Tips for riding in Delhi’s Foggy Weather!

The worst of driving condition –  Delhi’s foggy weather.  Even the best of riders get the chills (literally) while driving in the fog.  So here are Some DOs and DONTs –

DOs –

  • Check the weather forecast before leaving home.
  • Keep your speed slow.
  • Have all the lights of your bike turned on so that you are easily visible to other drivers.
  • Use your low beam lights, high beams reflect the moisture droplets and make it difficult for you to be visible.
  • If you have fog lights in addition to your default head lights, make sure to turn them on.
  • Avoid over taking, passing vehicles or changing lanes.
  • Make sure to keep considerable distance between you and the vehicle in front of you. This will let you brake safely.
  • Avoid using your cell phone, rather switch it off , you will need your full attention.
  • Keep your rear view mirrors clean.


  • Never stop on the lane that is being normally used for travel. You could become the first in the domino effect of colliding vehicles.
  • Even if the fog seems to be clearing, do not speed suddenly, for you may find yourself in thicker fog a little ahead. It happens!
  • If a vehicle is going too slow in front of you, or some one behind you seems to be in a hurry, keep your head cool and DO NOT speed to either over take or to put more distance between you and the hurried driver.

Rest of it is just presence of mind.

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