Superb Destinations In The Least Visited States Of India

Places like Goa and Himachal Pradesh have been done over, time and time again. If like us you’re tired of going around to the same vacation destinations then you deserve a change! Introducing you some places that are equally as good (if not better!) as all your other favorite destinations, in some of the least visited states of India. Also, do check out our website for inexpensive renting out of quality bikes online in more than 35+ cities in India. So then, let’s get this rock rolling!

Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh

Visit During: March to October
Far in the mountainous regions of the north-east part of India, Tawang is a fun and chilled out place. The only way that Tawang is accessible is through the Sela Pass, which remains snow-clad almost throughout the year and so it is advised to visit here between the summers and monsoon seasons. With monasteries to visit, waterfalls to chase and awesome lakes, you will definitely have a fun time here!

Betla National Park, Jharkhand

Visit During: October to April
Found in the Palamu district, Betla is a really cool National Park that seriously deserves more attention and love by tourists and visitors. Hosting about 970 different species of flora and hundreds of different kinds of wildlife, nature enthusiasts will have a blast here. The forest of the Betla National Park extends from Kechki all the way up to Naterhat.

Aizawl, Mizoram

Visit During: October to March
Aizawl is a beautiful gem of the Northeast of India, also being the capital of Mizoram, it proves to be a great place to spend vacations at. With a touch of modern elements as well as natural beauty, it’s a wonder that this place isn’t flocked by tourists as it’s got a lot to offer to the traveler. Visit Durtlang Hills to get a good trek as well as a good overview of the beautiful city of Aizawl.

Dzukou Valley, Nagaland

Visit During: October to May
An awesome place for trekking enthusiasts, this place beautifully fits all your vacation needs. Located in the Viswema village which isn’t that far from the capital of Nagaland, which is Kohima. Considered a lengthy trek, do make sure to carry water and food along with you on your trip because you will need it!

Unakoti, Tripura

Visit During: October to May
With rock carvings dating all the way back to the 7th century, Unakoti in Tripura makes for a fascinating place to visit. It is only about 178 km from the capital of the state which is Agartala. These carvings prove to be a pilgrimage site for Shaivites and have been for hundreds of years. There are supposedly more than millions of such carvings. Fun indeed!

Tuophema Village, Nagaland

Visit During: October to May and February
Tuophema is an Angami village only about 41 km from the capital of Nagaland, Kohima. Giving access to experience the Angami lifestyle, Tuophema is a great destination to take a trip to. From the cuisine to their way of living, the locals give you a fun tour around and keep you engaged throughout your trip. Also having some of the best sceneries ever in and around the village, try and make it here for the annual Angami festival which is celebrated in the month of February!

So that’s it, folks! How many of them have you visited? And if you haven’t then you better start planning! Make sure to check out Wheelstreet for awesome bikes on rent for all your needs! And as always, keep riding on!

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