The 8 types of bikers you’ll meet in life

Just like with any other group, the biker fraternity has a varied collection of members, each with their own outlook on biking. Regardless of the bike that they ride, most them can easily be grouped into unique cliques. Here are the 8 types of bikers you’ll meet in life.

1. The Mechanic

Types of bikers
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This guy takes biking very seriously. It’s not enough for him to just be a good rider (even though that’s a rarity), he also has to know the ins-and-outs of his bike’s working. He can single handedly take apart his beloved bike and put it back together and will take it to a licensed mechanic only as a last resort. The Mechanics usually ride vintage bikes like Royal Enfield, Jawa Yezdi or Triumph which are heavy maintenance.

2. The Brand Loyalist

Types of bikers
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This person loves bikes, but only that one particular brand that he believes is the best. He adamantly sticks to this brand regardless of any better options that might be available from other makers. No arguments about the pros of other bikes and the cons of his will sway his opinion. These guys are mostly seen on bikes by makers who already have massive fan followings, Harley-Davidson and Royal Enfield are the first ones that come to mind.

3. The Speed Freak

Types of bikers
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The only thing that matters to them is how fast they can go on their bike. Power, top speed and acceleration are pretty much the only specs they give a damn about in their bikes. Most of their conversations involve the speed they hit on their weekend highway run or how they managed knee-down turns on that uphill climb. These guys are mostly found riding high-end Japanese or European sport bikes like Ducati, Yamaha, Suzuki or Kawasaki.

 4. The Commuter

Types of bikers
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These guys just don’t give a damn about biking and the culture that follows it. They find two-wheelers the most convenient and affordable option for their commuting needs and that’s why they use them. They mostly ride scooters and commuter bikes which return the highest mileage and will be found on Hero Splendors or Honda Activas.

5. The Loner

Types of bikers
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This guy likes two things in life – bikes and solitude. He’ll go speeding the other way at any mention of riding groups or organised rides. He’s not relegated to a particular type of bike, he may have a KTM or a RE. That’s not important though, as he’s particular uninterested in long debates about which brand is better and would rather spend that time riding a bike instead.

6. The Wannabe racer

Types of bikers
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This guy thinks that just because he knows how to ride a bike, he’s the next Valentino Rossi in the making. He treats every road like his personal race track and doesn’t give two damns about the safety of himself or anyone else. This is the guy who gives all the other bikers a bad name and can mostly be found ripping around on a Yamaha RX 100 or some pimped-out Pulsar.

7.  The Road Trip Enthusiast

Types of bikers
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This guy goes on road trips more times than most bikers get their tank filled. He’s always up for a weekend getaway to some nearby hill station or coastal town. He’s not too particular about having company either. He’ll happily participate in group rides but not having riding partners won’t stop him from going on his next journey.

8. The Motormouth

Types of bikers
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Guys who just keep going on and on about stuff like ‘I got into a race with a RX while coming to office’, or ‘I nearly got hit by a bus at that signal’ and such. Sound familiar? These are the motormouths. They can never resist the urge to tell all their bike adventures even if the only thing you did was make eye contact with them. The funny thing is that most of them can’t ride even half as well as they claim to. Also, it’s really entertaining to hear their bumbling excuses when they goof-up right in front of a crowd.

So which one of these categories do you fall under? Or is it a different one that we haven’t mentioned here? Let us know in the comments below.

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