the dealer portal, admin portal and inventory management system, Sagar has been invaluable to the company in many other aspects. He handles a team of ten people and is one of those managers who leads from the front.

Here is what some of his team members have to say:

Ashutosh, Android Intern, says, “Sagar is the backbone of Wheelstreet, always dedicated to work but still managing to enjoy a lot. He is a techie at heart and a great team leader at work who manages to bring out the best in his team by guiding them well at every juncture.”

Saurabh, Web Developer, says, “I’ve worked with Sagar in developing the restful API and he guided me every time I was faced with a roadblock. He’s so knowledgeable that he can solve any problem in a matter of hours. He has also helped me learn new technologies in a quick and efficient manner. I am very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work under him.”

Gautam, UI Developer, says, “Sagar is a good product and project manager who understands and communicates the requirements in a clear and concise manner. Though he is a backend developer, he was able to help me solve all the complex problems that I encountered while working on frontend development involving JavaScript.”

Sagar Podilapu - Head of Tech at Wheelstreet

Sagar’s work philosophy is “A vision without an action is dream. An action without a vision is nightmare”. Having long and multiple meetings is not something that’s part of his MO. Instead, Sagar believes in having quick discussions about the initial requirements which are clearly communicated to the entire team, and then diving in and tackling road-blocks immediately as and when they arrive.

While he has proven to be a great team lead and manager, at heart Sagar still remains a developer and his main interest lies only in coding the next big thing. He is highly skillful in web technologies like Ruby on Rails, PHP, Python and MySQL, and he can architect and build MVPs, POCs, prototypes, enhancements and features within short spans of time.

Career Path

After completing his MS from University of Missouri, KC Sagar started his career in web development in Bangalore working at a service based startup. While working there Sagar founded two startups and established himself as an entrepreneur, all the while constantly improving his web development skillset. Soon after starting TutosLive, Sagar was approached by the founders of Wheelstreet to join as the Head of Technology, a position which he accepted and has held from May 2015.

Tryst with Entrepreneurship

In January 2014, Sagar started his own venture called TutosLive, which aimed at providing technical know-how and skills to fresh graduates so that they can succeed in the tech industry which continues to become more competitive day by day. Taught though online videos, people could learn high demand technologies like HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, MySql, WordPress, CodeIgniter, Android and Joomla on TutosLive.

You can see his profile on LinkedIn here: Sagar Podilapu|LinkedIn

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