Tribute To A Ray Of Light: Sana Iqbal

There is a void in the biking community. The void made by the departure of an inspiration, a light for others, and above all, a passionate rider that rode not for herself but for others.

Born in the city of Hyderabad, Sana Iqbal had been riding bikes ever since she was in class 7, as her mother recalls. Her first bike ride eventually developing into an ever-growing passion for the open road as she grew older.

Sana studied psychology in college and was pursuing her masters in the same. Her bike had always been by her side, through the thick and the thin, and especially through the thin. Facing crippling depression, a 27-year-old Sana gave up on life and took to the roads, traveling to Gujarat, only to find peace, purpose and a sense of assurance while on this road trip.

This moment led her to stand and fight against depression and suicide by riding her bike and speaking about and spreading the good message of life. Often holding workshops, where she counseled young minds facing what she herself had been through. The story of Sana fighting against depression while riding a bike had many youngster’s interests peeked, making her a hero for many of the youths.

Often known as the ‘Cross-Country Woman Biker’, Sana Iqbal went on an epic solo cross-country journey with her Royal Enfield in the month of November 2015, from the starting point of Goa. 2 countries, 5 union territories, 29 states, 111 cities, 38000 km and six and a half months later she completed her journey, hosting a massive 135 seminars regarding depression and how to deal with it.

A loving wife and a caring mother, Sana Iqbal met her fate in the early hours of the morning in a car accident. She was a tremendous inspiration for the youth and for all the bike riders in this country. We have truly suffered a loss. May her soul ride eternal in our hearts and our prayers.

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