The Best Routes To Take A Road Trip In India

Road trips heal the soul for the rider. Feeling down? Road trip! Feeling good? Road trip! For the avid rider, nothing comes even close to the feeling of taking a nice long ride on good roads. And being fond of riding ourselves, we’re here to list some of the best routes available in India that you could take for a super-amazing road trip. Let’s get to it, shall we!

  1. Bangalore to Ooty

The road taking you from Bangalore to Ooty covers a total distance of around 280 km, which is just right as it isn’t that long and neither that short. The lush greenery that you will find while riding through this route will literally blow your mind away. Like literally. It’s just too beautiful. It will leave you with a sense of loss once the trip is over. Do plan a ride through there.

  1. Guwahati to Dawki

This road trip perfectly encapsulates beauty as you ride through it. Only 176 km long, it is filled with just the right curves that make every bike rider go ooh la la! Surrounded by views of mountains and green-to-the-core hills, this bike ride from Guwahati gets better and better as you find yourself reaching Dawki in Meghalaya. This is one road trip many riders may not have taken yet and sadly so. Make sure to check this one out the next time you and your buddies plan on taking an epic bike ride.

  1. Jaipur to Ranthambore

Feel like an outlaw cruising through to Ranthambore from the city of Jaipur on super sleek roads. This particular stretch is great for the long and straight stretches of roads that it provides for riders just looking to cruise down smoothly with hardly anything but dunes beside them. Plus the destination being a Tiger Reserve also makes for a great opportunity to check out some cool wild beasts also! Give this one a shot as it’s only a 170 km ride!

  1. New Delhi to Kasauli

About 300 km approx. in length, the road trip is one hell of a ride to take. Start from the Capitol of the nation and head onto the hill-clad Kasauli, snuggled soundly in the state of Himachal Pradesh. The views, landscapes and different kinds of terrains that this route provides for riders is a blessing to bikers. Make sure to do this road trip the next time you feel like having a fun ride!

So that’s it for now folks! We’ve covered almost all four directions in which you and your buddies could plan for road trips, so it doesn’t matter where you are located, you could easily take a ride for the good times! If in need of a bike, do not worry because we’ve got you covered! Just head over to our website, Wheelstreet for awesome bikes at super-low prices! And as always folks, keep riding on!

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