Video: 5 most breathtakingly brilliant motorcycle ads and teasers

Motorcycling involves a lot of passion and emotion. When motorcycle ads or teasers manage to capture the essence of biking and combine it with stunning cinematography, they make for some brilliant videos to watch. Check out 5 of the best motorcycle ads and teasers from the past couple of years.

KTM 1290 Super Duke R

An insane bike merits an equally insane ad. This particular one involves burnouts, drifts, wheelies and well, basically anything that one can expect from KTM’s flagship bike.

Triumph Bonneville 2016 Series

In this teaser, Triumph reminds the viewers just what makes the ‘Bonneville’ badge means, and why it’s perhaps the most ‘original’ motorcycle out there.

Ducati X Diavel

A motorcycle that defies conventional segments, Ducati’s sports-tourer, the Diavel was always controversial when it came to its design. But when they launched the revamped ‘X Diavel’, Ducati made sure everyone knew just how they defined ‘Style’.

Ducati 1199 Panigale

For one of the best performance superbikes in the world, you would think the official video would involve it being put through its paces around a racetrack. But Ducati decided to focus on another aspect – the beauty when design and engineering find the perfect balance. Check it out.

What Moves You?

This is a video made by a motorcycling enthusiast and not a manufacturer. It features a Ducati 1198 s and shows just what bikers do what they do. The special moments that can be experienced only and only if you are in love with motorcycles.

Honda Africa Twin

Since the Africa Twin is meant to be a world tourer, Honda has done a brilliant job in this commercial by focusing not on the bike itself, but rather on where it can take you.

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Which of these motorcycle ads and teasers did you like best? Let us know in the comments below.

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