The Most Creative Travel Tattoos You Could Get

Tattoos are no small deal when it comes to having them on you. Being permanent, they signify things and feelings that mean a lot to a person. Having a tattoo is like a statement that lives with us for as long as we walk this earth, a statement that shows exactly who we are and that embodies things that hold value to us on another level. And since we’re all about the road life, we bring this list of most creative Travel Tattoos you could see, and you will find that these tattoos are perfectly suited for the one with the feeling of wanderlust embedded in them. Let’s get to it then, shall we!

  1. The World Map

With great use of colors this tattoo shows the map of the world and the traveller in you, in a most exquisite manner.

  1. Hot Air Balloon

Hot air balloons have always signified going away and for the traveller in you, this might just be the right kind of ink!

  1. GO

What better way to say that you have the wanderlust in you than with just one word; GO.

  1. Directions

Beautifully simple with just two lines and four letters that tell us of something much, much more.

  1. Coordinates

Coordinates that tell us more than they show.

  1. Good Ol’ Camera

Simple and artistic, this tatt seems to captures it all.

  1. Passport Stamps

For the hard-core travellers, never forget your passport with these stamps on your arm!

  1. Paper-Plane

Go around the world and beyond on a paper-plane.

  1. Paper-Boat with an Anchor

Head out on an adventure with your very own paper boat.

  1. A Straight Arrow

An arrow tattoo holds deep meaning. Signifying the overcoming of struggles and hardship, it also means to move forward, just like an arrow does.

So there you have it, folks! These inks are amazing or what! Find yourself feeling the need of travelling after seeing these? Well, can’t blame you! Try heading to our website if you do feel like travelling, for awesome bikes at affordable prices on rent. Do let us know which kind of tats you will be getting! And as always, keep riding on!

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