The 5 coolest bikes in John Abraham’s collection

John Abraham is the quintessential biker boy of Bollywood and a long time ambassador of Yamaha in India. His love for bikes is well known by everyone and his garage is home to a number of  motorcycle beauties. Take a look at the best out of John Abraham bikes collection which is every enthusiasts dream.

1. Yamaha R1 (Special Edition)

John Abraham's special edition Yamaha R1 - The best of the best from the John Abraham bikes collection

As a goodwill gesture for being their long-time ambassador in India, Yamaha gifted John Abraham a special-edition matte black R1. The Yamaha R1, which is often hailed as one the best superbikes ever made, is powered by a 1000 cc engine and is fitted with the latest electronics money can buy. It also happens to be jaw-droppingly beautiful and John’s black R1 with gold rims stands out in even the most crowded roads of Mumbai.

2. Yamaha V-Max

John Abraham with his Yamaha V-Max

Not completely satisfied with having one of the best superbikes, John Abraham also owns Yamaha’s massive sports cruiser: the V-Max. Powered by a 1679 cc monster of an engine, the V-Max is one the quickest cruiser bikes currently sold in the market. It also features a radical design that sets it apart from every other bike in its segment.

3. Suzuki Hayabusa

John Abraham on a Hayabusa in Dhoom

An icon in the superbike world and once the fastest of them all, the Suzuki Hayabusa was heralded was a technological and mechanical milestone in the automotive industry. Producing an excess of 150 hp and an electronically limited top speed of 300 km/h, the Busa was John’s dream bike since his time with it on the sets of Dhoom. Sadly he had to sell his Hayabusa as it was in conflict with his contract as brand ambassador with Yamaha. However, following the contract’s expiration, John bought his second Hayabusa and we can’t really fault him for that.

4. Rajputana Lightfoot

Rajputana Light Foot - The best of the best from the John Abraham bikes collection

John Abraham was the first customer of the now-famous Rajputana Customs. The bike that was specially designed and built for him as per his wants is the Rajputana Light Foot. The Light Foot’s design was inspired by vintage American Board Track Racers and it is powered by Royal Enfield’s 350cc engine that features on their iconic Bullet, Classic and Thunderbird models.

5. Aprilia RSV4

John Abraham with his Aprilia RSV4

Aprilia’s RSV4 is regarded as one of the main competitors for the Yamaha R1 as one of the superbikes in the world. The RSV4 is one of the best looking bikes ever made and it matches its good looks with absolutely blistering speed of 300 kmph. John received his RSV4 as a gift from Piaggio (the company which makes Vespas and happens to own Aprilia).

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