The Best Destinations in India to Spend with Your Valentine

Roses are red, violets are blue, a list of awesome Valentine Destinations we bring to you! With these epic spots across India to spend with your lovely valentine this year, you know it’s going to be a special one. So without further ado, we bring to you, The Best Valentine Destinations in India.

Laitmawsiang (Meghalaya)

Just around 50 km from the capital Shillong, this pristine and untouched place is a great place if your valentine fancies serenity and awesome landscapes, and yeah, also waterfalls. A lot of waterfalls. With a vast number of natural wonders here, it makes for some pretty romantic moods!

Lohaghat (Uttarakhand)

Get lost with your significant other in this awesome terrain of beauty and snow-covered mountains. Lohaghat in Uttarakhand stands tall with the ever-present Himalayas in the background – it doesn’t get better than this place to chill with your ‘oh so sweet Valentine’!

Loktak Lake (Manipur)

Or does it! The Loktak Lake in Moirang of Manipur sets the perfect mood for that perfect outing with that perfect somebody. With a beautiful yet surreal design the lake naturally provides, it is one place you got to see to believe, especially with your partner!

Maravanthe (Karnataka)

Housing the cleanest beach in all of Karnataka, it’s a place you can get dirty with your valentine if you know what I mean *wink wink*. Jokes aside, Maravanthe proves that it has a lot to offer, with amazing shorelines, temples, and even waterfalls, it’s a wonder that this place is hardly infested with crowds!

Poovar (Kerela)

Poovar is one site you wouldn’t want to miss if you knew the kinds of pleasures that lie in wait here. Found in an almost imaginarily wonderful setting, Poorav in Kerela is perfect for couples with almost no crowd because of it being unknown amongst the masses.

Tarkarli (Maharashtra)

Another beach-head and another awesome destination, Tarkarli in Maharashtra is a splendid spot for some fun in the sun with your partner. Relatively unknown, in Tarkarli you have the option to chill as well as indulge in activities like snorkeling and other various water-sports.

Theog (Himachal Pradesh)

Theog hosts some of the most picture-perfect views in all of the country. With a gorgeous landscape that compliments the snow-clad mountains, Theog is a great place to head over to with your Valentine. It is a surprise that this place is not always packing with tourists.

Vattakanal (Tamil Nadu)

Breathtakingly beautiful with monumental views of the landscape below, Vattakanal is a superb choice for couples looking for an awesome time together. Serene and a great place to relax, sit back and just chill, the place defines romance!

Khimsar (Rajasthan)

Known as the Gateway to Thar Desert, Khimsar calls for a unique experience with your valentine in the desert. With traditional settings, this place serves as the perfect to reminiscence about times long gone by with your loved one. With many activities like a safari and camel rides and what not, Khimsar is the place to be!

So that’s about all we have for now folks! All awesome places listed above – just have to take your pick and make this Valentine’s the best ever! And if you’re in need of bikes, just head over to our website Wheelstreet, for quality bikes on rent online. As always folks, keep riding on!

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