The 8 types of bikers you find in college

The number of bikers in any college in India is nothing short of staggering. You can see them rolling into campus on what seems like every two-wheeler possibly ever made. From Activas and Splendors to KTMs and Royal Enfields, there is not genre of bike that isn’t present in a college’s parking lot. The bikes, however, don’t matter as much as their riders do. Regardless of what the make and model of their vehicle is, somehow most of the bikers fall into unique cliques rather easily. Here are the 8 types of bikers you can find in college:

1) The Cool Dude

img source: thehindu

There’s only one reason this guy has a bike: it makes him cool. You’ll see this guy riding around on a flashy bike (or on one covered in flashy paint) which has bunch of “k&n” and “46” stickers even though he doesn’t know what they’re about. His helmet will spend more time around his elbow than his head (because hairstyle dude!) and he’ll also be relentlessly sharing photos of him and his bike on social media.

2) The Badass

img source: firstshowing

This guy thinks he’s the biggest Don of the college and it reflects in his carefully detailed Royal Enfield. Guys like this mostly ride around in packs with all their chelas and chamchas following them on their own bikes. Either these guys actually do have connections and will mess you up if you pick a fight with them or they’re just wannabe gangsters who end up getting into trouble with the previous group.

3) The Motormouth

img source: someecards

Guys who just keep going on and on about stuff like ‘I got into a race with a RX while coming to college’, or ‘I nearly got hit by a bus at that signal’ and such. Sound familiar? These are the motormouths. They can never resist the urge to tell all their bike adventures even if the only thing you did was making eye contact with them. The funny thing is that most of them can’t ride even half as well as they claim to. Also, it’s really entertaining to hear their bumbling excuses when they goof-up right in front of a crowd.

4) The Commuter

img source: rushlane

These guys just don’t give a damn about biking and the culture that follows it. They find two-wheelers the most convenient and affordable option for their commuting needs and that’s why they use them. They mostly ride scooters and commuter bikes which was handed down from their parents.

5) The Rich Guy with rich parents

img source: team-bhp

In any college you’ll always find one or two guys who are riding around on some premium superbikes that cost more than a year-long bike trip around India would. It’s the rich parents of course, who help their poor kids in the struggle of needing to be the most obnoxious and dangerously unskilled biker in the world.

6) The Loner

img source: tripoto

This guy likes two things in life – bikes and solitude. He’ll go speeding the other way at any mention of riding groups or organised rides. He’s not relegated to a particular type of bike, he may have a KTM or a RE. That’s not important though, as he’s particular uninterested in long debates about which brand is better and would rather spend that time riding a bike instead.

7) The Serious Biker

img source: motorcycledaily

This guy takes biking and the culture that follows it rather seriously and his bike will surely be taken care of better than any person in his life. These are also the guys who end up being the best sort of bikers as you won’t see them riding without a helmet (they’re usually wearing gloves and a jacket as well). These bikers also know the ins and outs of their bikes and can replace parts and fix most problems on their own without a mechanic. Really, the best sort of bikers to keep company with.

8) The Pillion

img source: timesofindia

The guy who goes everywhere on a bike but never really rides one. Either he doesn’t know how to or his family won’t let him get one. But he’ll be there on every road trip or outing planned by his biker friends. If you identify as member of this group, it’s time to start riding. If you know how to ride but aren’t getting a bike because of some reason, try renting a bike instead. Visit Wheelstreet to rent whichever bike you want, whether it’s a scooter, cruiser or even a superbike, at the lowest possible rates.

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So which group do you belong to? Or is there another group that we’ve missed? Let us know in the comments below.

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