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Solo Travel vs Travelling With A Group

As far as travelling goes, there’s only two ways to go about it, you either go about your adventure solo or share the fun experiences with other people. For the people who have never been out on a journey for long stretches of time, the choice between solo travel and travelling with a group can make or break their vacation plans. In this article, let us look at travelling solo and travelling with a group as objectively as we can to help you choose the one that would be a better fit for you,

Solo Travel:

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Pros :

– Master of your own adventure

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One of the best things about solo travel is the fact that you can do what you want to do and see what you want to see at your own pace. Oh! And yes, no compromises!

– Meet the world

Travelling alone means having to communicate with people you’ve never met in places you’ve never been to (if you’re not a hermit that is), for some people this is part of the allure of solo travel because the experience of meeting people with similar interests as you is awesome

– A chance for introspection

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For some people, the entire point of going on a solo trip is to get an opportunity to analyze their own mental and emotional state. Travelling solo gives you the best time to spend some time with the real you, out in the real world. And that, is the best thing ever!


– The risks

Not having someone to watch your back is difficult, because as fun and thrilling travelling alone is, you can never completely foresee when an accident may occur. Being the master of your own adventure is a two-way street that is fun only if you’re cautious and responsible, which is seldom the case when we’re on a vacation.

– The loneliness

The most important aspect of having to travel alone is the loneliness bit, and while some travelers are used to being alone, not all are. Some people get very lonely, very quickly and the empty hotel rooms, having to eat meals alone and seeing new places without company can trigger a sadness in such people.

Travelling with a group:


– Save some cash


Travelling with a group at its core, is having to share, and the best thing on that list of things you have to share with your travelling companions is, the expenses. Accommodation? Split the costs, a meal? Split the costs, transportation fare? You guessed it! Split the costs! And the best part of splitting the costs is that, the money you saved can be used to see and do more things

– Strength in numbers

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You’ve always got someone you trust, watching your back when you’re travelling with a group, even in a crisis you always have the people you’ve been travelling, there to help and support you physically and more importantly, mentally. And this goes a long way in making your travel experience smooth and fun.

– Share
One of the best things about travelling with a group is that you will always have someone to share your experiences with (good or bad). The fact the travelling is considered to be one of the best bonding experiences must have some precedent to it right?

Cons :

– Losing privacy
If you consider yourself to be someone who values their privacy, then travelling with people might get you to make a few compromises, Sharing your experiences with someone can get a little overwhelming at times when you’re with your travel companions all the time.

– Personality clashes
As mentioned above, travelling is one of the best bonding experiences, but there’s a flipside to this as well. You see, spending loads of time with someone whose personality clashes with your own can become way too exhausting, way too fast and this can lead to an extremely undesirable travel experience.

– Interests differ


You want to go the beach, you think it’s a great idea! Unfortunately, your travel buddies feel like doing something else and they outnumber you, so what do you do? You don’t go to the beach, you compromise. And you know that giving up on good ideas gets frustrating. ‘Nuff said!

And there it is my fellow travelers! Now if reading this made you feel like you need to take a vacay right now, then don’t waste another second thinking about it and do it! You even know now what the pros and cons are of the two fundamental ways you could choose to go on your journey.

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