The new Yamaha RX 100 – A disappointing successor to a legendary bike

Yamaha announced that they are launching a new bike with the RX moniker and the nation’s bikers lost it; A new RX? Did Yamaha find a way to make a 2-stroke more eco-friendly? Those were the questions in everyone’s minds and they were answered, rather comically, with the unveiling of the 2016 Yamaha Saluto RX.

Yamaha Saluto RX red

Yamaha Saluto RX launch
source: ndtv

Let’s get this clear, the Saulto is not a bad bike. Sure it looks boring but it’s a commuter with a price tag around 50k, so you can’t expect much more. Its decent 110 cc engine will get you from point A to B while using up the least amount of fuel with its mileage of 82 kmpl. It’s also incredibly light, weighing in at just 98 kg thanks its new lightweight chassis. So the Saluto is a good bike, but the Saluto RX is not.

Yamaha RX and Saluto

2016 Yamaha Saluto RX

What Yamaha have done here is made a commuter bike for the masses, and to motivate them to choose this bike over other ones, they suffixed the name of a bike that everyone knows. The Yamaha RX 100 is a bike that revolutionised the Indian motorcycle industry in 1985. Even though Yamaha ended their production in 1996, you can still see (or actually hear) these bikes all over India. Such is the popularity of the RX in India. And now Yamaha are using the popularity behind that badge to get people excited for a lowly commuter. A successor to the RX 100 should at least resemble it in more than just how the seat looks and it should have some performance worth taking about.

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Yamaha SR400
The Yamaha SR400 would have been the perfect successor to the RX

The SR400 that Yamaha sell in the European markets would have been a good choice. It has a vintage design that looks very similar to the RX and a powerful 400 cc engine that would place it right in the centre of the burgeoning middleweight segment in India. If a RX badge was put on a bike like that, there’s no doubt that it would absolutely destroy its rivals in popularity and sales.

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