The 5 coolest bike-themed cafes in Bangalore

Even though biking is rapidly gaining popularity in Bangalore, the city’s bikers are often left high and and dry when it comes to places where they can hang out with fellow enthusiasts to talk about their beloved bikes or plan road trips. To rectify this problem, a number of bike-themed cafes have popped up around the city which are the perfect hang-out spots for bikers and enthusiasts alike. Here are 5 cafes in Bangalore you must visit if you are a biking enthusiast.

1. Cafe Torque, HSR Layout

Cafe Torque, HSR Layout
img source: nameesh fotographia

Cafe Torque in HSR layout is the perfect place for bikers to catch up with friends or even meet fellow riding enthusiasts. The cafe serves good food and follows a bike theme in its decor. Cafe Torque also has a store which sells biking accessories and you can be sure to spot a couple of superbikes parked outside at most times.

2. Legends Motorcycle Cafe and Museum, Frazer Town

Legends Motorcycle Cafe and Museum, Frazer Town
img source: livemint

This place is a brilliant amalgamation of a cafe and a museum. The ground floor of this establishment is a quaint cafe which sells food and beverages at very reasonable rates. It is very vintage in feel and decor and you will be treated to blues and jazz sounds emanating from vinyl on a record player.  The musuem is situated on the first floor and houses a beautiful array of vintage scooters and bikes, which you will be hard pressed to find elsewhere, that have been collected by Prabhu, the owner, over a period of 20 years.

3. Moto Store and Cafe, Ulsoor

Moto Store and Cafe, Ulsoor
img source: lbb

Located on Tank Road near Ulsoor lake, you can locate this cafe easily by the bright orange scooter that is suspended from the first floor balcony. The Moto Store and Cafe is, as the name suggests, a compact store-cum-cafe where you can socialize with fellow bike enthusiasts over some coffee or browse through wall shelves with jackets, knee guards, helmets, saddlebags and a host of other biking accessories.

Moto Store and Cafe interiors
img source: linkedin

4. J’s Cafe, Indiranagar

J's Cafe, Indiranangar
img source: vibuto

This small cafe is located right above the Royal Enfield showroom on 100 ft road in Indiranagar. It serves some really good food and beverages and has quirky interiors. You will find replica models of Royal Enfield bikes suspended from the ceiling which is not something you see very often.

5. 6000 miles to the Isle of Man, Marathahalli

6000 miles to the Isle of Man lounge
img source: 6kisleofman

Unlike every other place on this list, this is an exclusive members-only lounge that is worth signing up for. Home of the bikers group that goes by the name ‘6000 miles to the Isle of Man’, this lounge is a hangout zone for the most serious bike and race enthusiasts in the city. It is a swanky lounge ready to host biking groups, the “adda” comes alive with a screen showcasing motorsports, coupled with a unit selling everything from riding and safety gear to technicians ready to explain intricate details of different bikes.

If you are planning to visit these biker cafes, it’s only logical that you should travel there on a bike. If you don’t have one, you can rent a bike in Bangalore from Wheelstreet at the most affordable rates.

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