Top fuel efficient 125cc bikes in India!

Top fuel efficient 125 cc bikes in India !

Riding a bike is fun, riding a super bike is even more fun , but the more ‘super’ the bike, the more fuel consuming it is. So here is a list of 125 cc bikes that are very fuel efficient. Though they may not be sport or superbikes in the proper manner of word, they will still give you the same thrill and yet not make your pocket much lighter. What’s more that now you can rent a bike on low rates at Wheelstreet and experience the joy of riding with a wallet that will remain as thick with cash as it was before your riding experience.

Here they are –

  • Yamaha Gladiator – This is a sports bike for all purposes which makes renting such bikes more affordable. The Yamaha SS has been given some cosmetic uplifts to become Yamaha gladiator – it has been given designer colours and alloy wheels. The 5 speed gear box gives it a great pick up making it a good fit for both highways and city roads. It also has an engine guard that comes only with high-end bikes.
  • TBajaj Discover 125T – This bike’s biggest advantage, or say plus point is its devilishly handsome looks. It features an edgy and modern look with its spider web alloy wheels, beautiful front face and bid fuel tank. It is capable of putting some 150 cc bikes to shame though we won’t drop any names! The riding position remain upright and the seat is extremely comfortable. It is a good for sport bike but is much loved for daily usage also.
  • Honda CBF Stunner – It lives up to its name – ‘Stunner’. Tt does stun by its looks and performance. It has a sporty engine which will zoom you around highways and also help you surf your way through the city.
  • Suzuki Sling Shot Drum – This bike oozes masculinity and a first glance can make any heart flutter. On the functional side, it features an upswept frame with a long swing arm. It has adjustable rear suspension and light weight alloy wheels. It is comfortable in the city and cool on the highway. Keeps your posture comfortable for long drives.
  • Hero Ignitor – The ignitor is inspired by the Stunner. It is a stylish bike, sporting a digital – analogue combo meter consol and adjustable rear shock absorbers. It has designer graphics on its tank and side panels. With a stepped seat, it combines the best of a sturdy and stylish bike.

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