The bike gods have spoken, and Yamaha heard them

On the weekends you zoom past the trees as your bike eats up the tarmac, cornering sharply at every turn the road throws at you. Come Monday, you’re stuck in a nightmare of a traffic as you sit uncomfortably on your overheating bike. By the time you reach the office, your wrists will be in agony and you might even have a cramp or two.

This is the general experience of owning a superbike or sportsbike in India. It is a problem that has persisted for quite a while and it seems that Yamaha may just have the answer for it with their latest offering, a jack-of-all-trades, the YZF-R3.


Yamaha R3


The YZF-R3 is meant to be whatever you ask it to be – sportsbike or tourer. Yamaha have said that it is a ‘Supersport that you can live with everyday’. And why not? It has much more comfortable seating than its younger sibling – the R15, it goes like the wind and it looks like an insane superbike from any angle.

Yamaha R3 Headlights


The bike has an upright riding position, which means that you can now go for long rides without destroying your back. It also helps that your wrists don’t start hurting after a while and that you don’t get a cramp in the middle of long trips or traffic. With a claimed top speed of 180 kmph, it’ll get you to here to your destination in a hurry as well.

Yamaha R3


The best part about this bike is arguably its design. It looks absolutely brilliant with the R6 inspired aggressive split headlights and a sharp nose that’s spent a lot of time in the wind tunnel.  The sharp, angular design theme has been followed throughout and with the raised rear seat it looks just as track focused, if not more than the R15.

Yamaha R3 side profile


Yamaha R3


The latest Yamaha in India is powered by a superb 321 cc twin engine giving out 42 PS of power. What this essentially means that the R3 is a direct rival to the KTM RC390 and the NINJA 300, and unlike them it doubles as a tourer too. The most glaring fault in this bike the lack of ABS. It’s like having a cake with no icing on it. At a price tag upwards of 3Lakhs, Yamaha really should have given that feature on this bike.


Yamaha R3 Rear Profile


Overall, the Yamaha R3 is a fantastic bike with jaw-dropping looks that somehow manages to be a sportsbike and tourer at the same time. It has a couple of hitches like the absence of ABS and the a price tag that’s a little on the higher side. But, if you’re thinking with your heart and not your head, there’s no way that you won’t like this bike.


You can rent this bike soon on Wheelstreet. Until then, why not take the R15 or even the legendary YZF-R1 for a spin.

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