The All New Apache Bike: TVS Apache RR 310 is Now Here

The much-awaited boon from TVS is finally out on the streets – Apache RR 310. First showcased as a concept model under the name Akula 310 at the 2016 Auto Expo, it hasn’t strayed much in terms of design since then.

Here is the Akula at the 2016 Auto Expo below:

Design wise, the Apache 310 has got a lot going for it. Although they did change the headstock from the concept and replaced it with an even grungier and meaner version, the other aspects are much of the same.

Priced at Rs.2.05 Lakhs (ex-showroom), it seems to be priced just right for it to actually take on the likes of KTM in the 300cc category bike market in India.

Performance wise it doesn’t let down either. Coming with 312 CC, the Apache RR 310 takes after the BMW G 310 R with a 4-stroke, 4-valve, and single cylinder engine. It boasts a massive top-speed of 160 km/h and a super acceleration of 0-60 km/h in 2.9 seconds.

If this doesn’t impress you, then check this out! The Apache RR 310 has a peak torque of 27.3 Nm at 7700 rpm with a max power of 33 bhp @ 9700 rpm!

Well fitted with a Thermal Management System for that little extra cool which aids in superior heat dissipation, the all-new Apache also houses the professional racing standard KYB suspension. Other features include ABS, Michelin Street Sports Tires (the first bike within 500 CC to use these), a vertical speedometer, post-ride analytics, and bi-LED twin projector headlamps. The RR 310 will be available in two different colors: Racing Red and Sinister Black.

All in all, the TVS Apache RR 310 looks like a promising addition to the TVS lineup. From the design to the performance to the understandable price range, the Apache 310 holds well on its own and especially well against the competition in the 300 cc range. Let’s just hope TVS and BMW keep rolling out newer and spicier dishes like this in the future for all us bikers in India.

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