Top 9 Places that you Have to visit in Delhi

Delhi is a place that fascinates everyone, young or old, girl or boy, for any person living in India -Delhi is an attraction. It is the centre of all the activities, a place in constant motion! Delhi is happening because of several reasons, all but one of which are irrelevant to the purposes of this article. The relevant reason is – the places to visit! Delhi, with its numerous sub parts has lots of places that serve as picnic spots or tourists’ and travellers’ attractions. Let us take a quick look at the most highly visited places and other landmarks of Delhi.


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  • The Red Fort- Standing strong and sturdy in all its red stone glory, it is the apt depiction of Mughal power in India. The fort’s walls which stretch for over 2 km were built to keep out invaders. You will get a detailed description of the Mughal Rule and glamour in the light and sound program held every evening on the fort.
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  • Jama Masjid – It is a gem of the old city. It is the largest mosque in India and its courtyard can hold 25,000 devotees at one time. If you climb up to the top on the Southern Tower of the mosque, you will get a spectacular birds eye view of the city.
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  • Chandni Chowk – AHA ! The most famous market in India, the most featured in Bollywood movies. It is a riot of colours and sounds. Whether or not you buy anything here, be sure to visit once, never and no where will you see a market as amusing in every way as this one !


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  • Akshardham mandir – This is a relatively young tourist spot. Opened in 2005 by BAPS Swaminarayan sanstha, a spiritual organization. It depicts the Indian culture in the form of beautiful sculpture and architecture. In addition to this, you can get a fun filled boat ride too. The lush green gardens are a recluse for the mind. It is a place where time stands still , thus you have to allow yourself at least half a day to take in Akshardham in all its beauty.
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  • Lodhi gardens – It seems impossible that in some corner of this bustling city, is a place so peaceful. Just sitting in the Lodhi Gardens for some time is as good as a deep meditation. People come here to jog, practice yoga or just to enjoy a romantic get away.


09 Delhi Qutab Minar Tower Of Victory And Ruins Of Quwwat-ul-Islam Mosque


  • Qutab Minar- Delhi and Qutab Minar are king of synonymous. Especially when we were all little, the world Delhi triggered an image of a tall tower called Qutab Minar. Well, the glory of this tower is still the same. It is a great example of Indo-Islamic architecture. It is a minaret made of bricks, has 5 stories which are covered in fine intricate carvings and verses from the Holy Quaran. The reason for the building of this tower is still unknown , this is probably why it is such an attraction to all !
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  • Gandhi Smriti – The place where our beloved Bapu was assassinated. The room that he slept in and the prayer grounds where his followers gathered every evening  have been kept untouched, in the same manner as he left them, and they are both open to public.
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  • India Gate – Another synonym for Delhi- India Gate ! The war memorial from world war 1, built in honour of the Indian soldiers who fought against the British glows warmly, bathed in the floodlights in the evening. It is a place that is sure to trigger nostalgia mixed with a feeling of coming home !
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  • Baha’i Temple – More commonly known as the lotus temple because of its infrastructure that looks like a lotus, is made out of white marble. It is a Bahai Faith temple and depicts the unity of all faiths , religions and people. People from all religions are welcome here. It is also a wonderful spot for relaxation as it is surrounded with beautiful gardens that are flecked with pretty ponds.


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