Sushant Ajnikar is biking from Bangalore to Bhutan for man’s best friend

It is a brave biker who journeys from South India to the mighty Himalayas in the north. The trip is anything but an easy one and will challenge you more than you ever imagined, but it is definitely possible if you’re dedicated enough. While accomplishing such a trip is a wonderful feeling, doing so for a noble cause is an even better one.

Sushant Ajnikar is biking from Bangalore to Bhutan for man's best friend

Sushant Ajnikar is biking from Bangalore to Bhutan for man's best friend

Sushant Ajnikar had created ripples across social media in 2014 when he rode from Bangalore to Ladakh. But it wasn’t the distance that caused excitement, it was the reason behind the journey. He had travelled to befriend every dog he would encounter on the way and improve its life just a little bit by simply feeding it and spending a few moments with it. When he came, Sushant decided that this would not be his last trip and now, two years later, he’s on the brink of starting his next one.

On the first of September, Sushant Ajnikar will set off from Bangalore astride his Royal Enfield Classic 500 on a 45 day trip that will take him across the border to Nepal and Bhutan. Sushant plans to travel from Bangalore to Chennai, from where he will go to Kolkata and then Siliguri, Guwahati, Bhutan and Nepal. This is a solo trip but he has extended an open invitation for anyone interested to join him for any leg of this journey.

Sushant Ajnikar is biking from Bangalore to Bhutan for man's best friend
source: Facebook

Sushant is an ardent dog-lover and wants to improve the condition of dogs without a home in India. He has a page on facebook and a website called Paws of India where he regularly posts updates about various stories and articles pertaining to the adoption and condition of Indian dogs. His tour is to impress upon people the importance of taking care of Indian dogs and the need to adopt them instead of buying pure-bred ones.

He hopes that with this journey he can set an example for the younger generation of bikers who form the majority. Speaking to Indian Express, Sushant said “There are more than a thousand riders who travel to Ladakh every year. If even 200 of them start thinking about the welfare of animals, it will be a good change.” While he will be starting alone, his wife Anita Rane might be joining him in Nepal. They both have adopted three dogs themselves.

While he is preparing for this exciting trip to Nepal and Bhutan, Sushant Ajnikar is also going on shorter trips around Bangalore. To follow his journey or to help out in this noble venture, follow his facebook page – Paws of India.

source: Indian Express

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