Video: Superbike Drift racing is now a thing

Bikers have their knee-down turns and wheelies while cars have the bragging rights for going sideways in corners a.k.a drifting. But the guys at the Superbike Drift racing championship have had their say and it looks like drifting bikes might just become a professional sport. After being inaugurated in 2015, the series is set to kick-off on 12th March in Nice, France.

superbike drift racing is now a reality
img source: superbikedrift

The 2015 Drift championship was a pretty mellow affair but the 2016 iteration promises to be a far more entertaining sight as Superbike Drifters take on a race track. I mean it’s a bunch of people burning rubber and riding insanely powerful bikes sideways for most of the time; what’s not to like about that? Check out the video for last year’s Superbike Drift championship below and tell us what you think of it.

You can visit the official site for the Superbike Drift Championship here.

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