The best drug that happens to be legal everywhere!

Everyone knows how harmful drugs are for your mind and body. But people use them anyway because they get you high, take away your worries (while adding new ones) and they’re incredibly addictive. Bikes do the exact same thing. And if you are going to get addicted to something, it might as well be riding a bike. Here are 8 reasons why bikes are the best drug.

1. Bikes are legal

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Want to start riding a bike? You just need to be 18 years of age and get a learner’s permit and within a few weeks you can be riding your bike as and when you want. And bike salesmen are generally nicer than shady drug dealers. If a cop does stop you for any reason (and they will cause they hate bikers), you’ll probably end up paying a fine as long as you weren’t doing anything extremely stupid whereas getting caught with drugs gets you a ticket to jail.

2. Bikes are safer

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You know what the side effects of riding a bike are? Exhilaration and pure joy. It doesn’t damage your brain or cause heart problems. Sure, you may get into an accident or two, but as long as your wearing a helmet and proper safety gear and you ride with enough sense, the damages to your body will be treatable unlike the irreparable damages that are caused by drugs.

3. Bikes make you cooler

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Movies might make you think that drugs are cool but they’re really not are they? Bikers, on the other hand, are the collest guys around. Being on a bike instantly makes you more attractive to the opposite sex. Who can resist leather jackets, dirty jeans and that confident swagger that bikers have?

4. Bikes make you confident

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Avoiding the dangers you face on the road while riding your bike makes you much more confident in the other aspects of your life. Dealing with crazy bus and truck drivers makes problems like a difficult job or talking to a pretty girl just pale in comparison. What most people consider scary, bikers just laugh at.

5. Bikes come with friends

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Is there any family more closely-knit, as immediately welcoming, or as ready to help out its members than that of the bikers? Bikers tend to have a lot of mutual respect for other bikers and readily make friends with each other regardless of the bike they ride.

6. Bikes expand your mind

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The sights you see will become more intense. Nature isn’t just a vague concept, it’s something we feel and smell and something which causes us both intense pain and intense pleasure. And in a way outsiders will never get to experience. Bikes change your perspective on life, they expand your horizons and they alter the way your mind is wired, all in a good way.

7. Bikes make you forget your problems

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Bad day at work? Girlfriend irritating you? Just get on your bike and ride away from all your problems. When you’re riding your bike, nothing else seems to matter other than the ride itself. Everything else on your mind takes a back seat and by the time the ride is over, none of the problems look as big as they did before.

8. Bikes are worth the money

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Getting addicted to hard drugs will leave you bankrupt and destroyed. Bikes, on the other hand, convert the money you pay for them into sheer joy and pleasure that you get from riding them. And they are much more economic than cars, go through traffic like it doesn’t exist and are easier to park. And unlike drugs, getting addicted to bikes improves your life rather than destroying it.

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Start riding bikes today, because you won’t find a better addiction anywhere else! What are waiting for then? Go on a ride on your bike and if you don’t have one, you can rent a bike of your choice at affordable rates from Wheelstreet to get your fix.

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