Sula Fest 2018: Be There or Be Square!

The 11th offering of the Sula Fest is almost here! And boy are we excited! Representing some of the best music in the world, mix that with India’s best wine and you’ve got a hell of a festival! Last year’s Sula Fest was more than just a party and this year they seem to have taken it up a notch! So let’s go ahead and dive in to see what all the guys at Sula are bringing to the table for Sula Fest 2018!

Venue and Date

The much-awaited Sula Fest 2018 is going to be held on the grounds of the ever-pleasing landscape of the Sula Vineyard at Nashik in Maharashtra.

This 2-day extravaganza will start on the 3rd of February and will pass on until the next day, where timings start from 12:30 pm and the events close down by 10:00 pm.


This year Sula Fest has really upped its game by bringing a talented bunch of artists to its lineup. Starting with Amit Trivedi – who has composed music for the critically acclaimed film Dev D and many more other Bollywood hits, will be headlining the fest along with others. Namely, Crystal Fighters, a celebrated British band that make people move all over the world with their genre of Electronic Folk.

Electro Swing progenitor Parov Stelar along with British band The Beat ft. Ranking Roger. Also appearing are Gypsy Hill that blend Balkan Brass, Mediterranean Surf rock, Ska & Swing into a mind-melting pot of awesome music and Bauchklang with their second visit to India – a vocal-group that does some of the most amazing beat-boxing you could here.

With more than 100 other Indian and overseas artists performing a wide variety of genres, every year you think the Sula Fest can’t get any better, it comes around and blows you away.

Other Events

While the music is definitely going to be phenomenal this year at Sula Fest, there are other much-awaited events that they will be hosting too that you could only possibly enjoy at Sula.

They’ve got a large collection of their finest wines on sale as well as shops and stalls with awesome and trendy clothing. The Sula Fest also holds wine crushing events that allow people to experience the fun of crushing grapes the traditional way with your feet. Now isn’t that awesome!

Tickets, Pricing and Stay

With a very modest pricing for an extraordinary event, it’s a wonder how they do it! The pricing is mentioned here below:

For 3rd Feb:
Regular Day 1 Pass – Rs.2600
Regular 2 Day Pass – Rs.4300

For 4th Feb:
Regular Day 2 Pass – Rs.2600

And these are available online on BookMyShow.

So stop thinking about it folks and get planning! And if you’re in need of an awesome bike to arrive at the Fest in, head over to our website, Wheelstreet for quality bikes at super-affordable prices. As always folks, keep riding on!

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