The best way for college students to travel on a budget

As a college student there are two things that you’re always short of – sleep and money. There’s not much that can be done about the lack of sleep part, but there are definitely ways in which you can save money. You must be sick and tired of travelling by buses by now and autos and cabs are a luxury best left for those who are, well, financially well-off. That leaves us with bikes (because cars are again a bit too expensive for already strained wallets).

Life as a college student
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A bike or scooter has to be the most convenient mode of transportation for a college student. Two wheelers are affordable and have high fuel economies which make them the perfect way to get around on a budget. As a college student, you are bound to spend a lot of time travelling (besides the daily commute), whether you are going to a local hangout with your friends, or travelling to other colleges for fests and sports tournaments. You might even like to go on short road trips every chance you get. A bike is the perfect travel companion for all these scenarios.

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‘What if I don’t have a bike’ you ask? Well, I have the solution to that problem – rent a bike from Wheelstreet. Imagine this situation – a long weekend is coming up and all your biker friends are raring to go on a road trip, but you don’t have a bike. Normally you would be dismayed and would have to ride pillion on your friend’s bike, but not any more. Now you can rent a bike from Wheelstreet for as little as Rs 600 a day and a scooter for just Rs 250 a day. That way you get to ride on a bike of your own when you go on your next road trip.

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There is also a very good chance that you already have a bike of your own. But, owing to budget constraints, it’s not a very fast or powerful bike. Instead your parents got you a nice 100cc commuter that gives the maximum mileage. Those are well and good for riding in the city but they are a pain to take on a road trip. Well, there’s some good news again. Wheelstreet also offers a variety of bikes, from all the Royal Enfield models to Harley Davidons to KTM Duke and RC and even the legendary R1 and Hayabusa (yes, really!). If you are a true bike enthusiast, you must have dreamed of riding these premium bikes at least once, but considering their astronomical costs that dream would never have become a reality. But now you can rent some of the best superbikes ever made from Wheelstreet and enjoy your next road trip on the bike of your dreams.

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If you are a student in Bangalore or Delhi and you need a bike or scooter for any purpose, you can look to Wheelstreet for the most affordable and hassle-free bike rentals available. Happy Riding!

This article is brought to you by Wheelstreet – India’s first bike rental platform.

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