The 7 coolest, action-packed movie bike scenes

As a bike fanatic and a movie buff, I just love watching a good bike chase scene on the silver screen. They can be really hard to find though since the majority of the audience, and hence the directors, prefer their vehicular chases to be of the four-wheeled variety. But some bike scenes are absolutely spot on and when executed properly, they’re a hell of a lot more interesting than car scenes because, well let’s face it, bikes ARE cooler than cars. According to me, here are the 7 coolest, most entertaining and generally the best movie bike scenes:

1. The Matrix Reloaded

It was the scene in which Trinity is getting the ‘Keymaker’ away from Agent Smith and his weird, creepy, twin-ghost-spirit cronies on a beautiful Ducati 996 that first got me interested in bikes. The burnout start from the top of a trailer and then the intricate (and strangely hypnotic) weaving through incoming traffic makes for a brilliant sequence that you can just watch over and over again.

2. Terminator 2

Watching Arnold Schwarzenegger make a massive jump into the L.A sewers on a Harley-Davidson FatBoy is not a scene that any Terminator fan has ever been able to forget. Then he proceeds to rescue John Connor from the evil T-1000 in the most Hollywood-esque fashion involving a lot of shooting and explosions.

3. Mission Impossible Rogue Nation

The Mission Impossible series has always set the benchmark for ludicrous action sequences and the bike chase scene from the latest instalment doesn’t disappoint. Watching Tom Cruise canyon carving and taking out bad guys on a BMW S1000RR, while riding without a helmet and dodging bullets at the same time, is pretty typical of a MI movie but the excellent cinematography and CGI makes it a very cool scene indeed.

4. TRON Legacy

The TRON reboot was pretty disappointing but I really can’t fault the bike scene; and no, I’m not talking about the light cycles. It’s the less obvious opening scene which introduces the main character riding a retro Ducati Sport 1000 as he coolly evades a cop while a brilliant Daft Punk soundtrack makes the perfect background score, which I find absolutely fantastic.

5. Skyfall

Action and James Bond movies always go hand in hand. And while they’re more famous for their car sequences involving Aston Martins and Jaguars with guns, missiles and invisibility cloaks, there are a few pretty good scenes involving bikes as well. One of them is the opening to Skyfall (which also happens to be my favourite Bond movie) where Daniel Craig can be seen riding a Honda CRF250 R through the streets and on the rooftops of Istanbul, while wearing a bespoke suit of course.

6. Tomorrow never dies

Unbelievable and ridiculous but nevertheless entertaining is probably the best way to describe any Bond movie from the pre-Craig era and the ones starring Pierce Brosnan are perhaps the most outlandish of all. The gravity-defying, helicopter-destroying antics of Brosnan astride a BMW S1200 C cruiser are anything but boring. And the fact that he manages this while being handcuffed to his co-star the whole time just makes it that much better.

7. Operation Condor (Jackie Chan)

Jackie Chan has to be one of the most loved actors to ever grace the silver screen. Anything he touches turns to gold and this bike scene from the relatively unheard of Operation Condor is no exception. And as one can expect from him, this scene is both hilarious and entertaining in equal measure. Watch it to see a bike chase scene that entertains in a way only Jackie Chan can.

Which is your favourite bike scene from the movies you’ve watched? Let us know in the comments below.

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